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Kazai Suizahn



Angel (Water)


Male Male


16 (First appearance: 15)

Professional Status

Heaven's Army (Team Kazai)

Water Element Suizahn clan


Warrior Angel

Personal Status



Valak Suizahn (father)

Unnamed Mother

Kieri Suizahn (twin-sister)



Weapons and Effects

Holy Water Halberd

Angel Emblems

SunEmblem Icon StarEmblem Icon


Angelic, Lingo (Presumably basic)

First Appearance

Slightly Damned #148 [HQTS] (Flashback)

Slightly Damned #616 [TS]

Kazai Suizahn is the twin brother of Kieri, also of the Suizahn clan of Warrior Angels. Kazai is noted to be more assertive than Kieri and received the bulk of their parent's attention and praise for his traditional Warrior skills, making Kieri feel like "his shadow".[1] Despite this, Kieri is not bitter about it and she claims the two of them have always been close.


Kazai appears much like any Angel, and is slightly taller than his sister, Kieri. Like all male Angels, his hair is mostly its natural white but with the edges dyed in the color of his magic element (blue). He has blue eyes. Like Kieri he dresses in the standard Water Angel uniform, although he also wears a silver sash across his chest and wears a white buckled belt. He carries his weapon on his back, presumably held up by the back side of his sash. As with all Angels his Water elemantal mark is located on his left arm.[2]

Also like Kieri, he has the distinguishing feature that the back of his hair stands up in two points.


Kazai is described as having a very different personality from his twin sister,[3] and was always praised for being the stronger of the two.[4] In the few times he appeared in a speaking role, he has demonstrated a more assertive and direct personality whilst being protective and comforting to Kieri.[5][6] It's especially noticeable when they reunited and he didn't take long to hug his long-lost sister. Kieri has claimed to have a deep familial bond and to have always looked up to him, although she has admitted to feeling overshadowed.[1][5]

Kazai has demonstrated a strangely low opinion of Medians, at least when compared to Kieri, he has asked Kieri why she bothered learning Lingo since "[Medians are] barely better than Demons" and even calling them ruffians. Despite this he is willing to protect them as part of his duty as a Warrior Angel. However, he is not entirely concerned with their well-beings, seeing as he put a superior Angel's orders above them, and a comment made by him implies he doesn't truly care, since the "good ones" would wind up in Heaven. His opinion on Demons is about the same as most other Angels, thinking them as monsters and a menace that needs to be eradicated. Although he appears to be oblivious to what happens around him as he believed that he wasn't responsible for the rock-slide that had occurred while chasing a red Demon, and believes the reason the people of St. Curtis treat Demons like "people" is because of some demonic influence. This can lead to him being hypocritical as while he seems fine with being in love with a Fire Angel like Sanjulo (which would normally be unacceptable to other Angels), he won't accept an Angel being in love with a Demon.

Upon first seeing Buwaro and Rhea, he was eager to attack them for being suspicious. Even after learning about them from Kieri, his impressions of them were not swayed, especially when the two "captured" her and brought her to the Demons. Overtime his feelings toward the two, especially as Kieri reacted to how Buwaro was badly treated, seemed to be mixed and confused as up until that point no Demon or Median have acted this way, especially when trying to save him. Seeing Kieri show genuine concern for Buwaro, especially after learning she was cursed like him, has eased him enough to assist her in helping the Demon. He still doesn't fully trust him and was willing to attack or threaten him when approaching him or his sister, but will let him be if Kieri wills it.

Kazai appears to take a great amount of pride in his warrior lineage, seeming to take little interest in academic pursuits that he didn't see a combat application for.[7] He never learned Lingo himself, as he hated to study, which is one of the many reasons Kieri worries how he is doing since they became separated.[8] This tends to lead him to over-exaggerate whenever certain details are brought up, as he mistakenly calls animals different names and has no understanding on mental conditions.

Like Darius Elexion, it appears that Kazai has an preference for men given how he acted with Sanjulo during the Spring Flower Festival. At first, like Darius, his sexuality was not directly stated within the comic but confirmed by Chu,[9] though eventually he would confess his love for Sanjulo within the comic. Because of how Heaven is set to force Angels to follow certain customs, including that they must only love those of their respective element, this would likely be the first time he goes against their teachings if it means being with the one he loves. While it's unknown how deep their love would have gone as neither of them were shown to have treated each other the way other characters in relationships have (inside and outside the main story), he did show major grief toward him after he was slain.



YoungKazai SD317

Kazai when he was younger.

Kazai was born to the Suizahn family, who lived in Heaven, along with his twin sister Kieri. Together they trained to become Warrior Angels, however unlike his sister, Kazai was more adept as a warrior. This caused Kieri to constantly believe that she was always in his shadow due to how great he was. At some point, he teased her for learning Lingo (the language of Medians) and told her they're not much better than demons.

At some point, in Farun, Kazai got into a fight with Kieri for reasons he had forgotten and has yet to make up with her.

Snow AngelsEdit

Arriving in MediusEdit

One day, Kazai along with Kieri, Sanjulo and a Human were pulled into a strange portal that was part of the Counterreaction and ended up in Medius, at the graveyard outside of Farun. There they buried the human and proceeded to head to Farun in order to figure out their next course of action.

Eventually the three encountered a Fire Demon while walking around town and they gave chase after it. Kieri, being slower than the two, ended up falling behind and getting caught by Lazuli and Talus, two Demons who were with the other one. While they would be concerned for Kieri's safety after disappearing, they also seemed determined to stop the Demon they were chasing. They would end up leaving Farun and started heading eastward where they would end up in Weyville before heading to St. Curtis.

The Flower FestivalEdit

Pre-Festival EventsEdit

It was revealed that he and Sanjulo caused the rock-slide that blocked the western pass of Blossom Valley which was the same rock-slide that had forced Rhea, Kieri and Buwaro to travel to St. Curtis via Weyville instead. According to Kazai, he and Sanjulo had cornered the Demon they were chasing when the rock-slide occurred, although he seems to claim that it wasn't their doing. With the Demon gone, Kazai and Sanjulo were placed under arrest in St. Curtis for it but were released and gone after they were forced to clean it up and fix the road before Kieri arrived at the jail house.

Current ArcEdit

Day 2 - NightEdit

While Rhea and Jake were out enjoying the festival, Kazai passed by behind them in wolf form while they sat on a bench. For a moment Rhea smelled someone familiar, referring to him, but quickly dismissed it.

Day 3Edit

Shortly after Buwaro and Kieri escaped from an earlier danger, Buwaro was able to catch the scent of her brother and sure enough they spotted him amongst the crowd. Kieri approached him and called out to him. After a brief pause of shock, he gave her a big hug, delighted to be back with his sister. He asked where she had been and what happened back in Farun. When she mentioned two Demons he overreacted; blaming himself for not catching the red Demon earlier and cursing them for being involved. Kieri tried to tell him she had help from friends, he again overreacted over leaving her in "this awful world of ruffians".

He told Kieri what he thought about why they were sent to Medius; to eradicate the Demons terrorizing the land and corrupting the people, as that was the only reason he believes that everyone in St. Curtis is treating them like "people" and not caring that there are Demons at all. He also mentioned how when he and Sanjulo chased the red Demon a rock-slide occurred and they were blamed for it, confusing Kieri because of what Kinako told her about it. Kazai then hugged his sister again and said that as long as they're together they'll get through this and that no one could stop the twins.

Shortly after their reunion is interrupted when Melli the Fire Bee crashes down near them. Shocked by what happened he wondered what she was; while Kieri exclaimed that it was Melli. Watching her dealing with a giant snake, he asked Kieri who they were. Kieri thought the snake was Moku the Snake, however Kazai interrupted her as he armed himself and asked to just tell him who to attack. He and Kieri then watched as Melli died and exploded in a large ball of fire.

Shortly after he noticed Buwaro and Rhea across from them. Thinking he looked suspicious he wanted to take him out, but Kieri restrained him, much to his confusion. He was further surprised by the arrival of Meeros the Mortori Bird who had arrived to fight the giant snake. Toward the end, Meeros would run away, much to the shock of everyone, including Kazai.

Demon Invasion - The GatheringEdit

With Melli dead and Meeros gone, the signal was given for all the Demons in the city to begin their operation. Kazai shouted loudly over how much of a coward Meeros was despite being a Guardian. However, Kieri noticed that he has sprouted a white tail. He tried to cover it up and explain that they needed to stop the snake, but ended up exposing his hand that had turned into a white paw. He quickly hides it as Kieri tries to question him, but are interrupted by the arrival of Sanjulo, which Kazai was thankful for. Sanjulo happily greeted Kieri before talking to Kazai about flying off on his own, while holding his hands in a manner that confuses Kieri. They both ready their weapons and attacked the snake, who had reverted back into a Jakkai, before Tsavo arrived to aid his partner.

As Kazai is overpowered by the Demon, he freezes its nose before being tossed aside; causing him to transform into a white wolf. Kieri rushed over to him as he tries to maintain his original form; horrified by his appearance and insistence on killing them. The Demon then tossed Sanjulo onto them and zapped them with magic, before taking his partner and flying away.

The three recollect themselves and Kazai walks off to keep control of his curse form. Just then Verammi arrives, who informs the three to go join with the other Angels in the northwestern part of the city. While Kazai and Sanjulo comply, Kieri, worried about her friends, asks that she should help them. Verammi replies by saying that it should be fine given her orders and the three take flight.

While in flight, Kazai spots some Medians putting out a fire and reassures Kieri that they can defend themselves. He starts to feel pain in his right wing and they set down on a roof so Kieri can apply her magic on it. Sanjulo scolds him for running off and that he'll keep a closer eye on him, which Kazai for more than fine with. He then says that he wants him to see him kill the next Demon they see, prompting Kieri to want to talk with him in private. While he insists Sanjulo should listen too, she nearly reveals about his little secret and he quickly goes along with her. While on the other building she apologizes for the fight they had, though he had forgotten about it, and he hugs her stating how he loves her regardless. She asks about how he was cursed by Broxis the Ice Wolf Guardian and if Sanjulo knew, despite the two being in love. Before Kieri can reveal her own curse, he asks about Crunky, in which she replied that she was given to her by her boyfriend.

At first he was happy to hear she was involved with someone, she then tells him that her boyfriend was a Demon, much to his shock and confusion. Despite her saying her love is real, Kazai believes she is being manipulated and even more so when Kieri expresses concern over how trusting Verammi can truly be. He yells at her for accusing Verammi of any wrongdoing and for turning back on her family. Kieri started to breakdown into tears as Crunky attacked Kazai with Wind Magic, nearly pushing him off the building. Afterwards, he decided to let her do whatever she wanted and went back to Sanjulo. The two then took flight, resuming their mission to help the other Angels.

Zahariah, Kazai and his sister made it to the town square and found it empty of all but the passed out angel Denevol. Azurai then jumped out and attacked them. In the fight Kazai chopped off one of Azurai's horns, which sent him into a rage. Azurai proceeded to slash Zahariah's hands and neck. Zahariah fell to the ground and Kazai called out his name. Iratu showed up just in time to stop Azurai, claiming that they needed the Angels alive. Kazai lashed out with water magic, the seraph Verammi showed up and trapped Kazai using her earth magic. After Kieri told Verammi she wouldn't betray her brother Kazai told her to fly away. Kieri reluctantly did as she was told.

Demon Invasion - The Gathering: Part 2Edit

Kazai was taken to the Coiled Cobra Bar along with many other captured Angels (including Denevol). As Rhea and Buwaro arrived, he was surprised to see his sister having been caught as well. He tearfully embraced her while also giving a short glare at the two he believed were responsible. Verammi started to make fun of Kieri for being in love with a Demon, causing Kieri to break away from him as she and another Angel started to feel shamed by the Demons words and their fellow Angels staring at the two. For the most part he remained with Kieri, occasionally holding her back whenever she tried to reach for Buwaro whenever he would get hurt. He and the other Angels remained where they were until it was time to leave for the ritual site.

Kazai was loaded onto the same wagon as Kieri and were the last to leave, just as Rhea and Buwaro returned to try and save them. During the trip, Dakos tortured some of the Angels while he sat with Kieri and Kinako. Soon enough, Buwaro, now in a Berserk State, started running toward them and attacked the Demons onboard. Kazai quickly shielded Kieri, thinking he was going to hurt them, even after Buwaro was subdued by Rhea. After the two were knocked off, Dakos and Lazuli realized they were going after his sister; grabbing her while holding him back. Dakos then threw her off shortly after, upsetting Kazai greatly.

The thought of losing Sanjulo and Kieri started to make him angry to the point of transforming. Before he could attack Lazuli, he was caught off guard by the sound of Buwaro roaring again. Rhea, under the effects of the Blue Potion, lead Buwaro after the wagon again, gaining tremendous speed as they once again approach it. Rhea charged forward at blinding speed and punched Lazuli in the chest. While Lazuli was distracted, Buwaro snuck up on her and bit her; thrashing her about until he threw her off the wagon. Afterwards, Buwaro tried to confront Dakos but the effects of the transformation wore off, allowing Dakos to strike back. Rhea deliver a flying kick to Dakos and knocked him off the wagon. Kazai then noticed a bunny crying at Buwaro's side. He approached the bunny curiously, and was suddenly shocked upon discovering that the bunny was his sister, Kieri.

After she freed him from his bindings, he tearfully tried to approach her about what happened but were interrupted by the wagon rattling with no driver. Rhea warns everyone to leave the wagon as the flames begin to rain down on them. Hesitantly he decides to help Kieri carry Buwaro on their shoulders so they can leap off the wagon safely. Shortly after he tried to approach her but was bonked on the head by Crunky, flying in after catching up to them. As Dakos returns to enact his plan to kill them all, Kazai tried to rally any Angels that might be warriors, only to find none of them were. Rhea then tossed him his weapon and pendents so they can engage Dakos together, before being frightened by a loud roar from Lazuli, now returned after having transformed in her Berserk State. Kazai and Rhea dodged a barrage of ice shards that she breathed upon them, but Dakos was unable to do so and met a grisly end.

Kazai tried fighting her, only to be pinned down and nearly frozen by her magic. Rhea managed to cut her arm, freeing him just as Lazuli smacks Rhea away. Kazai took the chance to attack, slicing off the top of Lazuli's right ear before being smacked away. She charged up a Dark Breath while he launched a Holy Blast; though the attack was easily dissipated by her more powerful spell. The knock-back caused him to turn into his wolf form and leaving him unconscious.


After several days, the fires burning St. Curtis would dissipate, and at some point Kazai and many other survivors took refuge inside the Tree of Peace. Which at some point he punched Buwaro when he attempted to talk to Kieri. When Buwaro returned with Lakritz to try again, he lashed out at the two and threatened to harm Buwaro, even after getting smacked by Tirol. Buwaro tried to reassure him he wanted to talk and offered to be friends, confusing him for this strange gesture. Once he heard Kieri tell him not to hurt Buwaro, he reluctantly decided to honor her request. He still threatened to hurt him if he did anything to her, as Buwaro walked inside and Lakritz shutting the door to the room.

While Buwaro and Kieri talked to each other, Kazai was seen eavesdropping at around the time the two started kissing and happily laughing. He was left saddened and confused by what was going on.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Water Magic: As a Water Angel, Kazai mainly specializes in this school of magic. So far he has displayed the common ability to conjure up water and freeze it immediately after.

  • Freeze: Kazai is able to freeze any water source that either he conjures up through magic or from the natural environment; he first demonstrates this by freezing Tsavo's snout for a short period long enough for him to be freed from his grasp.

Holy Magic: The very natural magical ability for all Angels, Holy Magic uses light to damage their enemies (especially on Demons) and even heal. Kazai has shown to use it on a few occasions and seems to have little skill in using it.

  • Holy Blast: Kazai can unleash a blast of Holy Magic with his hands. With the Moon Emblem its potency is increased further compared to his sister's, however it is not strong enough to counteract a powerful dark spell from a Berserk Demon.

Curse Form - Wolf: At some point in time, Kazai was cursed by Broxis the Wolf, which can cause him to change into a white wolf. However unlike Kieri's transformation, it seems Kazai's isn't instantaneous as parts of his wolf form would show while maintaining his Angel appearance. He would grow fangs at first, then a tail and then his hands would become paws. When fully transformed he resembles a white wolf with blue eyes, while still wearing the sash and belt around his chest. It appears that this form is triggered whenever he gets stressed or overemotional, as whenever he gets angry or starts to panic his curse form shows.

Pole-arm Weapon Specialist: While he has yet to display his combat capabilities, it is to be assumed he is very proficient in wielding pole-arm weaponry, as his preferred weapon.

Overall Abilities: Kazai is very gifted for his age, having acquired two of the three Angel Emblems by the time he reached the age of 15 while showing considerate skill as a Warrior. His parents, who are both Seraphs, have always considered him to be very talented and it would have some effect when in a real fight. However, when against a Demon like Tsavo, even when fighting as a team he can be overwhelmed; either as a result of inexperience against an actual Demon, or due to having been cursed by Broxis since without being able to control it effectively he can convert into his wolf form after taking a major hit or from letting his emotions take hold.


Holy Water Halberd: Kazai possesses a halberd, in which the design is seemingly based on the Elemental Affinity Symbol for 'Water'. The blade is shaped like the top of the symbol while the pole is narrow and colored blue.

Sun Emblem: By wearing this pendant, wings will appear on his back and he can fly if needed.[10]

  • Flight: The Angel Wings that come from wearing the pendant are large enough where he can fly and be able to carry one person.

Star Emblem: By wearing this pendant, his magic power increases while also improving his concentration.[11]

  • Enhanced Concentration: While active a halo appeared over his head which allowed him to perform high-level spells.

Other AppearancesEdit

The Legend of Buwaro: Soprano of TimeEdit

Kazai SoT3

Kazai as he appears in Soprano of Time.

Kazai takes on the role of Saria, being the Sage of Forest as well as still being Kieri's twin like in the main comic, while also acting like Mido as the guard for the Great Miranda Tree.


  • Kazai was cursed by Broxis the Wolf. (Irony) His sister is cursed by Toski the Rabbit.
  • Kazai appears to be the "girl" in his relationship with Sanjulo.
  • Kazai's wolf form appears to be loosely based off Riiya's werewolf form from Akazukin Chacha, partly due to how his reactions are portrayed in a similar style, and in which case they both appear less like actual wolves the more they overreact.



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