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Jake Thorndyke

"J" (nickname)

Jenna (old name)




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20 (First appearance: 19)

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Professional Status

MokuSymbol Team Rhea

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Retail Sales


Goods Transport

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Retail Clerk

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Unnamed Mother






First Appearance

Slightly Damned #153 [HQTS]

Jake Thorndyke is Rhea’s childhood Human friend from the mountain village of Farun. Rhea calls them by their nickname “J” due to changing their name a bunch. They also have a pet reindeer named Fritz and a pet donkey named Sugar who can be used to pull a wagon. They currently accompanying Rhea and her friends in their travels.


Jake Thorndyke SD401 HQ

Jake's first outfit.

Jake appears to be roughly the same height as the average human teenager, as they're about half a head taller than Buwaro. They have long blonde hair that they often have styled in a pony-tail wrapped with red cloth, and brown eyes. They wear a red t-shirt with a long orange shirt underneath, and tan-colored pants. They sometimes wears a black top-hat with the top being partially ripped and sticking upward and a purple patch that's stitched on the side.

After arriving in St. Curtis, they developed a mustache and goatee, likely because they haven't been able to shave since they had no accommodation.

Jake has also been seen wearing one of Miranda's old dresses, after obtaining them, which is mainly purple with intricate patterns on the torso. They can be seen as very feminine looking when theur hair is down, as even Kieri thought they were a pretty stranger.

After the events of St. Curtis, Jake started to wear new travel attire to go with everyone else's updated appearance. They now wear a red vest with black-baggy pants, an orange scarf whose two ends trail behind them, a red and black headpiece, dark-red finger-less gloves, red armbands above their wrists, black arm stockings, red and black boots, and a brown belt with a pouch with a paw-print pattern on it.


Jake is a bit clumsy and has a mischievous streak, often slipping in negative remarks about the store he worked in prior to being fired. They get along very well with Rhea as they have been friends since childhood, although Rhea does occasionally manipulate then through threatening to reveal their past misdeeds involving explosives. It is also mentioned by Rhea that they are always kind to animals, even those who resemble them like Buwaro.[1]

Jake appears very open to the idea of different relationships as they were more than okay with Buwaro being paired with Kieri at first meeting, so much so that they find natural discrimination or other-worldly affairs to be nonsense. They were easily fawned over by the romance between Sahne, Lakritz and Kinako just as how Buwaro would when people fall in love.

Jake may have mild pyromania, as it was hinted that they once caused an explosion in Farun, burned some novelty pirate beards and caused arson while they and Rhea were drunk in St. Curtis.

Jake is shown to like dresses, such as when they picked out one of Miranda's leftover outfits and said she had good taste. They stated that they like to change up their appearance as a change of pace. This can extend to their name and (possibly) their pronouns.



YoungRheaJakeandRamirez SD543

Jake (middle), Rhea (left) and Ramirez (right) as kids.

Jake befriended Rhea while they were both quite young. They apparently met during a Winter Solstice Festival where the Jakkai from Rhea's village in Fuzen'ro Forest travel to Farun to take part in the human celebrations. Humans are not permitted in the Jakkai village itself by tradition which was one of the many flashpoints for arguments between Rhea and Stonepaw (a village elder).[2] Sometime between when Rhea last saw him and when she escaped from the Ring of the Slightly Damned he started working at the "Sleazy Bum Emporium".[3]

Snow Angels

Meeting Kieri

JakeAndRhea SD153

Rhea putting things her way.

Rhea arrived in his store after making it to Farun with Kieri and Buwaro, asking to acquire some clothes for Buwaro to wear while he was around humans. Rhea didn't take much interest, asking for anything "big".[4] Jake was suspicious about why Rhea didn't have her winter fur coat, as well as her absence during the Winter Solstice festival, or the whole year for that matter. She dodged the question by claiming to have been ill and that anything Jake had heard about her was a lie. Jay was unconvinced but Rhea forced him to drop the subject by threatening to reveal the truth about an exploding something to the whole town.[3] Jake took the opportunity to play a prank on Rhea by giving her a box containing the clothes she "wanted" which she didn't check; it later turned out to contain a pimp suit which she was not happy about.[5]

JakeHuggingRhea SD185

Jake and Rhea giving each other good-bye hugs.

The following day, Rhea visited Jake again, this time bringing Buwaro and Kieri with her. Jake had expected her to return sooner to yell at him about the clothes but Rhea was over it at that point. Jake attempted to flirt with Kieri using the clichéd "did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?" pick-up line, not realising that she was an actual Angel; this prompted Kieri to respond with a simple, truthful "no". Rhea was disgusted with Jake's lame attempt and interrupted them before things could become more awkward, declaring that she was leaving with them to travel around Fragaria. Jake was disappointed that she was leaving so soon, but agreed to give her a few favors. He sold them a sheath for Kieri's Sword, although it turned out that the one he had was Kieri's original sheath. The second favor was to give her his mailing address so that they could stay in touch while she was traveling.[6][7] After doing so she gave him a good-bye hug which was an unusually warm display of emotion for her, commenting that Buwaro's mannerisms must be rubbing off on her.[8]

Just as Rhea and her friends were about to leave Riverside City along with the Sinclair family, Rhea stopped at the Post Office to check for letters from Jake. He had responded to a previous letter she had sent; in it he mentioned how Mr. Elliot, the town butcher, was murdered. He notes that there were "rumors" that a strange creature was responsible though he personally doubts it was anything other than a bear. Although Jake didn't know it, this was important news for Rhea.[9]

Forgive Me

Journey to St. Curtis

Jake Fritz Weyville SD457 HQ

"I hope nobody blames me for this..."

Jake was fired from the "Sleazy Bum Emporium" due to an incident involving flammable novelty pirate beards. His mother gave him some letters addressed to him, one from Rhea that she sent from Weyville while the other was from Ramirez Bloodeyes. In Rhea's letter she mentioned how she and her companions would be leaving for St. Curtis while the letter from Ramirez mentioned how he was studying to become a doctor in Ghardin City, and that Rhea had been dead for a year after being murdered. It isn't known if he replied to both letters or not, presumably Ramirez would be surprised to learn that Rhea is "still" alive.[10] He decided to take a job shipping goods to St. Curtis and headed there to meet with her.[11]

In a cut-away, Jake was seen arriving at the ruins of Weyville with his reindeer, Fritz, not long after it had been destroyed. He humorously hoped that he wouldn't be blamed for the destruction.[12]

The Flower Festival

Day 2

RheaAZombie SD451

Would that make Rhea a zombie now?

Jake later surfaced under the Sinclair Wagon in St. Curtis, part way through the Spring Flower Festival. He had used his money to put Fritz and Sugar (a donkey he had recently acquired) into a stable.[13] Since he was now broke and the inns were full anyway, he was forced to sleep under the wagon instead. He had located it by asking around for where "Mr Cliff Sinclair" was staying.

In the morning, Rhea was idly sniffing the air to see if Kieri's brother might have been coincidentally nearby, instead noticed a surprising familiar scent. She located the source as being under the wagon and dragged Jake out from under it with her tail. Rhea was initially surprised to see him there, while Jake greeted her casually; he then explained how he got her letter, had decided to follow her, and what he had been doing.[11]

He then started to question about her murder, as it was mentioned in Ramirez's letter.[14] Rhea attempted to deny it again at first, but Jake was able to trick her into admitting it through the fact that Buwaro and Kieri were really a Demon and Angel. After she showed him the scar she received from being stabbed, Jake initially tried to be sympathetic but got sidetracked by the idea that Rhea could qualify as a zombie now, and made a joke about asking her if she "eats brains" instead.[15] Rhea notes that Jake is being quite accepting of everything she said, which he dismisses as it being simply easier to believe her since there's a lot of "rumors going 'round" anyway.[16]

Jake briefly manages the rare feat of entering into a confrontation with Buwaro by trying to flirt with Kieri again. Jake quickly surmised that Buwaro and Kieri are together, apologised and asked to be friends which Buwaro happily accepted. He then left to check on Fritz and Sugar, telling Rhea that he'd be back, and it was time to fulfill a promise he, Rhea and Ramirez made when they were kids where they agreed to leave Fuzen'ro Forest and travel the world together.[1]

Jake encounters Cliff in the Southeast St. Curtis Public Stables where Fritz and Sugar were being kept, alongside Pepper and Chestnut (the Sinclair's horses). Cliff is affectionately petting Pepper goodbye and leaves without a word to Jake. Jake clearly doesn't recognise who Cliff is, simply thinking to himself about how he must be "a nice guy".[17]

He later returned in time to watch the fight caused by the male Earth Angel who was threatening Buwaro. Afterwards, Rhea told him the specifics about what went down. They then talked a bit about how Angels looked alike, how all the Demons seem so different looking and about Rhea's experiences with them since dying. They both then see Sammy, along with Toby, riding on a baby Earth Dragon with several other animals that she supposedly freed. Jake remarked that things wouldn't be boring now.

Current Arc

Day 2 - Night

Later that afternoon, Jake and the others went inside the wagon to eat cookies with Meeros as well as talk about whether he can help with removing Kieri's curse. Shortly after Cliff returned, Meeros started talking about how Angels and Demons had higher magic resistance than the average mundane Median; which naturally causes him and Rhea to feel insulted. Cliff then told them all about his new baby daughter Florina in which everyone was happy for him for.

RheaJakeParty SD580

Be doing this Farun-style!

After Cliff and Meeros left to enjoy the night life, Jake and Rhea decided they should go out too. They invited Buwaro to come but he decided to stay with Kieri. As the two go out into the streets, they are amazed by how lively it is compared to the festivals back home. Jake wondered what they should do first. Rhea suggested they either play games, eat or buy souvenirs; but then they both settled to party by drinking booze.

What may have been hours later, Jake and Rhea sit on a bench; feeling very drunk from all the booze they had. Rhea, though disappointed she can't get Buwaro drunk since he's a Fire Demon, wondered what Angels drinking would be like. Jake then asked why she hangs out with them while Rhea reminds him that she kept a promise that she intends to keep. After talking about how nonsensical the Gods were for how Angels and Demons were to them, Jake mentioned that Ramirez wrote to him about how he went to Ghardin City to become a doctor, but also because his village might have thought he killed Rhea. Rhea objected, though while Jake believed her he recommended that she go to Ghardin City to see him. She said she would think about it and after Jake said he'd go anywhere with her she was shocked to hear that he's been transporting fireworks; which given his reputation was a wonder how he lived this long. She then picked up a familiar scent, though dismissed it.

Hangover SD587

Crash and burn.

Rhea and Jake later return to the wagon and were in a severe hangover. Rhea tried her best to remember what had happened that resulted in the tip of her tail being burnt. She remembers there being a fire, screaming and very upset guards; which she concludes is normal when going out drinking with Jake.

Day 3

Rhea and Jake would later catch up with Buwaro in the alleyway he was hiding in; revealing that Miranda gave them a potion that cured them of their hangover. As Rhea tells Buwaro they'll meet up with Kieri later for various reasons and that it's not safe here, the city guards spot them as the two arsonists from last night and yell to catch them, thinking they're attacking Buwaro; though before they can go too far the three are greatly shocked by the sight of Melli the Fire Bee crashing into the ground nearby and killing the guards that were pursuing them, plus several civilians.

Demon Invasion - The Gathering

Jake, Rhea and Buwaro witness the eventual death of Melli to the giant snake that appeared to be Moku the Snake to everyone, setting off a massive ball of fire that catches onto various parts of the city. Shortly after a storm kicks in Rhea suddenly feels strange for some reason. Jake runs off to check on Fritz and Sugar as Rhea tells him to meet back up at the wagon later.

Much later on he returned to the wagon safely with not only his animals, but also the Sinclair's horses. He would then witness the current affair going on between Rhea, Buwaro and Kieri. Afterwards he subtly showed his willingness to help by asking Rhea if there were any shiny badges for him to wear, like the one Buwaro had. The three would then pay farewell to the Sinclairs as they set off back into the city.

While searching for information on Kieri, Jake and the others started helping people; in his case he and his animals assisted in putting out a fire by passing buckets, much to the oddity that his animals were helping. Eventually they were called on by Rhea to discuss what they found and all he could report was an offer for horseshoes, despite his animals not being horses. They then heard a cry for help from Demons as they rushed to the site, thinking Angels would be there, only to find Tirol with an injured Sahne and a gravely injured Lakritz.

After clearing up a misconception between the two groups, Rhea offered to heal Lakritz with their only vial of green potion. Jake was unsure as they might need it later but Rhea insisted they help them. Both he and Buwaro happily watched as Lakritz nuzzled a very relieved Sahne. She then explained about how the Ascension worked and the reason the Demons are capturing Angels alive; and that it is all so they can abandon Hell and take over Medius, leaving Jake agape on what is going to happen. Before leaving they left Jake and group with the whereabouts to where the "Gathering" was.

As the three made their way to their next destination, Jake started to question about everything that was happening and was amazed that Rhea can still be full of energy. She mentioned that it might have been due to Kieri's healing but she then noticed Buwaro lagging behind. They then found the Earth Angel that nearly attacked Buwaro before. After Buwaro told him he was here to help, the Angel begged him to save his friend. Rhea decided to take Buwaro to go find him while Jake was left to take care of the Angel.

Demon Invasion - The Gathering: Part 2

Later on, Jake regrouped with Sahne and the others while taking the Earth Angel with him. The Angel's friend arrived sometime after from being rescued and Jake happily watched as the two embraced. As Sahne wondered if she should go help Rhea and Buwaro, Jake and the Angels offered to keep an eye on Lakritz and Tirol for her.


After several days, the fires burning St. Curtis would dissipate, and at some point Jake and many other survivors took refuge inside the Tree of Peace. Eventually, he and Rhea went down into the remains of the city to locate the Sinclair's wagon while commentating on what came from all of this. Rhea had gone inside the wagon to locate the mysterious egg she heard about, only to find it gone. She was able to retrieve her group's belongings while Jake suggested taking what was left of the Sinclair's possessions. They soon get spotted by the town guards, who recognize them from days ago for causing arson and are now looting, thus the two escape by hiding in some pots.

Once they were out of danger, Jake compliments Rhea for her quick thinking but Rhea starts feeling bad that she keeps causing trouble instead of trying to improve, citing that her past trouble-making was what landed her in Hell to begin with; not helped by her getting her friends nearly killed due to her decisions. She started to get frustrated and unsure of what to do and that Jake doesn't understand because of his carefree nature. Shortly after, Jake felt they should go back to the temple so the guards don't find them.

As they walked back, Rhea thanked him for being her friend, willing to stick by her a lot; though she was interrupted when she spotted something that shocked her. However, he was left confused by her seemingly shouting at nothing in front of them, except for the dead body that was nearby. Rhea kept claiming that "Death" was here, despite Jake saying otherwise. Though his claim was soon refuted by Rhea's body seemingly floating in the air, he would remain nearby and listen to as much as her "conversation" as possible while being promised she'd explain it to him later.

During the night, Jake greeted Kieri as Buwaro brought her to a large clearing in the old Jakkai village. Kieri thought he was a pretty stranger before Buwaro told her who he was. Though feeling complimented, Jake asked if things were different in Heaven than they were on Medius, to which Kieri told him so. Later, the Tamis Family joined in and they all partied together, with Jake making fun of Rhea while being complimented by Lakritz. Soon, as Rhea was about to talk about who is running Hell's Army, Jake decided to go to bed.

Journey to Port Dorade

A few days later, Jake was seen with Rhea, looking at a billboard that had their Wanted posters on them. Jake noted how theirs was crudely drawn while saying that Rhea's was accurate. Afterwards, they asked if it was alright for her to be wearing a cloak with Moku's image on it. She explained that she always had an affinity to snakes and she felt some sort of connection to Moku recently. Buwaro and Kieri then arrived and Jake helped load his things onto Sugar.

As they walked, Jake told Buwaro that they might be changing their name soon, hence why Rhea always called them "J".

Powers and Abilities

Fire Magic: According to his character bio[18], Jake is capable of using Fire Magic, though is very clumsy at it. This may explain how he caused the explosion that occurred in Farun as well as the novelty beards he set ablaze at the General Store he last worked at.

Overall Abilities: Jake has stated that he is no fighter, and given his clumsy nature and potential pyromania he appears to have moments where he lets his magic run wild, especially when drunk. He does, however, appear to be adept in keeping animals calm and able to follow him as he was able to retrieve not only his own animals, but those belonging to those he barely knows; as evident when he brought over the Sinclair Family's horses during the chaos erupting throughout the city. He also has a knack for traveling long distances by himself given his transport job, going from Farun all the way to St. Curtis in a considerable time-frame compared to Rhea's group.

Other Appearances

The Legend of Buwaro: Soprano of Time

PrinceJake SoT37

He's...not a Wyvern isn't he?

Jake appears as the Prince of the Wyverns, taking the role of Ruto from the game. As a nod to Ruto's questionable appearance, Jake appears half-naked by having noticeably fake-cardboard wings on his back, held by two blue straps while wearing a speedo.

After the time-skip he resembles a bit more like his current main-comic self, though he now wears a speedo that doubles as a Blue Tunic. As with the first time he got stuck with Rhea he ended up with her again while Kieri went through the Water Temple. He ended up losing to her in a video game and gave her the Water Cookie, followed up with a surprise kiss for Rhea.


  • Originally Jake wasn't going to be an important character. As Chu worked on the main story, the backstory between them, Rhea and Ramirez slowly developed and eventually she found a way to work them into the main story; though Chu has not commented on what it is they'll do in case she changes her mind. [19]
  • During their stay in St. Curtis, Jake received a Wanted poster for committing arson. The crude picture it had was in reference to Lloyd Irving's poster in Tales of Symphonia.


  • (To Rhea Snaketail about the Gods) "Snake... Don't worry none! Clearly this world and the next are full of s***." [20]



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