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Iratu Squad

Hell's Army

Base of Operations

Coiled Cobra Bar

Previous Base of Operations

Trader Moe's



First Appeared

Slightly Damned #389 [HQTS]

Professional Status

Iratu Elexion



Gathering Angels for Ascensions

The Iratu Squad is an unnamed group of mostly Demons, and Moonshade, led by Iratu Elexion on Medius. They are part of the army from Hell. The group appears to be hunting around for Angels.


It's unclear how exactly the group was formed. It can be assumed that Iratu, as a general and the commander of the group, chose Azurai and Tsavo while in Hell, and was possibly instructed by a higher power to carry out a certain mission that is to take place in St. Curtis. Azurai and Iratu are known to be friends, presumably Iratu recognised Tsavo as having a lot of useful skills.


Iratu serves as the squad leader, giving orders to those directly in line with his group, while also having control over others outside his group being their General. While he tends to have the final say on their actions, he is often advised by Tsavo given his intellect. Azurai otherwise acts on whatever order he is given (unless provoked to an extent), but otherwise he and the others appear to have a field of command over all over squads.

Team Capabilities

The team appears to be quite combat capable, destroying an entire town on their own, which presumably had a town guard. Iratu is known to be extremely large and strong, even by Earth Demon standards. Tsavo has demonstrated effective use of Wind Magic. Azurai is known to be a bloodthirsty murderer but has not displayed much Fire Magic ability yet. Moonshade seems to possess the powers of Moku the Snake as he was able to transform into a giant snake, much similar to the former Guardian, and very likely possess a high amount of magic power. As it stands their group has access to the following magic schools:

Tsavo acts as the team's resident handyman; he performs a variety of tasks to fill in the gaps left by the others, who (except Moonshade) seem mostly combat centric. This includes potion brewing, equipment maintenance, scouting and espionage. Tsavo appears to do a lot of potion brewing and experimentation, as Azurai chooses to scorn him over it.


Capture Angels for Ascension

Iratu's Squad, along with all other squads in the army, are to capture as many Angels as possible in order to perform Ascensions to move Demons from Hell to Medius.

  • Status: Ongoing

Perform Ascension in St. Curtis

Using what Angels they currently have, the squad is to join the others in performing an Ascension ritual in St. Curtis.

  • Status: In-Progress


  • Based on their traits, the members of Team Iratu (excluding Moonshade) have been called Fat Ass (Iratu), Smart Ass (Tsavo), and Dumb Ass (Azurai).



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