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Over 12 ft. with his Moon Emblem.
Around 6-7 ft. without it.

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Hell's Army

Iratu Squad


Soldier (General)

Personal Status



Darius Elexion (adoptive father)

Sakido Elexion (adopted sister, deceased)

Buwaro Elexion (adopted brother)


Azurai (boyfriend)



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Lingo, Angelic

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Slightly Damned #15 [HQTS] (mentioned)

Slightly Damned #29 [HQTS] (actual)

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Iratu Elexion is an Earth Demon who serves in Hell's army. He is the older brother of Buwaro Elexion, and Sakido Elexion. He is an alcoholic and unusually small for an Earth Demon. However, he uses his Moon Emblem that he received from Darius to increase his size and become bigger than every other Earth Demon in Hell. Due to his actions he can be considered the main antagonist of the St. Curtis-related story arcs.


Being an Earth Demon, Iratu is very large in size, even by earth demon standards. He has black and white fur, red eyes, long white hair, pointed ears, his hands have three huge claws, as do his feet, and the end of his long tail ends in a crescent-shaped blade/spike. He wears ragged jeans with a button clasp above where his tail sticks out, and a leather cross-belt harness on his chest which holds his moon amulet at the center.

As a child, Iratu was a runt by Earth Demon standards. Even after growing up, his gargantuan size had been a result of his Moon Emblem's power, and without it, his adult size is between the average Fire Demon and average Wind Demon, evident by how his clothes don't fit.


When first introduced, Iratu was seen as being mostly laid-back, friendly, and he loved to train. This mostly involved moving heavy boulders, practicing ferocious roars and drinking. Some of this is shown when he drinks, and he will often do what he can to drink as much alcohol as possible, even breaking promises not to drink if it means getting drunk on powerfully potent stuff.

However, most of the time, especially while sober, he has been shown to be quite serious in the company of fellow Demons, Azurai and Tsavo. He tends to argue with Azurai, who often provokes Iratu's wrath. Despite their frequent violence towards each other, Chu states that the two are actually good friends. In fact, he and Azurai are in a close relationship together. Their constant bickering can be seen as rough but never malicious.[1] He's also shown signs of deviousness, as he told the other demons they should pretend to be there to enjoy the Flower Festival until the moment to strike came, as well as a time he used misdirection on Azurai to unexpectedly strike him. He has also shown signs of cruelty, delighting in the idea of looting and destroying a town (Weyville) and killing innocents.

Regarding his love for Azurai, the two started as childhood friends, but their relationship changed as Iratu found it fun to be around him and how often they "played". This is also part of their cuddling and kissing that most characters in relationships partake in. The ways Iratu shows affection tend to be rough because of his sheer size; but as a testament to Azurai's loyalty, despite how crude his behavior and temper can be, it never bothers him enough to make him leave Iratu. Azurai puts up with his rough play even when it goes as far as Iratu chewing on his head.

Iratu shares somewhat of a sibling rivalry with Sakido, who is somewhat intolerant of his behavior, and as children they often bicker with each other over things such as getting things from their adoptive father, Darius, whom they both loved greatly. Despite their constant bickering they still loved each other as siblings even in their adult years, shown when he learned of Sakido's death and was saddened by her passing, despite understanding the indication of who caused it and why it might have been done. Otherwise, he still cherishes Darius as a parent as he kept a picture he drew of himself with his father, even as an adult.

As of late, Iratu's relationship with Buwaro appears just as strained as with Sakido during the beginning of the story. During his initial introduction, he was shown to be drunk during his rare visits to his little brother, and when he did he tried to toughen him up the only way he knew how even if it means being pushed away by 'Death'; but otherwise he seemed to show just as much care for his little brother as he did as a child. It appears that he never told anyone else about Buwaro, and as a result, he acts like Buwaro is anything but his brother. He even treats him poorly for having a romantic relationship with an Angel like Kieri, finding it disgusting for him to kiss her. Whether this is an act or not given his initial reaction to seeing him in St. Curtis, he showed no restraint when his friends insulted or assaulted his brother, and he even did the same when it came time to take their captives away. However, when Buwaro brought up Darius, he quickly became enraged over the thought that it was Buwaro's fault he died to begin with, showing he holds as much contempt toward him as Sakido once did for their father's death. This even resulted in him attacking Buwaro to the point of wanting to kill him. He appears to not care for his well-being even after Buwaro went Berserk, citing that he would eventually die in that form anyway.

As a child, he acted like a tough kid who could take on adults who were much bigger than him, though would often fail at keeping to his word. While he would act tough, he would still show signs of fright whenever in danger, almost to the point of tears. Like a wolf-pup he would often nibble on Darius.



15 Years Ago

YoungIratu SD281

Iratu as a kid.

Iratu was an orphaned Earth Demon who met a wayward Earth Angel by the name of Darius Elexion. Iratu, having heard that Demons and Angels hate each other, playfully tried to kill Darius for that reason alone. However, Darius won him over, and they became close, staying together (though Iratu continuously playfully bit Darius with his increasingly sharp teeth).

During their time together they met a human named Seymour Sinclair, who was trying to swim to Heaven but always failed. They soon met another orphaned Demon child, Sakido, who lost her mother to an attack by Angels. Darius took her in as well, making her Iratu's adoptive sister.

Together they all traveled the Ring of the Slightly Damned for months, never seeing another soul. Still, the three of them grew close, and Darius began to consider the two little Demons as his own children and they grew to love him as a father, Sakido especially.

Sometime afterwards, in a place of jagged peaks and while playing hide & seek with Darius, Sakido and Iratu hid but found a Demon Egg. When they almost touched it they were threatened by the egg's father. Their screams alerted Darius who came to protect them. With his magic, Darius protected his children. Darius eventually took in the unhatched egg of the father, swearing to protect it.

Days later, Buwaro was born; and with him a nightmare. The infant was bigger than he had been in his egg, his claws and fangs sharper, his eyes glowed red, and he breathed laboriously. Even his tail was on fire. The infant reacted to Iratu by breathing fire at him. Left with no choice, Darius cast the infant into an enchanted sleep, and he introduced the sleeping infant to Iratu and Sakido as their new baby brother.


Together with the family.

Weeks passed and though they didn't have much, the Elexion family had each other and thus were happy. But Darius was saddened that Buwaro might be fated to remain in a serene slumber forever or reawaken as a bloodthirsty monster. Though he kept his family safe, Darius was in guilt that of his decision. He wondered if Buwaro had slept long enough that he could be woken up without consequence. However, to his disappointment, Iratu and Sakido suggested they should just leave Buwaro or (though they didn't actually say it) kill him. He reprimanded them for such talk and proceeded to wake Buwaro up.

To their horror, Buwaro awoke again in a Berserk State and Darius had to hold him to stop him from attacking Sakido. The action cost him his right eye at Buwaro's claw. As Darius held his face in pain, Iratu went berserk and started fighting Buwaro; shedding tears as he fought his uncontrollable brother. Darius, in despair, used his magic to put them all asleep. Later he used his healing abilities on himself and Iratu, but his eye was beyond repair and he hid the scars with a bandage.

Overtime, Sakido wanted to fly and eventually Darius was able to remove the holy enchantment from his Sun Emblem. This made Iratu jealous and wanted an emblem too. But it soon gave Darius an idea to remove the protective spell on the Star Emblem and one day while Sakido and Iratu were distracted he walked away with Buwaro to test his theory. Soon they wondered where he went and eventually Darius returned with Buwaro, who to his delight, was no longer going berserk. Darius once again introduced the two to their new baby brother.

YoungIratuWithMoonEmblem SD403

Sakido and family reacting to Iratu's increased size.

A year later, Iratu was finally given Darius' Moon Emblem and like everyone else she was rather surprised by how big he got from wearing it. Overtime, he and Sakido started growing jealous over Buwaro for all the attention he's been given.

While living peacefully in the Ring of the Slightly Damned, Sakido had been flying when spotted two strange demons and unfortunately they spotted her as well. Frightened, she flew back to warn her family, one following her the other leaving. Iratu thought they could be friends until he realized that Darius was an Angel and would be attacked on sight. Sakido told Iratu to take off his emblem but they instead started to argue which woke up baby Buwaro; causing him to cry and alert the Demon to their location.

IratuAndSakidoInBlood SD415

After the battle...

The Demon attacked but Darius commanded Sakido to take Buwaro and for them to all run. Though they obeyed it dawned on them that because Darius had given each of them one of his Emblems he no longer had all of his power. Without caring, Sakido just dropped Buwaro, then she and Iratu went back to aid Darius. Though he fought his best, Darius was slowly overwhelmed and would have been killed had not Sakido and Iratu interfered. The two killed the Demon and saved Darius. He tried to heal himself with his power and it seemed to succeed but they noticed he slowly got weaker and weaker.

Finally, Darius declared he was taking them to Hell, perhaps knowing his time was nigh. Slowly they made their way to the edge of the Ring of the Slightly Damned, where they saw Cerberus, then having three heads instead of two, guarding the gateway to Hell. It was the first time they saw Death but he seemed different then. Darius said he would distract Cerberus so the three could sneak inside. Iratu hugged his father for the final time. Darius asked them to take care of Buwaro and walked towards Cerberus. It was the last time they ever saw him.

Iratu watched as Sakido went berserk on Buwaro. Despite his protests she told him to leave him and the two went into Hell together. During which, Iratu would befriend Azurai, and eventually grow to like him enough to start a close relationship with. Iratu and Sakido would later join Hell's Army and he would end up becoming a General in his own right.

To Hell and Back

Meeting Rhea

DeathAndIratu SD33

Had a bit too much.

Most of Iratu's history over the years is rather unclear. He might have visited Buwaro from time to time like Sakido has, since Buwaro treated him like his older brother regardless.

One day he came to visit Buwaro, who was also with Rhea Snaketail and "Death". "Death" noticed how much he's grown since the last time he saw him and that he was still drunk as usual. Iratu proceeded to do some training with his brother; including a roaring contest, plucking a large rock from the ground and a drinking contest; the latter causing "Death" to stop him and force him to leave.

While leaving, Sakido stopped him and asked why he came here. He replied that he wanted to see Buwaro since he wouldn't have another chance. While he didn't directly tell her anything specific, he showed her a piece of paper that would allow him to leave into the big light in the sky.

RheaAvoidingIratu SD56

Iratu attacking Rhea.

The following day, Rhea and Buwaro found him sleeping in Hell; appearing a lot bigger than they first saw him. As per request from Sakido, the two went through his pocket hoping to find what she wanted, only to find the drawing that Iratu drew for Darius as a kid. Iratu started to awaken but in like a drunken rage. He started to attack the two as they tried to escape Hell. Eventually the two escaped, as Iratu slammed into the Gates of Hell, shutting on Cerberus' neck.

Eventually Iratu, along with Azurai and Tsavo would leave Hell through the Ascension to begin their mission.

Love and War

The Weyville Incident

Iratu and his group would arrive in Weyville and set up base inside Trader Moe's. Iratu's activities were left unclear for the most part, however he and the rest of his team would later destroy Weyville, capturing the wounded Seraph Angel Denevol in the process.

===Forgive Me

Journey to St. Curtis

While traveling to St. Curtis the group stopped inside a cave just above the main road, while Tsavo and Moonshade scouted for a passage way to the city. When Tsavo returned, Azurai started to say that they should just kill everyone. Iratu told him otherwise but was forced to crush him with his claw. He then tells him to be patient, since they can't let their prisoner escape, and that they should wait for the Gathering so they can have their fun.

The Flower Festival

Pre-Festival Events

Iratu and his group would somehow sneak into St. Curtis, where the group would temporarily make base at the Coiled Cobra Bar (after Azurai had killed the couple who owned it). There it was revealed that he can activate/deactivate the power of his Moon Emblem by rotating it in the clasp on his harness (thanks to Tsavo's adjustments to it). Having learned that many Demons were openly out and about in the city, rather than in hiding, he decided they should all do the same for the time being. He states that being in the open would make it easier to search for their targets (probably Angels) and the people probably still won't see their attack coming.

Day 2

On the second day of the festival, Iratu was seen by Tsavo and Azurai trying to purchase some mead from a stand; much to Tsavo's worry. The stand-owner offered him to try the Fire Bee Mead since it was more potent than the regular mead. Excited by this, Iratu purchased a bottle using some of the money he got from the dead owners of the Coiled Cobra Bar. Before he could begin drinking, Tsavo restrained him and reminded him of the promise he made to not drink while on the job. At first Iratu was willing to comply, but proceeded to drink anyway; asking for another bottle afterwards.

Current Arc

Demon Invasion - The Gathering

After Moonshade killed Melli the Fire Bee and seemingly drove off Meeros the Mortori Bird, the signal was given for all the Demons in the city to begin their operation. Iratu delightfully expressed his excitement to gather up Angels along with the rest of his team.

Later on, shortly after Azurai killed off a Fire Angel in rage, Iratu smacked him aside; angered that he killed him and that they were supposed to be capturing them. Another angel, out of anger of the death of his friend, tried to attack him but it was unsuccessful. Iratu concerned himself over trying to capture the remaining Angels until Verammi showed up to take care of things; only for to reveal she was actually helping him capture the remaining two Angels. Iratu decided to leave things to her while he would go check on Azurai, to make sure he didn't kill him.

Demon Invasion - The Gathering: Part 2

Later on, Iratu returned to the Coiled Cobra Bar to join in comrades in celebrating the capture of many Angels. When Azurai returned with Hakka and Lazuli he happily patted him on the head while holding a jug of booze. When Buwaro and Rhea arrived, he took notice and was surprised to see them. He then set down his drink and asked why they were here, referring to Buwaro as if he was not his little brother while Rhea was his "pet". Verammi started to make fun of Buwaro by saying he was in a relationship with Kieri and Tsavo added that the two were kissing at one point. While he tried to bring up the Rainbow Reverie, Iratu interrupted with a reaction of disgust for Buwaro kissing an Angel, upsetting him.

He proceeded to ask the two to come with him to learn more of how they came to Medius, but was interrupted when Lazuli poured alcohol on Kieri, causing Buwaro to jump to her defense. Iratu yelled for them to stop, grabbed Buwaro and Rhea and demanded to know the details. Buwaro told him that it was because of Sakido, who died to an arrow upon entering, leaving him speechless. Tsavo reacted like he was lying, though Iratu calmed him down, saying Buwaro was too stupid to lie. He asked Rhea if her wound was like what Lazuli had and she confirmed it, causing Iratu to believe that their other Angel comrade was responsible for this. Dakos discussed his doubts in allowing Angels like him into their army, despite who he claimed to be, and believed Iratu's army of "cripples" would be their downfall; though Iratu reassured him that by doing things differently would they succeed this time. Even then, Rhea (while keeping up her act) tried to cheer him up by saying that their plan is at least working given the destruction they caused to the city with such a small group, which he took well while wishing Sakido saw it his way.

Azurai then brought Moonshade over to ask if she was related to him, which she denied ever knowing him. Iratu told her that if she was she'd have to die again. He then explained what their plans were, that they are moving all the Demons out of Hell slowly at Heaven's expense so they can take over Medius. Tsavo protested against telling them this, but Iratu shrugged since they wouldn't be able to do anything to stop them. He tried to calm him down further when he started insinuating that if it weren't for Buwaro, Sakido would be alive; but Iratu let up and agreed to that assessment, causing Tsavo to attack Buwaro. This caused him to be knocked into Dakos, who in throwing a mug at Tsavo started a free-for-all. Azurai asked if this was alright, and Iratu decided to allow it, even thanking him for the idea.

Shortly afterward, one of the Demons from outside came in to announce they have the wagons ready for transport. Iratu quickly assembled everyone to get back on track and gather everyone and their weapons. Buwaro pleaded one last time to stop his brother from continuing but he ended up swatting him away. He and the rest of his comrades then emptied the bar to load the Angels into the wagons.

After loading the last wagon, Rhea and Buwaro came out to try and save Kieri. Tsavo told Lazuli to catch up to the other wagons while he, Iratu and Azurai (with Moonshade in tow) stayed behind to confront the two. Iratu scolded Buwaro for trying to stop them again, while ordering his friends not to interfere. He argued with him over why they were doing this for the good of their people, even if it meant hurting Medians and the Angels, until Buwaro brought up Darius' name. Iratu became furious, blaming him for causing his and Sakido's death and decided to kill him by attacking the two.

Before he can do anything, Buwaro consumed a vial of the Red Potion, which caused him to enter a Berserk State. Rather than fight, Iratu allowed him to leave to pursue the others, for as he tells the confused Azurai, Berserk Demons are strong but stupid. He believed the others could handle him since he'll either exhaust himself before he can do too much damage or be killed by them.

Powers and Abilities

Alcohol Rage: Iratu is shown to be a heavy drinker, even carrying a flask around with him. After drinking heavily, he develops a kind of hangover which causes him to sleep for an entire day; however, he will go into a blind rage if woken.

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Like most Demons, Iratu appears to mainly rely on melee combat given his in-expertise in Magic. In addition to his brute strength, he makes use of his bladed tail to attack at a slight range and seems to have control over where it goes.

Multilingual: In addition to Lingo, Iratu was shown to be able to speak Angelic.

  • Angelic Language: Despite being a Demon, Iratu seems to be fluent in speaking Angelic; he was first seen speaking it when telling the captive Angels he caught that they were being taken to the ritual site for their plan.

Overall Abilities: While not much is known about his overall capabilities, he is likely very powerful given his rank as a General; and while not the sharpest of mind when compared to Tsavo, he has enough of an understanding of things to where he can coordinate a battle plan, such as allowing everyone to freely walk St. Curtis after seeing that the Medians do not mind their presence.

Enhanced Strength: While Iratu is very powerful when wearing his Moon Emblem, when without it he is still shown to be very strong physically, as he was able to overpower Azurai who is only a head shorter than he was.


Moon Emblem: Given to him by Darius, the Moon Emblem increases his size to above even the normal height of an Earth Demon. It also increases his strength proportionally.

  • Power Augmentation: While active, his strength, durability and overall fighting capabilities are increased to a certain degree. This is, of course, dependent on how powerful he already was prior to use.
    • Immense Strength: Added with his own strength, Iratu is strong enough to pluck large boulders, as big as himself, from the ground with only a minimum of visible effort. He also managed to hurt Cerberus by slamming the Gates of Hell on him (while in blind rage after being drunk), probably attributing to his status as General.
  • Increased Size: The emblem increases his size to above normal Earth Demon height, he has been stated to be the largest Earth Demon in Hell when using it.

Harness: Iratu wears a harness, apparently based on Darius' old shoulder sash, that holds his Moon Emblem in place. Tsavo later modifies it so he can disable the effects of the Emblem without detaching it entirely. Crescent side down is on, while crescent side up is off.[2]


Darius Elexion

Iratu first met Darius as a child in the Ring of the Slightly Damned, and playfully tried to kill him for no other reason except for angels and demons being mortal enemies. But Darius quickly won him over. They developed a close and strong father-son relationship that Iratu cherished long after his father was gone, keeping a drawing of his family he drew as a child well into his adulthood.

Sakido Elexion

Sakido was the second addition to their little family, and Iratu became close to her in a typical brother-sister relationship of playing and bickering. They went to Hell together after Darius was gone and even though Sakido left the army they stayed in touch. When he learns of Sakido's death, he is speechless, remembering the good times they had as children.

Buwaro Elexion

Buwaro was the last orphan to join their family but was not welcomed by Iratu and Sakido after Buwaro hatched into the Berserker State. It became worse when Darius woke up Buwaro and the baby went back to the Berserker State and attacked Sakido that Darius had to restrain Buwaro, which cost him his eye. Iratu stepped into fight Buwaro, and Darius used his magic to put all three of his children to sleep. Even after Darius successfully woke Buwaro and kept his mind clear using the Star Pendant, Iratu didn't seem to truly accept him. This became more apparent after Darius made his children leave for Hell, and Sakido blamed Buwaro for it, abandoning him and forcing Iratu to come with her.

Iratu apparently got back in touch with Buwaro years later, coming by every now and then, often drunk, and "encouraging" Buwaro to do some training to toughen him up.

However, the next time they met in St. Curtis, Iratu treated Buwaro cruelly, not even acting like a brother, mocking Buwaro's kissing an angel, and coming to blame him for Sakido's death. When Buwaro stood up to Iratu and brought up Darius, this only enraged Iratu as he then irrationally blamed Buwaro for the deaths of their father and sister and made an attempt to kill him and take his pendants. When Buwaro drank the Red Potion, inducing the Berserker State and ran off, Iratu had no interest in going after him, assuming Buwaro would die. It would seem whatever brotherly bond they once had was gone.


Iratu and Azurai are a couple, and a strange one at that, considering how violent they are and how much they insult each other.

Rhea Snaketail

Iratu never had much interaction with Rhea until they met again in St. Curtis, where he threatened to kill her if she got in their way.


Tsavo and Iratu have a friendly relationship, Tsavo treating Iratu with respect as his commanding officer while Iratu compliments Tsavo and treats him as a respected soldier. Despite Iratu outranking him, Tsavo is willing to stand up to him if Iratu does something (like draink alcohol) that would impede their mission.


Iratu values Moonshade due to the mysterious Jakkai's unusual magical abilities, and has stated much of their operations depend on him.


Iratu and Dakos do not get along, due to the latter being set in his old ways as a veteran of the war between heaven and hell and constantly questioning Iratu's methods while iratu treats Dakos as an old-timer and berates him for not adapting and thinking outside the box.


Lazuli is a member of Iratu's forces and while she treats him with due respect she questions his motives and Iratu has had to put her in her place when she got out of line.


Despite being an angel, Iratu treats Verammi with respect and values her for her status as a double agent who lures unwary angels into his claws.


  • Iratu's name comes from the word "irate" with the vowel changed.
  • According to Chu, Iratu once ate Darius' boot. Whole. Getting it back wasn't pretty.
  • According to Chu, Demons don't really need to eat, and that nursing is unnecessary, but she stated Demons that don't nurse tend to turn out smaller and weaker than Demons that were nursed. This is probably the reason Iratu is, without his Moon Emblem, a runt by Earth Demon standards, because he was orphaned and not raised by his parents.
  • As of Slightly Damned #785 [TS], a button clasp has been added above where his tail sticks out in order to resolve a minor issue regarding how he is able to put his pants on; as it was once asked by a fan about how he can put them on given the sharp bladed tail he has. It's also stated that Azurai would help him put them on.



  1. [1] Azurai and Patch revealed to have same-gender relationships.
  2. [2] On the 10/28/2016 stream, Char89TheCharizard noted Iratu's pendant's different orientations on pages 778 and 780. Chu explained that the different orientations were indications of the pendant either turned on or off.


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