Iratu Elexion Portrait

Iratu wearing his Moon Emblem.

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Iratu's Moon Emblem was given to Iratu by his adoptive father, Darius Elexion.

Iratu has been stated to be the largest Earth Demon in Hell, with Earth Demons being the biggest of all four Demon varieties. This only applies whilst he wears the Emblem however, if he removes it then he is revealed to be the smallest Earth Demon in Hell, only slightly taller than Azurai or Tsavo. Whilst the Moon Emblem is designed to increase the physical strength and endurance of Angels, the effect is much more drastic in Iratu since it also increases his size massively.


  • It was revealed (not in the comic but in the forums) that Iratu would experience something similar to growing pains when activating/deactivating his moon pendant.