Iratu Elexion Portrait

Iratu wearing his harness.

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First Appeared: Slightly Damned #18 [HQTS] (Buwaro's imagination), Slightly Damned #29 [HQTS]

Iratu's Harness is a leather cross-belt worn by Iratu. It appears to be be based on the leather shoulder sash he received from his foster father, Darius Elexion.[1] Darius gave Iratu his sash when he gave him his Moon Emblem. At some point, Iratu modified seems to have modified it with a second strap turning it into a cross-belt harness whilst he was in Hell.[2]

The cross-belt holds his Moon Emblem on a clasp in the center of his chest.

Later on, Tsavo adjusted the clasp so that Iratu could turn his Moon Emblem upside-down and render its power temporarily inactive. This shrinks him to his normal [relatively small size] which allows him to enter buildings he wouldn't otherwise be able to in his larger state.[3] He originally needed to detach it entirely which put it at risk of being lost or stolen.