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Humans are one of the races of Medius. They are more or less the same as Earth Humans except that they can use Magic. Official Description

Physical Features

As like with real-life Humans, the Humans of Medius have a diverse array of body builds, hair-styles and skin color. More commonly they have pale skin with either brown, blonde or black hair, styled in various ways; however there are also Humans with dark/tan skin that generally have black hair while also dying parts of their hair with a different color, much like how male Angels with their hair.


While most of the other races have a more distinct behavior pattern that is often shared with everyone that's part of it, Humans tend to be more diverse in how they act. Depending on their life-style, their upbringing, occupation and even religion they can be noble, good-hearted, cruel, downright evil or whatever it is they desire. In a way, Humans can be the most open about the world and not easily bound by their racial upbringing.


Like real-life Humans, Humans can live as long as over 100 years of age. They give live-birth like with real-life Humans but are also capable of producing a Mixling with virtually every other sentient race.

Powers and Abilities

Until it is known where Fairies stand in terms of Magical ability, Humans are seemingly the most capable Magic users as far as mortals are concerned. In order to make up for their usually mundane physical strength, Humans can master magic to a point where they beat Fire or even Water Demons.

Notable Humans

Other Appearances

Humans of Earth exist in Chu's other webcomic, Junk Hyenas, as one of many aliens who inhabit Planet Growl.



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