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Holy Water Sword

Magic Weapon


Kieri Suizahn

Water Warrior Angels

A Holy Water Sword is a kind of Magic Weapon, assigned to Warrior Angels who have an elemental affinity to Water Magic and are specialized in using a sword. It is a weapon that was used mostly by Kieri Suizahn.


Like all Angel weapons, its shape is reminiscent to the symbol used to represent its primary element. In particular, the guard has the blue-crescent shape with three points as with the Water element but with an indent where the hilt extends from. The blade is of considerable length, with half of the blade consisting of Angelic wording (over a blue template) that, according to the FAQ, doesn't mean anything and is for decoration.[1] The hilt is white and long enough to where it can be held with one or two hands. The bottom of the hilt has a small blue spherical piece.


The sword performs the normal function of a blade, being used to cut or stab people while being durable to deflect arrows or other bladed weapons, but is also a magical focus. It is possible for the wielder to cast spells through the blade which seems to boost the power and enable new effects. The blade is protected by a Holy Protection Enchantment like the Angel Emblems, causing Demons or those who may have been in Hell (or possibly any individual). It was later revealed by Chu that only the blades on Angelic Weapons will burn Demons/Rhea if they touch them, holding the hilt or the sheath will not cause any burns.[2] Buwaro can be seen holding Kieri's Sword on page 206 and Tsavo holding Kazai's Weapon on page 640. [3] [4] The blade itself can still be handled if wrapped in Cursed Cloth.


  • The length of the hilt is inconsistent. In early comics, the sword is single–handed[5] but in later comics the hilt is lengthened for two–handed wielding.[6]
    • The Angelic text on the blade also changes length. Early comics have it taking up two thirds of the blade, later comics are one third.
      • This is mainly due to how the pages are made, and the given time constraints. Because of how the reader would proceed with each page and the action, it's often a detail that doesn't necessarily need to be correct.[citation needed]


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