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The Helper's Guild is a volunteer organization spread throughout Fragaria. The guild has guildhalls called Trouble Centers in various towns and cities. The Helper's Guild works to help people with miscellaneous problems, tasks, chores, etc.


The history of this guild and how it came to be is largely unknown. The guild was likely founded on the idea to aide the people of the Fragaria with whatever problems they have. It would become so successful that it would have many establishments in the form of Trouble Centers that are scattered throughout the country.

It's unknown where the guild receives its funding from, especially during its early years. It's possible that it's donation or sponsorship driven, but it's also possible that due to it's success and popularity with the people that it was greatly recognized by the rulers of Fragaria and received funding that way.


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Helper's Guild Badge

Gaining membership into the guild doesn't seem to require any real specific qualifications, apart from being a law-abiding individual who is willing to help people. This is made apparent with one of the rules saying that "Pimping ain't legal", indicating that the work must be done legitimately. In any case, anyone can go to any of the designated Trouble Centers in Fragaria and acquire a badge, featuring a green winking smiley face, to wear whilst working.


Job requests are often filed to one of many designated Trouble Centers scattered about the many towns and cities of Fragaria. Members can receive a list of outstanding requests for help from the center and then set about helping their clients. Once they have successfully completed their task, they have the client sign a declaration of completion which they can take back to the Trouble Center and receive payment for their work. Not all work has to be assigned from the center itself, seeing and helping someone with an immediate problem is also encouraged. A declaration of completion can be signed by the person helped which enables the helper to be paid for these acts as well.

List of JobsEdit

Onsite RequestsEdit

1. Help Mrs. Green carry her groceries to her house.

  • Client: Mrs. Green
  • Completed By: Buwaro Elexion and Kieri Suizahn

2. Rescue a cat that is stuck in a tree.

  • Client: Young Jakkai Girl
  • Completed By: Buwaro Elexion and Kieri Suizahn

3. Retrieve some yarn.

  • Client: N/A
  • Completed By: Buwaro Elexion and Kieri Suizahn


1. Give treatment to the nearly drowned Jakkai by the river in Riverside City.

  • Client: Kieri Suizahn
  • Completed By: Unnamed Human Male

2. Rescue an Angel from a Demon.

  • Client: Unnamed Male Earth Angel
  • Completed By: Rhea Snaketail and Buwaro Elexion




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