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Heaven is the home and domain of the Angels within the Afterlife. It is also the place where all Medians go if they are considered 'good' by Death.


Most about what Heaven looks like have been shown through flashbacks from Kieri Suizahn. Based on what was shown, Heaven is mostly covered in clouds; heavily suggesting that it is located well above the skies of Medius or just within another plane of the Afterlife since the River of Lost Souls is said to connect to here. Pathways that act as walking ground for the denizens of Heaven appear blue while the rest of the ground is white.

It's also implied that the people of Heaven live in like a civilized fashion, unlike the people of Hell who lack any kind of any real housing constructs (at least any yet to be shown). There are indications of individual homes for the many Angels and their families (and possibly any Medians who live there), educational facilities and even a library. The architecture to their constructs is unknown though based off the appearance of their library, it may be based off Roman architecture.

Somewhere there is an entry-way, similar to the gate into Hell, which is guarded by Drazil.


The Angels of Heaven all follow under a set of orders regarding how they are to live and act as supposedly according to Mother Gaia. Because of how Angels are born to different elemental groups, they have to dress accordingly and follow to the standard fashion-wear acceptable. They must always dye their hair in whatever manner that matches with their natural magic element and according to their gender (colored bangs for males while females dye everything but that), though otherwise they are free to dye however they want as long as it involves that elemental color in some way. No matter the gender, all Angels have to wear uniforms that match to their respective element and are given a tattoo on their left arm to match. This also dictates who they allowed to love as they can only love those within their elemental group.[1]

It's unclear how Medians are treated while in Heaven. Because Demons are given the duty to torture the souls of the damned, it's likely the Angels are to reward Medians deemed worthy of being here with whatever Angels have to offer.

Great Warrior Clans

Within Heaven exists four great warrior clans, one for each natural element. However, because of the constant fighting between Heaven and Hell, and the constant disappearances of Angel families, these clans have dwindled to the point that they are on the verge of disappearing.





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