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Slightly Damned #634 [TS]

Professional Status


Gathering Angels for Ascensions

The Haury Squad is an unnamed group of Demons led by Haury on Medius. They are part of the army from Hell. The group appears to be hunting around for Angels.


While not entirely certain, it can be assumed Haury is the acting leader of the squad given how Tsavo addressed him first when giving him their assignment. Otherwise all three appear on par with their duties within the army.

Team Capabilities

The team has shown to be very capable of combat and performing most tasks when given. However they can be taken advantage of due to a lack of understanding on most Median products, such as the Rainbow Reverie. As it stands their group has access to the following magic schools:


Capture Angels for Ascension

Haury's Squad, along with all other squads in the army, are to capture as many Angels as possible in order to perform Ascensions to move Demons from Hell to Medius.

  • Status: Suspended

Retrieve the Rainbow Reverie

Under orders by Tsavo, the team is to obtain the Rainbow Reverie currently in possession of a family of Humans.

  • Status: Failure


  • Each of these Demons were fan-created as a reward incentive for a Kickstarter campaign.
  • According to Chu, she originally planned for all of them to die, but she didn't have the heart to do so because it would have been too mean to do to the donators to have them featured, and she left their fates ambiguous. She currently does not plan on featuring them in the main story again at this time.



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