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Hell's Army

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Slightly Damned #634 [TS]

Haury is a Wind Demon who is a part of Hell's Army and is currently taking part of a special operation in St. Curtis involving the capture of Angels.


As a Wind Demon, Haury has a mammal-like appearance with sharp black claws for fingers. He has mostly dark-blue fur and wing-span with white fur from his mouth down to large fluffy tail, on his lower arms and white feathers. His eyes give off a red glow and his eyes are red. He has black pupils. He has white short-hair on his head and a pair of yellow horns that curve down to his neck. He wears a black open shirt with a buckled belt, light-gray shorts and has white bandage wrappings around his wrists. He has sharp teeth.


Much like most Demons he is ruthless and cruel, willing to kill anyone who gets in his way. However, much like his teammates he doesn't seem to be very bright as he continually mispronounced the name of Rainbow Reverie. He also seems a bit immature as he made fun of Tsavo for an unintentional rhyme he made regarding it.


The Spring Flower Festival

Demon Invasion - The Gathering

After Moonshade killed Melli the Fire Bee and seemingly drove off Meeros the Mortori Bird, the signal was given for all the Demons in the city to begin their operation. Haury was among them as he reminded Abyset and Triska to not forget their objective.

Haury was called on by Tsavo, the latter having escaped from an earlier battle, to be ordered to seek out the Rainbow Reverie. He made fun of Tsavo for a rhyme he made while saying it.

Haury joined Abyset and Triska in going after the Rainbow Reverie the Sinclair Family possessed. They demanded the entire set over or else he would kill them all. Miranda agreed to hand it over but would have to get it from the wagon. Haury decided to allow it though quietly questioned why they couldn't just kill them outright. Abyset replied that it'd be easier for them to get it and they would kill them after anyway.

Shortly after forcing Buwaro in with her to make sure she got it, Abyset entered the wagon to see what was taking so long. Haury was shocked to see him be punched right out the wagon. Triska asked if they could kill them and he replied to do so, prompting them to fight Miranda and her husband.

As Triska fought Miranda, Haury fought Cliff (with Duster assisting him). He was surprised when Cliff transformed into a lynx after catching him once. As Cliff prepared another attack, Haury flew into the air and unleashed a torrent of feathers enhanced by his magic that pierced through Cliff and severely injuring him. He knocked him down and started crushing him with his foot. Duster tried to stop him but Haury grabbed him and started crushing him. However he gets knocked down by Miranda who threw Triska at him. Trying to get back up, he looks up to see an angry Miranda holding up her wagon home, who then proceeds to smash the entire wagon on them; however they barely manage to escape when no one is looking.

Powers and Abilities

Wind Magic: As a Wind Demon, Haury mainly specializes in this school of magic. He seems to specialize in ranged combat as he was seen using it while in mid-air.

  • Feather Barrage: An unnamed spell in which his wings glow white with a hint of green, after which by flapping them he can send a barrage of his feathers that can pierce even through a Human body.

Flight: Haury is capable of flight using the massive wings on his back.




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