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Slightly Damned #664 [TS]

Hakka is a Wind Demon who serves as a soldier for Hell's Army. She currently participating in the invasion of St. Curtis and capturing its Angels.


Hakka Twitter

A full-body view of Hakka.

As a Wind Demon of relatively tall height, Hakka has a lupine appearance, having mostly black with green fur and green eyes; her arms being mostly green with black above past her elbows whilst otherwise showing it go from below her muzzle and cheeks down her neck. She has stripe patterns that run just below her eyes, a couple nicks to both her ears and a large bushy tail with a green brush-like end. She possesses large bat-like wings which seem to sport multiple green stripes along the back of them. Both of her ears have two nicks on the sides.

Hakka wears a simple blue short-sleave shirt with a black cloth belt around her waist and red pants. She also wears a black eye-patch.


Hakka is shown to have the same kind of demeanor as most Demons in this series, ferocious and easily tempered when someone botches up her work; and will not hesitate to attack anyone who does it as she blasted Buwaro with magic after causing her to let an Angel escape. Though like most Wind Demons, she prefers to be silent and is actively grumpy. While Hakka finds other Demons, like Azurai and Lazuli, to be very annoying when they argue, she is revealed to be in a close relationship with her girlfriend,[1] who also happens to be deaf.[2]

Whenever she's around Nikkei she tends to lighten up and becomes more sociable and because of the time spent with her she's open to the same loving care and attention as most couples in the comic.[3] As with most characters in loving relationships, Hakka and Nikkei are open to cuddling and kissing each other when able, as shown outside the comic. Contrasting with her usual behavior, she is more embracive to Nikkei given her size but is also prone to teasing from the other whenever Nikkei has something she might like (such as ice cream) and won't share it; which causes her to go teary eye. She also found it fun even learning how to perform Sign Lingo from her.

So far the only Angel she has some respect for is Verammi, who she and Nikkei fought upon arriving in Medius and came to accept her offer to join them.



At some point, she and Nikkei would arrive in Medius by way of the Ascension. Almost immediately after arriving they would meet and fight Verammi, fighting all day and all night. Eventually they all ran out of strength and the fight ended in a draw. According to Verammi, they all came to a mutual understanding and respect for each other, and she then came to realize that now she didn't have to follow Heaven's orders anymore.

Current Arc

Demon Invasion - The Gathering

After Moonshade killed Melli the Fire Bee and seemingly drove off Meeros the Mortori Bird, the signal was given for all the Demons in the city to begin their operation. During the attack, Hakka nearly captured a Wind Angel but was inadvertently thwarted by Buwaro, who ran into her while escaping from an angry mob. Furious with him, she blasted him and Rhea with wind magic, knocking them near a Fire Angel. After a brief stare, she began to fight the Angel.

Having won the fight, she took the Angel with her to where Azurai was and offered her assistance in capturing another Angel. Due to Buwaro pretending capture of her, Hakka merely stood by as her superior figured out what to do with them. It was decided to let them come to where the Gathering is and she followed them in suit.

Demon Invasion - The Gathering: Part 2

Taking the Angel she caught with them, she arrived at the Coiled Cobra Bar where all her comrades were. After dropping her catch down with the other captured Angels, she proceeded to shove Kieri into the group, who fell on top of Rhea. As she sat with Nikkei, Verammi started to make fun of Buwaro for being in a relationship with Kieri, while Hakka (interpreting for Nikkei) added that the Angel in a dress was in love with Sahne and Lakritz and further made fun of them. Rhea shouted at them for judging them when they had an Angel with them, which Verammi objected to saying that it was different; she said that she fought Hakka and Nikkei and just came to mutually respect one another, though Hakka doubted the way she described it as not being that romantic. As Verammi finished talking about how corrupt Heaven has become, she and Nikkei started to kiss each other lovingly, much to Verammi's envy.

Eventually, Buwaro explained how he and Rhea came to Medius with Sakido and she was surprised to hear her name brought up. She would then learn that Sakido had died due to an arrow from the Angel that is also in their army. Eventually Tsavo got angry enough to blast him into Dakos, who then threw a mug back at him which was deflected and landed on Nikkei's head. Roaring out of anger, she flipped the table which lands on Lazuli's foot, causing a free-for-all. Hakka and Nikkei smacked each other a few times, growling the whole time, but soon they started to mellow-out and resume kissing each other.

Powers and Abilities

Wind Magic: As a Wind Demon, Hakka mainly specializes in this school of magic. It can be assumed her proficiency is high given her kind's high magic ability.

  • Wind Blast: By holding out her hand, Hakka can unleash a swirling blast of wind at whoever is in her way. She was able to knock both a Fire Demon and a Jakkai back a bit using it.

Flight: As a Wind Demon, Hakka has the natural ability to fly using her large wings. She is also strong enough to carry an Angel with one arm around them.

Skilled Linguist: Because her girlfriend is deaf, Hakka has developed the ability to use "Sign Lingo" as a way to communicate with her. She is able to relay what she is saying to others verbally while still performing hand signs, and she constantly performs hand signs even when others are talking.

Overall Abilities: Hakka is shown to be a very competent fighter, having been able to subdue a Fire Warrior Angel without killing them whilst having two Angel Emblems. As normally Demons are more capable fighters when going into kill, she shows great skill despite these constraints. Alongside another Demon like Nikkei, they are able to fight a Seraph-ranked Angel like Verammi evenly for an entire day before all collapsing from a lack of strength.


  • Hakka was nameless in the comic as the creator never got around to give her one. She was soon given the name "Patch" when asked about it.[4] It acted as a placeholder in case it was decided to go with a real name. One possibility was Hakka, which means Japanese Mint, and meant to go with how all St. Curtis characters being named after food.[2] With a recent picture through Twitter, it can be assumed that Hakka is now the correct name.[5]
    • Given the timing of the question, the name Patch was likely due to her wearing an eye-patch.
  • Hakka was originally part of a commission that Chu fulfilled, depicting a line-up of Demons, each of the different elementals, in front of a height-chart.
    • In addition, the Angel that appears with her in the chart appears in the comic as well; possibly as a way to show that he was captured before but escaped in canon.
    • In the same picture, Hakka's girlfriend is shown and has made an appearance in the comic just as she has.


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