GriffinPass SD458

The southern entrance into the mountains.

Griffin Pass is a mountain pass that acts as the southern passageway leading to St. Curtis.


The pathway consists mostly of a rock-like road while the walls and foundation have natural rock formations common in caves. From the southern entrance one can see the other side of the passageway as a tall beam of light. Another interesting feature is a stone bridge that hangs not too far in with two separate cave entrances leading into the mountain. Because people can be seen walking on the bridge it's very likely that the area was designed for tourists in mind as not only can mulit-colored lights can be seen hanging from the bridge but it's possible that the caves were man-made.

At the southern end there is a single three-story building with a yellow exterior, red chimney and brown roof. Next to the building appears to be like a stable for traveling animals so it's likely to be a rest area/Inn for anyone traveling in or out of St. Curtis.

Guardian StatueEdit

MelliStatue SD460

Statue of Melli the Bee

Somewhere in the pass is a large statue of Melli the Bee. Rhea believed it was created by the Jakkai that lived in what would later become St. Curtis, much like a similar statue in Fuzen'ro Forest. Because St. Curtis is now a Human/Jakkai settlement it's significance might have increased if she is settled around the area.




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