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Great Book of Records

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Death (owner)

Darius Elexion

The Great Book of Records is a seemingly omniscient book that contains the names and history of every living-being in Medius, including when and how they pass on into the Afterlife. It was commonly used by Death before being passed down to Darius Elexion after taking on his role as the Grim Reaper.


The book has only ever been featured briefly and without a full view of its appearance. From what is shown, the book has countless pages that list every individual Median by name,[1] and then somehow it will list that person's time of death, how they die, and where they go in the Afterlife.

The origins of the book aren't known, though it may have existed for as long as Medius has given its intended purpose. With its contents tied to the lives of all sapient races in Medius, the book may hold the most power out of any magic artifact if it can tell the reader the exact method a person dies and where their soul ends up. In a sense, the book seems to hold the power to look into the future, making the fate of every Median seem absolute and unchanging.


Up until a certain point, the book was never wrong in what would happen to individuals who died in Medius. However, lately the book has been incorrect about how people were dying; most notably with the citizens of St. Curtis after they were invaded by Demons. Going by what Blue said about the book being wrong about those souls, it's possible that outside forces, such as denizens from the Afterlife itself, can offset what is predetermined; meaning the book's omniscience only extends to Medius itself and nothing else.


  • To date, the Great Book of Records may be considered the most omnipotent item in all of Slightly Damned because of its ability to determine a person's fate, if not only for one realm.



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