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Slightly Damned #1 [HQTS]

Fragaria is the name of the country and/or continent on Medius in which most of the story of Slightly Damned takes place.


It features a wide variety of terrain from mountains to forests to plains to rivers, lakes and the ocean. It is primarily inhabited by humans but several secluded Jakkai villages are known to exist as well as the combined Jakkai/Human city of St. Curtis which is the largest city in the country, more-so than the capital. There are also Fairies who are native to the Southern Woods but can also be found in St. Curtis. Additionally, Khamegas are known to live in Port Dorade and there are Merfolk in the ocean.


Fragaria is run by a council of twelve individuals(not the Guardians). Nothing else is known about it or how influential they are to the people of their country.[1]


Given the locations visited thus far, many villages and towns tend to be racially inclusive in regards to occupancy. Jakkai villages tend to follow standard traditions in not allowing Humans or other Medians to visit, unlike Human villages like Farun that allow any to visit. Cities, such as Riverside City and St. Curtis, allow multi-cultural occupants and have more open options to living styles or habits.

One major example of how Medians act in cities is with St. Curtis, which (after having been founded from two separate villages) has gone from being a Human/Jakkai settlement to housing residents of just about every race (barring Merfolk); in addition the people of that city are very open to interracial and even same-sex relationships (with exceptions to Angels and Demons). Mixlings are often seen the most in St. Curtis because of this large gathering of races.

Like any of the countries shown, each race has their own preferences in who they worship (depending on where they live), in regards to the Twelve Guardians or Mother Gaia. But other than racial customs, there doesn't appear to be anything that would distinguish Fragarian culture with Nirveus or the Dragon Island Archipelago.


  • Ambai Village
  • Farun — the nearest Human village to Rhea's Jakkai village.
  • Fuzen'ro Forest — Rhea's Jakkai village is within this forest.
  • Ghardin City — the capital city of Fragaria.
  • Hakarl
  • Lake Phium
  • Mt. Sentinel — A mountain with a settlement/fortress; occupied by Hell's Army.
  • Port Dorade
  • Rathmus
  • Riverside City
  • Shadow Peak
  • Southern Woods — a forest with most access blocked by the Zolle River, home to Fairies.
  • St. Curtis — the largest city in Fragaria; recently razed by Hell's Army.
  • Sunset Lake
  • Tsake Lake
  • Weyville — a small farming village; destroyed by Hell's Army.
  • Zolle River — a major waterway that bisects the region.


  • Fragaria lies south of the Queendom of Nirveus.[1]
  • The Median culture in Fragaria is based on European and American culture.



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