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Florina Sinclair



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Professional Status

Sinclair Family

Personal Status

Heathcliff "Cliff" Sinclair (father)

Miranda Sinclair (mother)

Samantha "Sammy" Kailum (cousin)

First Appearance

Slightly Damned #575 [TS] (mentioned)

Slightly Damned #596 [TS] (actual)

Florina Sinclair is the most recent addition to the Sinclair Family, being born to Heathcliff "Cliff" Sinclair and Miranda Sinclair.


Florina seems to take mostly after her mother; having tan skin and black hair. While wrapped in a pink blanket she also wears a brown lynx hoodie, likely due to Cliff's connection to Siara the Lynx.


Being only a newborn, Florina has yet to form a real personality. However she seems to have developed some form of self-awareness as she displays facial reactions to whenever things happen along with her family and friends, without having to immediately cry. She does appear to like Cliff a lot as she tends to regurgitate on him like babies do.


The Flower FestivalEdit

Day 2Edit

Florina was born during the second day of the festival. Her birth was witnessed by Cliff, Duster and the midwife.

Current ArcEdit

Day 3 through Demon InvasionEdit

Florina was officially introduced when Cliff and the family arrived to help a Jakkai couple with fixing their fur coats. Thus far she has been asleep but already has the attention of Duster and Meeros, who found her very adorable. She would spend most of her time in the arms of her family members, not minding anything that happens around her.

After the death of Melli the Fire Bee, Meeros told the family to stay where they were while he went away. Florina was held by Sammy the whole time while Cliff and Miranda figured out what to do. Shortly after Rhea and Buwaro returned, she expressed concern as Demons arrived to take the Rainbow Reverie. As her parents fought them, Rhea took her and Sammy away only to be confronted by the third Demon. Using a distraction, Rhea succeeds in letting Sammy escape with Florina while she fought him.

Later, once the fights were settled, Sammy returned with Florina and embraced their family. Though worried at first that the Demons survived their encounter and fled, they were relieved once Jake showed up with their animals. Florina mostly remained asleep afterwards as the family learned about what had happened with Kieri, their decision to leave and to lend Rhea and Buwaro potions to help in saving Kieri.




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