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Slightly Damned #200 [HQTS]

The Farun Bandits were a couple of humans who once tried to rob Rhea and her group, before ultimately meeting their demise to Lazuli.


The bandit who wields an axe, appears to be slightly younger than his partner. His skin has a light tan, he has black hair that appears to be in a mohawk fashion, and has blue eyes. He wears a red shirt and a white leopard fur jacket that mostly covers his back, a brown leather strap that crosses his chest and waist, brown gloves, light-black pants and and brown boots that also have patches of fur on them. On the upper half of his left arm is a tattoo of a heart with the word "Mom" on it.

The other bandit appears to be middle-aged and wields no weapons. He has lighter skin than his partner, has green eyes, a full head of brown hair and a brown beard. He wears a light-blue jacket (with a small rip on the right sleeve) with a dark-blue rim that goes from the top down to his waist before splitting off to the sides, finger-less light-brown gloves, light-brown pants and brown boots. He also has a gold earring and a silver earring on his right ear.


River-Side StoriesEdit

Search for KazaiEdit

Both bandits were waiting out on the snow-covered roads when Rhea and her friends were walking by. Rhea wondered why they would be all the way out in the middle of nowhere as it would be inconvenient. The blue-coated bandit told them that it was intentional as there would be nowhere for them to run; even calling Rhea and Kieri hookers since Buwaro was dressed like a pimp. The ax-wielding bandit finished his statement by saying that Buwaro had all the loot and proceeded to attack him. However Kieri sliced the blade off with her sword and was ready to strike back. The blue-coated bandit commented how loyal Kieri was as a hooker, which angered Rhea enough to use Terra Spike on him, hitting him in the groin. His partner was then frozen in a block of ice by Kieri.

Later the two admitted defeat and allowed them to leave. They lamented about how it was a mistake attacking them and even mention that someone named Rocky told them about 'killer hookers'.

Journey with the SinclairsEdit

Weeks later the two would encounter Lazuli, who was out to seek revenge on Kieri for before. The blue-coated bandit was the first to be killed by Lazuli's Ice Shards. Panicking, the ax-wielding bandit made an attempt to attack but was ultimately killed by Lazuli's Ice Impalement.


Axe: One of the bandits wielded this. It appears to be a large wood-cutting axe that's mostly red, with a gray bladed edge and a brown handle. The blade appears to be chipped near the top. When it was used against Rhea's group, Kieri was able to break it with her sword. By the time the two would meet Lazuli it was repaired by wrapping the area it was cut with a white cloth.


  • The character "Rocky" that they mention is more or less a reference to the character from another web comic, The Good Life. [citation needed]



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