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Queen of the Fairies

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Southern Woods

First Appearance

Slightly Damned #255 [HQTS]

The Fairy Queen is the ruler of the Fairies who live in the Southern Woods of Fragaria. There are apparently next to zero eye-witnesses that she even exists, at least among non-Fairies, but there are stories and rumors that she will avenge her subjects should they come to harm. She is believed to murder anyone who mistreats or otherwise harms a fairy, leaving only the victim's skull behind showered with pink glitter.

Heathcliff "Cliff" Sinclair is aware that she does exist and vaguely mentions that a Fairy kiss saved his life once (possibly from Duster for added humor).


The Fairy Queen has yet to officially appear within the story. However based on what has been featured of her, as well as from her appearance in The Legend of Buwaro: Soprano of Time, it's likely that in terms of size she is larger than any of the mortal races of Medius. She has crimson red butterfly wings and red antennae. She wears a long black robe with a gold crown on her head. Her eyes have been shown to glow red like many Demon's.


The Fairy Queen seems to be very protective of her people as she'll go to any extent to avenge any Fairy who is harmed or troubled in any way, except to those who are marked with a special Fairy Kiss that seems to show trust from the Fairies. Based on what was shown of her she may also be sadistic and cruel, especially to her victims.



The Fairy Queen, like with all Fairies, was the subject of a legend that told of her methods of vengeance, though thought to be exaggerated. It's likely that she has existed for a very long time, possibly through some sort of magic or through natural aging that all Fairies share. The earliest known instance of her existence was when Cliff was saved from her wrath through a Fairy Kiss.

Journey to St. Curtis

Sometime before or after Rhea, her friends and the Sinclairs arrive in St. Curtis, the Jakkai black market fairy trader in Riverside City that Rhea rescued Eve from was apparently killed by the Queen after Willow and Eve returned home to the Southern Forest. Only his skull was found, covered in glitter as per the stories.

Powers and Abilities

As a Queen, it is likely that she holds a lot of power; although it's uncertain as to what extent given what little information there is on Fairies and magic. She has been known to murder anyone who would harm her kind, leaving nothing but the victim's skull with pink glitter covering it. Fairies have the ability to kiss the noses of other Median races to mark the kissed person as a friend and protect them from the Queen's immediate wrath if they encounter her.


  • The Fairy Queen's personality is an inside joke between Chu and one of her friends. The Queen is based on her friend's personality in an exaggerated larger than life form.[1][2]
    • The Fairy Queen has only appeared in Soprano of Time so far. Her existence was explained in Slightly Damned #255 [HQTS] but has not directly appeared in the main comic.


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