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Slightly Damned #263 [HQTS]

Duster is a Moth Fairy and friend of Heathcliff "Cliff" Sinclair, possibly his best friend. The two of them met when Cliff was a kid working for the Trouble Center and have been together ever since. He is capable of competently speaking Lingo rather than just the Fairy language, although he has a thick accent.


As a Fairy, Duster looks like a moth. He has tan colored fur with white hair and moth-like antennae and wing patterns. His wings have red and yellow anti-predator eye patterns like normal moths.

Duster dresses in a buttoned long-sleeve red shirt/jacket with wing holes and blue shorts.


Duster is relaxed with a generally helpful and honest nature. When he is introduced, Miranda asks him to confirm Cliff's unlikely story that Buwaro caused Cliff to lose Sammy; Duster bluntly contradicts him, saying that it was actually Cliff's own fault, which causes Cliff to try and choke him.

Duster is more lighthearted than Cliff with an easier sense of humor but usually restrains himself around Cliff who is somewhat of a bad-tempered brooder.

Duster has a lecherous streak when in the presence of female fairies. He bluntly hits on them whilst trying and failing miserably to be charming. He has a fondness for transparent clichéd pick-up lines during these attempts.



YoungDusterandCliff SD336

Cliff and Duster as kids.

When Duster was a kid, Cliff saved him from something and they were friends ever since. Together they went all around Fragaria helping people as part of the Trouble Center. Duster remained with Cliff throughout his life and essentially became a friend of the family, being there when Cliff adopted Sammy and marrying Miranda.

At one point, Cliff was cursed by Meeros the Mortori Bird and took the form of a Mortori Bird himself. Duster made fun of him for it, only to be reminded by Cliff that birds eat insects and proceeded to attack him. Even now Duster doesn't find that funny.

Fateful Meeting at Riverside City

Duster accompanied Cliff and Sammy to Riverside City where Sammy got separated from them. While he remained hidden inside Cliff's vest pocket, he was present when Cliff met Buwaro and Kieri for the first time.

DusterWillowandEve SD264

Duster sure loves his dames...

It wasn't until after returning to the wagon that he revealed himself to Rhea and her friends when he told Miranda how Cliff lost Sammy. He introduced himself to the three and was then fawning over the beauty of Willow and Eve, two fairies that Sammy help rescue. Along with the Sinclairs they allowed Rhea and her friends to travel with them to St. Curtis.

The Weyville Incident

The group eventually arrives at Weyville after days of travel. Duster decides to go with Cliff and Miranda in order to meet someone at Trader Moes while Sammy, Willow, Eve and Kieri searched for Kazai. While hidden, he watched as Cliff received a mysterious egg from the owner of the shop.

CliffvsDenevol SD369

Cliff and Duster vs Denevol.

Eventually Sammy found the three and told them about Denevol and how he's attacking Buwaro and Kieri. They rush to their aid as Cliff and Duster face-off against Denevol while the others helped Buwaro and Kieri. After Cliff warned Denevol he wasn't going to down, Duster suggested they try the "Siara Special" on him. As Denevol made his attack, Duster shared his magic power into Cliff in order to cast it and succeeded in taking down Denevol, though he was still moving after that. The fight then concluded with Cliff knocking Denevol out with a flame-engulfed punch. They then helped Buwaro and Kieri back to the wagon to heal.

Journey to St. Curtis

Two days later, during the evening he would witness Kieri in her Snow Bunny form, due to her curse. This reminded Miranda of when Meeros the Mortori Bird cursed Cliff shortly after getting married, and reminded of Duster when Cliff attacked him for teasing him.

As they continued their way to St. Curtis the group stopped for a break and picnic. Buwaro went and asked Cliff to see if he could teach him Fire Magic. Cliff explained his reasons for not teaching him certain spells and Duster even commented that he was needed for one particular spell. Hearing that Cliff needed something in return, Buwaro went to the wagon to get Thadius; during which Duster noted that he was a good kid, which Cliff agreed with. Buwaro returned and tried reasoning once more, to which Duster motioned Cliff to help him anyway. After teaching him how to make a fireball, Buwaro tried making one, only to have it fly onto the wagon roof which surprised the three.

DusterWillow SD436


Duster and the rest of the group later resumed their journey. Duster would laze about at times and at one point try and hit on Willow and Eve, at one point being pushed aside from them when Kieri started to sing.

Eventually the group arrived at the Southern Woods, where they started to say their good byes to the Fairies. While Willow and Eve tried to cheer up Sammy for everything she's done, Willow shouted at Duster, in Lingo that apparently Cliff taught her, for trying to hit on them again. Duster attacked a shifty Cliff for supposedly teaching her this and yelled at Rhea for getting kisses from the two and not him.

The Spring Flower Festival

Pre-Festival Events

The group would later arrive at Griffin Pass which led the way into St. Curtis. Buwaro asked why there were so many people and Duster explained that they are probably waiting for Meeros to fly by as he always does this to show off. He then says that they don't have to wait here for him to show as they'll meet him soon.

Rhea comes into the wagon asking about the statue of Melli the Bee before wanting to tell the story of how St. Curtis was founded. Duster said he would since Rhea might not be telling the right version but she wrapped him up with her tail and proceeded to tell the story.

After arriving in the city and discovering that there are Angels and Demons among everyone, Sammy decided to lead Rhea and her friends to the Trouble Center. Cliff told Duster to watch over them while he take Miranda to see the midwife; Duster noting that he said "them", meaning that it includes Rhea and friends which meant he started to take a liking to them. While he would do so he would also try to hit on the local Fairies, even getting stung by a Bee Fairy.

DusterStung SD491

That's why you don't hit on Bee Fairies.

Some time later he would return to Cliff after being stung. He asked what was wrong with Cliff, who explained that the world was falling apart and felt like no one in the city was interested. Duster told him it wasn't his problem anymore and he didn't need to be the hero anymore.

Rhea and Kieri arrived at where they were as Duster asked what was wrong. Rhea explained they went to the jail house looking for Kieri's brother, only to find that he and his friend were already gone. Buwaro then arrived holding a Gold Wyvern. Duster noticed what it was and Cliff added that they don't know what it was yet. He then accompanied Cliff back to where Miranda was while Rhea and the others stayed in the wagon.

Day 1

During the first day, according to Cliff, he was supposed to stay with Miranda. However as it turned out he was wooing many female Fairies, saying that he was going to be the uncle of a Human baby and that the father was not reliable.

Day 2

Duster returned to the stand, shortly after Cliff confronted Tsavo over the Rainbow Reverie. He kicked the cigarette he was trying to light out of his mouth and said that Miranda was having her baby. Cliff told the others to stay behind while he followed Duster back to where she was at.

Day 3

Duster arrived at the sales stand with Cliff, Miranda, Sammy and their new daughter Florina, in order to help a pair of Jakkai who were asking about a potion that might fix their partial winter fur coats; though Cliff pushed him into his shirt pocket in order to hide him from them. For a moment, Duster came out and gushed over the baby, saying that she has Miranda's looks and not her "ugly papa". Cliff swatted him away for that remark.

Powers and Abilities

DusterUsingMagic SD367

Duster displaying his magic power.

Fire Magic: While not shown to cast spells individually, he appears to share the same magic affinity as Cliff as he aided him in casting the "Siara Special" on Denevol. It's unknown what extent his overall magic capabilities are.

  • Magic Assist: Duster is able to share his magic power with Cliff in order to perform "Siara Special", which was a high-level spell that was capable of nearly incapacitating Denevol, who was a Seraph-Ranked Warrior Angel. From what was shown it seems that he can only share his magic with those who have the same magic affinity as him.

Fairy Kiss: Duster has the ability to mark people with a sort of invisible protection charm by kissing them on the nose. It prevents the Fairy Queen from killing them (at least not right away) as the Fairies show trust in whoever they kiss and possibly would not want them killed. It was heavily implied that he did this to Cliff after Cliff mentioned that he was kissed once to save his life.

Flight: Duster has the ability to fly using the large wings on his back.

Basic Lingo: Duster has shown to be fully capable of speaking Lingo and has been shown to use it in pretty much every instance of him talking. This is likely because he has been with Cliff ever since they were children; although his accent is noticeable and his sentences often have bad grammar.

Other Appearances

A Monster Hive Christmas Special

Duster Christmas

Duster spying on Frim.

Duster appears as a guest to a Christmas Party involving various characters from other comic works like Wamoh, Lunavis, messenger, Grayling and Untitled. He was first seen spying on Frim from underneath the Christmas Tree.


  • After the concept of fairy kisses are explained, it's heavily implied (if not downright confirmed) that Duster kissed Cliff when they were younger.



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