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Dragons shown in a Fairy Tale.

Dragons are a species of creature found on Medius. First referenced in a story book and in passing by Cliff,[1][2] Dragons are apparently most commonly found in the Dragon Island Archipelago given the name, and they are magically empowered creatures.[3] So far, a baby Earth Dragon was seen in St. Curtis and was even freed by Sammy.

Rynn the Flame Dragon, one of the Twelve Guardians of Medius, assumes the form of a dragon.


Dragons appear to follow the same divisions as other magical beings. There are 4 types:[1][3]

An extinct species of Giant Fire Dragons has been mentioned to have existed in Fragaria in the past.[4]

Wind Dragons are believed to be extinct, there are legends claiming that they used to exist but no-one is aware of any in the present. They have been replaced by Wyverns which are smaller and less powerful but are still somewhat magical.[3]


Earth Dragon

Earth Dragons are generally docile compared to the other dragons, and are often trained to be obedient to their owners by tethering them while they are young, so they believe they can't break free.[5] Also, teams of Earth Dragons are said to be capable of destroying mountains and changing rivers thanks to their Earth magic.


  • Earth Dragons likely share similarities to elephants, who are often trained to perform tasks set by humans, and the method of restriction is based on stories regarding "Baby Elephant Syndrome".


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