Dragons Fairy Tale SD345

Dragons shown in a Fairy Tale.

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First Appeared (Fairy Tale): Slightly Damned #345 [HQTS]

Dragons are a species of creature found on Medius. First referenced in a story book and in passing by Cliff,[1][2] Dragons are apparently most commonly found in the Dragon Island Archipelago given the name, and they are magically empowered creatures.[3][3] So far, a baby Earth Dragon was seen in St. Curtis and was even freed by Sammy.

Rynn the Flame Dragon, one of the Twelve Guardians of Medius, assumes the form of a dragon.


Dragons appear to follow the same divisions as other magical beings. There are 4 types:[1][3]

An extinct species of Giant Fire Dragons has been mentioned to have existed in Fragaria in the past.[4]

Wind Dragons are believed to be extinct, there are legends claiming that they used to exist but no-one is aware of any in the present. They have been replaced by Wyverns which are smaller and less powerful but are still somewhat magical.[3]