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Slightly Damned #353 [HQTS]

Denevol is a belligerent Wind Angel from the Denevol Angel clan, who has sworn an undying oath to exterminate all Demons. He is a veteran of the Great War in which he lost his family; after that he became consumed with hate and would kill any demon on sight without mercy, no questions asked. He is a very capable warrior, evident by him possessing all three Angel Emblems, thereby making him a Seraph-level (Elite) Warrior Angel.


Denevol appears to be an elderly Angel with a beard. Instead of his traditional Angel uniform, he wears a white shirt with a brown sleeveless vest over it. He also wears a green bandanna around his head, black leather pants and heavy brown boots. Across his shirt is a green sash with all three Angel Emblems attached to it.


His initial appearance depicted him as an Angel who keeps to his teachings and holds a tremendous hate toward Demons, evident how he went all out toward Buwaro, despite Kieri, another Angel like him, saying that he's not an enemy. He was even willing to go as far as attacking Kieri for seemingly betraying his people, and even Cliff who was previously a friend to him.



15 Years Ago

Sometime before the start of the story, Denevol fought in The Great War, losing his entire family to Demons in a large massacre and as a result gaining an immense hatred toward them. He has then since lived in Medius for as long as fifteen years, taking residence in Weyville.

Love and War

The Weyville Incident

At one point he comes across Kieri, Buwaro, and Sammy together. Seeing Buwaro, his hatred of Demons caused him to attack with unreasonable passion. During the fight, expresses interested shock that angel healing magic can work on demons before he questioned Kieri for wanting to protect him and when even told that Buwaro was different, he argued that no Demons are innocent and would even kill her for defending him. He becomes more determined to kill Kieri when she turns into a bunny, thinking her an ally of Toski (whom he likely remembers as being an ally of demons). He nearly succeeded until Cliff interfered and managed to knock Denevol out cold.

He promised not to track down Buwaro and Kieri provided they never come back to Weyville, and it's implied his friendship with Cliff is no more. It is later implied that Denevol was captured by Iratu and his group after they destroyed the town.

The Flower Festival

Pre-Festival Events

He was held prisoner by Iratu and his group inside the Coiled Cobra Bar, within one of the rooms in the back of the bar.

Raising Hell

Demon Invasion - The Gathering

Kieri, Kazai, and Sanjulo discover a heavily wounded Denevol (left there by Azurai as bait) by the fountain during the battle in St. Curtis. He is also missing his emblems, implying the Demons who captured him might have taken them. After which he would be taken back to the bar, still unconscious; and would remain so for the rest of the invasion.

Current Arc


Presently, his current fate is unknown. He and the remaining Angels who were captured have likely been taken to Mt. Sentinel, where Ascension rituals are held.

Powers and Abilities

Wind Magic: As with all Wind Angels, Denevol is capable of using wind and electricity to attack from long distances even after his main weapon is broken.

  • Wind Burst: By extending his hand out, Denevol can fire a beam of wind that has long range and was powerful enough to knock back and injure Kieri.
  • Wind Blades: Denevol can create up to two of these, one in each hand, which can act like a blade given its cutting capabilities even when thrown. It was also strong enough to break through a Barrier created by Kieri.
  • Lightning Strike: By charging a ball of electricity in his hands and raising it above his head, Denevol can unleash a massive bolt of lightning that was powerful enough to nearly kill Buwaro in one strike.

Expert Marksmanship: Given Denevol's experience as a Seraph-Angel and despite his old age, he shows some ability in being able to hit his targets with his arrows with great accuracy, despite the fact there was interference from Kieri and Sammy that prevented him from successfully hitting Buwaro during the attempts.

Overall Abilities: Even past his prime, Denevol was shown to be incredibly powerful, able to overwhelm another Warrior Angel like Kieri with little help from a weak Demon like Kieri. While this is due to the Emblems he possessed, his experience with Demons would carry beyond his age.


Angel Bow (formerly): Denevol's weapon of choice, he is able to fire off Holy Arrows and shows expertise in using them. However it was broken by Kieri after being distracted by Sammy.

  • Holy Arrow: In combination with the bow, by firing the arrow at a demon it seems to instantly kill them regardless of where it hits.

Sun Emblem: By wearing this pendant, wings will appear on his back and can fly if needed. (confiscated)

Star Emblem: By wearing this pendant, his magic power increases while also improving his concentration. A green and white halo appears over his head while active. (confiscated)

  • Enhanced Concentration
  • Improved Magic Ability/Power

Moon Emblem: By wearing this pendant, his overall strength and durability increases to a point where he can take heavy damage from even high-leveled spells. (confiscated)

  • Power Augmentation: While active, his strength, durability and overall fighting capabilities are increased to a certain degree. This is of course dependent on how powerful he already was prior to use.
    • Immense Durability: Despite his age, Denevol is capable of taking heavy damage and still be able to fight. Notably shown when even though he let his guard down, he took a massive blow from one of Cliff's most powerful spells and still be able to use magic after that.



  • (to Kieri Suizahn) "I have been in Medius for all these years, but at least I haven't forgotten what it means to be an Angel."[1]


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