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Hell's Army (Dakos Squad)


Veteran Soldier (Squad Leader)

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First Appearance

Slightly Damned #174 [HQTS] (flashback)

Slightly Damned #757 [TS] (actual)

Dakos was a veteran Fire Demon who served as a squad leader in Hell's Army; who Kazai Suizahn and Sanjulo encountered in Farun and pursued nearly to St. Curtis before being able to escape the two. He was participating in the invasion of St. Curtis and the capturing of its Angels.


Dakos FullBody SD789

Full-body shot of Dakos.

Dakos appeared to resemble a red-scaled Dragon with two white horns on his head, with the right horn having visible cracks toward the top, orange eyes and claws for his hands and feet. He has mostly black scales while having red scales just beneath his eyes and from his snout and downward past his chest. His arms are red as well as the tips of the black protrusions on the back of his head. He wears dark-colored shorts and has spiked wristbands.


Dakos behaved in the manner of an old-timer, strictly believing in the old-ways of Demonhood and not very convinced that the new generation is any better. He believed that Iratu and his generation of "cripples" would be the end of their kind because they are allowing Angels into their army, like Verammi, and believes his point was proven when another Angel in their army killed one of their best warriors. While still willing to follow Iratu given his superiority, he is very doubtful that doing things "differently" would prove effective than in his time.

Characteristic of Fire Demons, Dakos is sadistic and cruel, taking a despicable delight in terrorizing an Angel child in front of his helpless mother and sister, having no qualms in torturing even children, both emotionally and physically.

He has no true sense of camaraderie, as he dismissed Talus's death as his and Lazuli's fault for failing to follow Dakos's orders properly.

His action in tossing Kieri off the wagon to stop Buwaro from pursuing them further could be considered Dakos being pragmatic.


Snow Angels

Capturing Kieri

Dakos was originally operating in Farun with Lazuli and Talus. He provided a distraction whilst Lazuli and Talus grabbed Kieri who had lagged behind her brother and his friend. Though unable to rejoin with Lazuli or Talus, he would lead the two Angels on a pursuit that would take them as far as near St. Curtis.

The Flower Festival

Pre-Festival Events

During the pursuit, the three would end up in the western pass of Blossom Valley where supposedly, according to Kazai, they cornered the Demon until a rock-slide occurred (according to Kinako though, this was caused by the two Angels); allowing him to escape. At the time he would hide in St. Curtis until "The Gathering" would occur.

Current Arc

Demon Invasion - The Gathering: Part 2

After taking part in razing the city and capturing live-Angels, he would meet up with the rest of his comrades in the Coiled Cobra Bar for the aforementioned Gathering. There he would be seen sitting next to Verammi, eyeing her as she drinks some brew.[1] Over the course of the gathering, after Rhea and Buwaro showed up with Kieri he showed little patience for Verammi as she told her story to them on how she betrayed Heaven to join the Demons because she didn't have to follow the rules. He also started to show suspicion toward Buwaro when he failed to justify his supposed romance for Kieri.

Later as drama unfolds, Buwaro eventually revealed to everyone how Sakido brought him and Rhea to Medius before being killed by an arrow. Once Iratu confirms that she was done in by an Angel, Dakos speaks out, saying they shouldn't have trusted him no matter who he says to be. He adds that Iratu and his generation of "cripples" will be the end of them for allowing Angels into their army, believing it to be unnatural. Iratu replied that they would succeed because of it and to trust Syndel, much to Dakos' doubt.

Sometime after Iratu went over their plans to Rhea and Buwaro, Tsavo got angry that if it weren't for Buwaro, Sakido would still be alive and attacked him; zapping him with magic which knocked him into Dakos. He responded by throwing a mug at Tsavo, who deflected it and caused a chain reaction that resulted in a free-for-all. Shortly after a Demon from outside came in to tell everyone that the wagons were here, in which Iratu announced it was time to round up everyone to take to the ritual site.

Dakos accompanied Lazuli on the wagon she was on, which was the last one to leave the bar, with Birdeaux at the reins. While transporting their cargo, he decided to torture some Angels (a mother and two children) to instill fear into them before bragging to Lazuli about how he does it. She brushes him off by saying she just wants to kill Kieri for murdering Talus. He tells her that she should have followed his orders before she argued that they needed to work together like Iratu told them all.

Lazuli then proceeds to kill Kieri, but before she could, they all heard a loud roar and were surprised to see Buwaro, having entered Berserk State, chasing after them. When Buwaro made it on, Birdeaux exclaimed that they needed to protect the Angels, while Dakos yelled at them for not controlling the wagon. Birdeaux tried to use a magic attack on Buwaro, but it had no effect and was blasted with a Fire Breath instead. After collapsing, they looked up in fright as Buwaro poised to attack again before being stopped by Rhea.

Lazuli used this opportunity to launch her Darkness Blast attack against Buwaro, blasting both he and Rhea off the wagon. But that didn't stop them from chasing after them again. Lazuli is confused claiming that berserk demons are supposed to be mindless.

After gaining control of the reins, Dakos asked Lazuli what's a "Snowy" and why Buwaro keeps screaming it. Lazuli didn't know at first, until she remembered and said that he's calling for Kieri. Dakos grabbed the female angel and asked Lazuli to confirm it, while keeping Kazai away from his sister. When she did, Birdeaux screamed that Buwaro and Rhea are catching up again. Not wanting to let them board again, Dakos decided to toss the angel off the wagon so they'd stop pursuing them, much to Lazuli's dismay.

This didn't work as Rhea (empowered by the speed potion) carried Kieri (in rabbit form) onto the wagon with Buwaro in pursuit. Buwaro latched onto the wagon, Lazuli's guard down after Rhea had punched her in the stomach, and Buwaro sank his fangs into Lazuli's shoulder, thrashed her about and then threw her off the wagon. Dakos prepared to confront Buwaro when the red potion he'd ingested finally wore off, causing Buwaro to revert to his normal form and fall unconscious. Dakos took the opportunity to swipe his tail at Buwaro, causing him to hit the wagon wall. Rhea took the opportunity to jump and kick Dakos straight on the chest, forcing him off the wagon.

Despite breaking his right head horn and the horn on his nose badly cut, he managed to catch up to them again, furious over what happened to him and wanted to kill everyone, including the Angels. Birdeaux tried to stop him but Dakos struck them down. Rhea and Kazai prepared to fight him before they were all stopped by the sound of Lazuli roaring, having transformed into her Berserk State. While his would-be opponents were able to dodge her attack, he wasn't so fortunate as he was struck in the back and through his neck, thus meeting a grisly end.

Powers and Abilities

Fire Magic: As a Fire Demon, Dakos has access to this school of Magic and has demonstrated standard use of it, starting in St. Curtis.

  • Fire Breath: The common ability used by all Fire Demons, Dakos was first seen using this ability during a free-for-all fight inside the Coiled Cobra Bar.

Expert Torturer: Dakos has shown considerable experience when it comes to torture, which while natural to almost all Demons, he has bragged about being able to get creative in his methods without "ruining" their "crop". His demonstration included using a child to induce fear in front of his family by taunting them and leaving a small scratch on the child's cheek in a menacing manner.

Overall Abilities: His exact fighting capabilities are unknown, however it can be assumed he has great experience as a veteran of war and having responsibilities as a squad leader; only giving recognition to those who are younger than him that demonstrated great liability.

Enhanced Durability: As with many Demons, Dakos has shown to be very durable when taking any sort of damage. He took a hard-kick to his gut by Rhea, enhanced by the effects of the Blue Potion and fell of a speeding wagon but apart from a broken horn and damaged nose horn, he was still able to return with no signs of bruising on his main body.


  • Prior to page 789 his name was not mentioned, however through a tumblr post showcasing the good and bad named Demons in the current storyline, one of the tags used was "Dakos" in the same fashion as the other named characters, which would later be proven true in the main story.[2]
    • Dakos would not have a full appearance within the comic until 9 years later after a brief flashback of him by Kieri.
  • In a Q&A, Dakos revealed his age to be at least 30 years older than Iratu's generation, which approximately makes him 57 given Iratu's current age. Regardless, prior to death he is currently the oldest known Demon to have existed.
    • In the same Q&A, he joked about how he avoided looking old and being rather young, only for Chu to add wrinkles to his face shortly after. In a stream, she mentioned that she thought about going back to add wrinkles to better reflect his age.



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