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Hell's Army

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Slightly Damned #756 [TS]

Cyran is a Wind Demon who served as a soldier for Hell's Army. They were a participant in the invasion of St. Curtis and the capturing its Angels. After surviving they presumably left the army.


Cyran's appearance heavily resembles a kind of predatory bird, having mostly dark-purple feathers while having violet-colored feathers on their head, around their gray eyes, along the side of their wings and on the back-side of their tail. Their beak is serrated while the top is slightly longer than the bottom and is curved downward. They were shown wearing a white chest-piece and brown shorts with a black bucket that go down just to where their legs become digitigrade-like.


Unlike some of their comrades who have been depicted as rowdy, cruel and downright evil (either within the comic or through various artwork), Cyran appears to be more mild-mannered in their appearances since their first time appearing in comic. While they can be rough when drunk, they seem to be more bound by their duty to get their jobs done as a soldier. They can be reckless as they were willing to stand up to Buwaro, who had entered a Berserk State, as they needed to protect the Angels they were transporting despite being no match for him. Otherwise they appear to be a very nervous individual who is easily frightened, maybe close to cowardly.[1]

Cyran appears to have some sort of fondness for a female Wind Angel named Roxana, who they are either seen with or eyeing on, often whenever either are featured. In a stream it was hinted that the two might be friends, especially if they were willing to carry her off a burning wagon and while still heavily injured. Furthermore, after the invasion of St. Curtis, Cyran projected their frustrations that Angels and Demons couldn't get along onto Buwaro; knowing that even with their new friend, they could never get others to see them as anything but monsters.


Current Arc

Demon Invasion - The Gathering: Part 2

Cyran was first seen on top the Coiled Cobra Bar, holding a mug of alcohol in one hand while squeezing a female Wind Angel in the other, as "they" welcomed Rhea and Buwaro for bringing an Angel with them to their meeting. They mostly remained outside and was caught off guard by Iratu yelling from inside. They would later join the others in transporting the Angels to the ritual site.

As the last wagon was being loaded up, Rhea and Buwaro came out to try and save Kieri. With word from Tsavo, Cyran started reining the horses forward. As they ride, they were slightly bothered by Dakos excessive torturing of the Angels. Shortly after they all heard a loud roar and were surprised to see Buwaro, having entered a Berserk State, charging after them. When Buwaro made it on, Cyran exclaimed that they needed to protect the Angels, while Dakos yelled at them for not controlling the wagon. Cyran tried to use a magic attack on Buwaro, but it had no effect and was blasted with a Fire Breath instead. After collapsing, they looked up in fright as Buwaro poised to attack again before being stopped by Rhea. After Lazuli knocked the two out of the wagon, Cyran shouted that they were still coming for the wagon, at least until Dakos decided to throw Kieri overboard.

With their injuries, Cyran remained off to the side while the others controlled the wagon; however once their companions were removed, it left the wagon with no driver and heading into a danger zone. As the driver's seat is hit by a burning branch, Rhea ordered everyone to get off, so Cyran grabbed the one Wind Angel from earlier and leaped off. Having survived, they asked her if she was alright. Soon enough, Dakos returned, with the intent of killing every Angel here. Cyran stood up to confront him but was immediately struck down.

After the battle between Rhea's group, Dakos and Lazuli had ended, Cyran's Angel friend was seen over by them, likely worried on their condition.


After several days, the fires burning St. Curtis would dissipate, and at some point Cyran and many other survivors took refuge inside the Tree of Peace. Cyran was seen projecting their frustrations onto Buwaro after the latter suggested about seeing Kieri and her brother, believing that Angels and Demons could never get along due to their differences. Lakritz scolded them for sulking and they ended up flying away.

Powers and Abilities

Wind Magic: While Cyran is less physically strong and durable compared to Demons of other elemental types, as a Wind Demon they have a powerful command of Magic instead, at least above the average Median and Demon.

  • Lightning Disc: By channeling energy into a space between both hands, they are able to conjure up an electric disc that they can launch forward. It's power seems ineffective against Berserk Demons though as when used on Buwaro it only provided slight knock-back to his head.

Flight: As with all Wind Demons, Cyran is able to fly using their wings. While not possessing wings like Tsavo or Sakido, their body seems light enough where they can lift off with just their arms.

Overall Abilities: Cyran appears mostly inexperienced when it comes to fighting though seems to take their responsibilities very seriously to where they will jump into danger if necessary. Their magic proficiency, while supposedly greater Demons of other types, was not strong enough to handle Berserk Demons, though they maybe better off on non-Demons.

Enhanced Durability: Cyran has shown to be quite durable to a degree. While weaker in physical strength, they were still barely able to survive being breathed on by fire from a Berserk Demon like Buwaro.


Standard Wind Demon

Cyran's original design.

  • Like many Demons, Cyran was featured in artwork outside the comic by Chu before being adapted into the main story. Originally their sole piece of artwork was used to show what the standard Wind Demon looked like, while receiving minor changes to their design in the main comic. As a result of being used for the main website's About Page, Chu never gave them a name or gender. Due to increased interest by fans, including a few pieces of fan-art, they were soon given a placeholder name (Birdeaux) while being considered to have no gender.[2]
    • Also, prior to being given any sort of name, they were given additional artwork as a voting incentive for Top Web Comics along with Crunky, which is normally reserved for named or major recurring characters.[3][4] In addition, they continued to show a non-aggressive (unlike with most antagonists who display snarky or evil-like expressions) by acting nervous with her.
    • At the time where their name was officially revealed in the comic, Chu almost considered making Birdeaux the canonical name, but found it too silly even for her.
  • Their one spell that he displayed is based off an attack from "Sailor Moon", specifically the Sparkling Wide Pressure attack used by Sailor Jupiter.[5]
  • On one of Chu's streams, a group of Angels were brought up regarding what they were like and one of them was constantly seen with Cyran, either closely or in the same panel. From what Chu said they are apparently friends, though the exact specifics have yet to be revealed in comic.



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