Crystals in the world of Slightly Damned refer to magic-infused minerals that, depending on the crystal, provide a variety of uses to whoever wields them.


In Medius, there exist a number of crystals filled with naturally occurring Magic power of particular elements. They are somewhat rare, especially high-grade (high power) ones and are prized both for their general utility and as trinkets. The power and effectiveness of a crystal can depend on the size of it; though regardless it may hold a finite amount of magic power that may run out, though could replenish with time.


  • Standard Fire Crystal
  • Standard Water Crystal
  • Standard Ice Crystal
  • A Ring-Shaped Wind Crystal

There are five known types of elemental crystals, each having a distinct appearance and color to easily determine what they are.:

  • Fire Crystal: Low-grade Fire Crystals are essentially hot coals that never naturally cool. They are valuable for cooking. Fire Demons like Buwaro can hold low-grade fire crystals in their bare hands due to their natural heat resistance but even a low-grade crystal requires a human to use fire tongs to avoid a severe burn. They typically have a orange lick-of-flame shape.
  • Water Crystal: Low-grade Water Crystals leak water when rubbed and can be used for small jobs, like cleaning, or washing one's hands. Large Water Crystals can yield a large quantity of water when activated, which can be used to fill a water tank which can then be used by firefighters to put out fires. They typically have a blue tear-drop shape.
  • Ice Crystal: Ice Crystals are mined from the Jaggolin Mountains north of Fragaria. These are effectively the opposite of a Fire Crystal in that they never become warm, they can be used to keep things cool all year so provide a Median equivalent of refrigeration; they are vital for making ice-cream for the same reason. They are typically shaped like snow-flakes.
  • Earth Crystal: Earth Crystals are very rare, expensive and useful. A high-grade Earth Crystal buried in the ground of a farm will drastically improve the surrounding soil quality which can bring in bountiful harvests for generations.
  • Wind Crystal: Wind Crystals appear to amplify the effects of wind, it isn't known what Medians do with them though. Low-grade Wind Crystals are apparently common enough to be sold as novelty toys. Cliff showed Buwaro a toy made from a cheap one, a green crystal shaped into a large ring on a stick that increased the power of any breeze blowing through it; he demonstrated it by blowing through it which produced a powerful gust of wind on the other side. They appear to also be used to enhance sound, as one person had a megaphone they yelled into, which had two green rings and a green apparatus the voice comes from.


  • Despite sharing the same school of magic, Water and Ice Crystals appear separate from each other. It's possible that there may be other types of crystals to coincide with how some schools of magic have more than one element (i.e. Wind and Lightning).



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