Crunky SD518

Chunky (original name)[1]


Wright Wyvern (Golden)


Female Female



Professional Status

Team Rhea

Water Element Suizahn Family

Personal Status
Pet Owner

Kieri Suizahn

Previous Pet Owner

Unnamed Bar Owners (deceased)


St. Curtis (Coiled Cobra Bar)

First Appearance

Slightly Damned #487 [HQTS]

Crunky is a young, female Golden Wright Wyvern that Buwaro Elexion discovered in St. Curtis. She was originally named Chunky and was the pet to two owners of the Coiled Cobra Bar prior to their deaths to Demons, but has since become Kieri Suizahn's pet.


Crunky is shaped like a ball covered with golden scales and a whitish underbelly. She has small wings on both sides, a stubby tail and a somewhat beak-like lizard snout. Her eyes are purple colored instead of whites and she has a tuft of orange fur on top of her head. She is apparently squishy but with firm scales.[2]


As like most pets seen thus far, Crunky has displayed a variety of emotions that help define her as a character. She is rather attached to Kieri, after being introduced to her by Buwaro as a birthday present of sorts, and tends to mainly follow her out of all the main cast. She is also rather protective of her and will respond by growling and even attacking whoever is troubling her with magic. She will even attack those she knows well, as she attacked Buwaro after he and Rhea turned Kieri in to the Demons, but doesn't persist after awhile, almost if she is aware of certain situations. Crunky also tends to get tense whenever somebody talks awkward about her or when something is not right, such as when Kieri transformed into a Snow Rabbit she glared at her with suspicion, before happily realizing it was still her.

Crunky is hinted to be a big eater, mostly dining on sweets such as cookies, which is likely a reason to her current size. She also didn't mind wanting to eat ice cream that has fallen on the ground and would most likely do so with any food seeing as how she has lived in St. Curtis for so long.

Crunky has a distinctive cry which sounds like "MAH".



While under the name "Chunky", she had lived with the owners of the Coiled Cobra Bar for a certain amount of time, seemingly been cared for well enough as the owners even had a portrait of her hanging in the bar.[3][4] However, once Demons from Hell's Army started coming into the city and took the bar for their base, her owners were slain. For whatever reason, Chunky left her home, possibly to go after the ones who attacked her owners.

The Flower Festival

Pre-Festival Events

Chunky was first seen interrupting Tsavo's thinking-aloud monologue about the Demon's plans by repeatedly calling "MAH" at him. How she came to be there and ended up on her own has not yet been revealed, though he ended up scaring her after yelling at her, causing her to run off.

BuwaroFindsCrunky SD494

Buwaro finding Crunky.

Later in the day, Buwaro found Chunky and brought her to Kieri. Chunky took an immediate liking to Kieri; always staying close and being affectionate with her. Chunky takes part in the following group hug and eats Buwaro's leftover rock candy.

Day 1

The next morning, Chunky demonstrates that she can recognize Kieri by scent when she accidentally transforms into her Snow Rabbit form whilst helping tend store with Cliff. Chunky was initially confused by the change of appearance and intimidated Kieri (who was roughly the same size or smaller) by glaring menacingly until figuring it out.

Later in the day, the group is confronted by a large Khamega who initially believed the Wyvern was part of the merchandise on sale and wanted to purchase Chunky. When Kieri declined, the Khamega revealed that Chunky was a girl (they had not identified her gender earlier) and belligerently insisted she sell her. He then attempted to just steal her but Kieri stopped him with her magic.

After the confrontation, Cliff revealed that Chunky was extraordinarily valuable, especially on the black market, because she is a Golden Wright Wyvern. Golden Wright Wyvern scales are practically indistinguishable from real gold and they also have powerful Wind Magic abilities.

At this point, Buwaro prompts Kieri to name the Wyvern. Kieri initially suggests an unpronounceable Angelic name, but decides to go with something the others can say and asks for suggestions. Rhea was the most enthusiastic but least helpful before Buwaro suggests "Crunky".[5] The reason being that she looked like a Honey Popcorn Ball to him, and that he thought a sign he saw read "crunky" while Sammy corrects him as saying "crunchy", leaving him embarrassed. Regardless, when Kieri called Crunky by that name, she happily accepted it.[6]

Day 2

On the second day of the festival, Crunky hung around with the group; learning about Jake "Jay" Thorndyke and how he got to St. Curtis, as well as having a second encounter with Tsavo. She would witness the events that followed, including when Kieri beat up a male Earth Angel for trying to harm Buwaro.

Raising Hell

Day 2 - Night

She later sat with Buwaro, outside the wagon door, while trying to get Kieri to talk. She witnessed Meeros the Mortori Bird introducing himself to Buwaro in his Human form before transforming into his true form. Afterwards they went inside to chat and eat cookies, to which Crunky was seen eating one too.

Crunky stayed behind in the wagon with Buwaro and Kieri as Rhea and Jake went out to party in the night. Buwaro ended up reading a book since Kieri was not up for anything and Crunky ended up sitting on her. Later after Rhea and Jake returned, Buwaro would put stair-shades on her to which they both happily enjoyed.

Day 3

Crunky remained with Kieri and Buwaro throughout most of the day, most noteworthy that she went with them after Meeros told them to go out and have fun. She would eat the honey ice-cream cone intended for Kieri but otherwise get up on counters during the time Kieri and Buwaro were at the Midway and unknowingly meeting Melli the Fire Bee.

When Kieri and Buwaro found Kazai, Crunky would linger around the two siblings as they reunited. As such, she and everyone around her witnessed the death of Melli and the start of a large fire in the city.

Demon Invasion - The Gathering

Crunky would witness the battle with the siblings facing off against Tsavo and Moonshade, before Sanjulo showed up to assist but barely lasting long enough for the two to leave. After being told to leave by Verammi, Kieri, Kazai and Sanjulo flew off to meet with the other angels while Crunky flew close behind. They stopped so Kieri could heal her brothers injuries and talk in private about Kazai's curse. Wanting answers himself, he then proceeded to ask what exactly crunky was. Kieri told him she was her pet and that her boyfriend had given it to her. At first, Kazai was glad to hear his sister had finally "Come out from behind her shield." as he put it, until she explained that buwaro was a demon. She tried to tell him Buwaro wasn't like other demons but he wouldn't listen, instead reacting angrily when Kieri said she didn't trust Verammi. This made Kieri begin to cry which then caused Crunky to blow Kazai back using her wind magic. Kazai told Kieri to do whatever she wanted and flew back to Sanjulo, as Crunky worried about her owner. As Kieri refused to leave her brother the two rejoined the group.

Oops! All Demons

Demon Invasion - The Gathering: Continued

Crunky accompanied the Angels to the supposed gathering spot where they found an unconscious Denevol, lying on the ground. They are then ambushed by Azurai and the angels engaged. Unfortunately, Sanjulo is killed during the battle and Kazai is captured by Verammi who was working with the Demons the entire time. Just as she was about to capture Kieri, Crunky used her wind magic on her long enough for Kieri to freeze her feet and allow the two to escape. It's only after Kieri transformed into a Snow Rabbit and hiding in the bushes that they succeed in eluding their pursuer.

Later, Crunky followed Kieri back to her friends as she saved them from an attacking demon and told everyone what had happened. As the drama unfold, Kieri would yell at her friends in order to protect them from what she was about to do and Crunky followed her. She would later be seen as Kieri protected Buwaro from Lazuli to the best she can. As soon as other Demons started to show up though, Buwaro pretended to "capture" her so she wouldn't get killed, which would later prompt Crunky to attack him for what he did. He was apprehended by him shortly after as they were taken to where the Gathering was.

Current Arc

Demon Invasion - The Gathering: Part 2

Crunky soon arrived at the Coiled Cobra Bar where Kieri was placed in the same group as all the captured Angels and accompanied her. Later as everyone started talking about various romances and ridiculing those involved in them, a Fire Demon arrived with a bowl from the backroom, with the name "Chunky" on it. She appeared to recognize the bowl as it was slid over for the Angels to drink from. As the night continued, she remained by Kieri's side even as a fight broke out with the Demons and even when Kieri rushed to Buwaro's side after being hurt. She ended up going with her still as the Angels were gathered to be transported to the ritual site.

Over the course of trip, Rhea and Buwaro would end up saving Kieri after the latter transformed into his Berserk State thanks to the Red Potion. Crunky followed after but was forced to give chase once they decided to go back to get Kazai and the other Angels. She used her magic to fly fast but was stressful on her body, and for a moment she saw a severely injured Lazuli as she passed by. She eventually caught up to everyone and bonked into Kazai before he could interact with his sister.

Crunky stayed by Kieri's side as Rhea and Kazai encountered Dakos, before they had to fight Lazuli.


After several days, the fires burning St. Curtis would dissipate, and at some point Crunky and many other survivors took refuge inside the Tree of Peace. She remained with Kieri and Kazai in their apartment room and was last seen sleeping on one of their pillows while Buwaro conversed with Kieri. Eventually she woke up and attacked Buwaro, leading to a misunderstanding with Kazai, forcing Kieri to help Buwaro flee.

Crunky would bite Buwaro on his tail even after he exited the room and had to be flicked off by Lakritz. She continued to stare menacingly from behind the doorway. She would later fall asleep during the night, only waking up once when Kazai had a tantrum for Kieri leaving.

The next morning, Kieri took Crunky with her to rejoin their friends in the upper levels.

Journey to Port Dorade

A few days later, Buwaro and Kieri went to say good bye to their new friends. Crunky would later fly into Kieri's arms, letting them know that it was time to leave.

Powers and Abilities

Wind Magic: As a Wright Wyvern, Crunky is capable of using Wind Magic to a degree; however, Golden Wyverns are supposedly the most powerful with magic. She is seemingly very young so she may demonstrate greater ability later.

  • Wind Gust: By charging magical energy into her wings and flapping forward, she is able to produce a strong gust of wind that is able to push an average-size person backward.
  • Flight: Crunky has displayed the ability to fly, despite having undersized wings and a spherical body. This has been attributed to compensating with Wind Magic. She can travel very fast thanks to this magic, however not without being left tired given her body.

Other Appearances

The Legend of Buwaro: Soprano of Time

Crunkasaurus SoT36

She's just so big.

Crunky makes a brief appearance as Lord Crunkasaurus; taking on the role of Lord Jabu-Jabu by acting as the third dungeon Kieri and Rhea visit. Instead of fish like in the game, she instead prefers letters written in squid ink.

A Monster Hive Christmas Special


Mah means welcome.

Crunky appears as the host of a Christmas Party involving various characters from other comic works like Wamoh, Lunavis, messenger, Grayling and Untitled. She would constantly be seen eating the party food that was there.


  • Crunky was officially named by Buwaro in Slightly Damned #530 [HQTS].
  • Crunky was originally created as the mascot for the Slightly Damned Forums (defunct). She was promoted to semi-canonical in the Slightly Damned expanded body of work with her appearance in Soprano of Time, the Slightly Damned parody of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. From there she was canon-imported into the main story.
  • The idea for Crunky's existence originates as a joke by Chu around a pet peeve with Dragons in fantasy media. Chu finds that a lot of fantasy dragons are "pretentious" and "boring" because they are often super strong, smart and generally flawless.[2]
  • "Crunky" is the name of a candy in Japan which is a type of "crunchy chocolate" that Chu likes. This parallels how Buwaro chose her name.



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