Coiled Cobra Bar
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St. Curtis

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N/A (abandoned)

Slightly Damned #466 [HQTS]

The Coiled Cobra was a bar (and public notary) in St. Curtis. It was owned by an unseen couple who were killed by Azurai and served as the primary spot for The Gathering. Tsavo mentioned that the couple may have been useful if Azurai hadn't killed them though he didn't elaborate on why.



As with many of the buildings in St. Curtis, the bar is made entirely of wood; and while on the outside it doesn't appear to be very large, it is presumably wide enough on the inside that it can manage as like a regular bar. The front doors are in a saloon-style that when dark allow light to emanate from the cracks.

Starting from the roof down to just above the door are signs that spell out the name of the bar. The sign on top having a picture of a drunken cobra, holding a mug with "The Coiled Cobra" underneath it. Above the door is the word "Bar" written into the structure while another sign below it reads "And Public Notary".


The inside reveals the lack of a wooden floor but instead a natural dirt floor, as small patches of grass can be seen growing in different spots, while a grayish-green carpet lies in the middle. It also appears to be divided into two rooms. On the left-side of the building is a long wooden table that seems to lack chairs, while on the wall is a large painting of a desert. On the right-side is a dart board near the corner which appears to have scribbles on it, while below it is an axe that's protruding from the wall with two more scribbles near it. The backside has the bar-table with two wooden stools in front of it and several shelves holding a wide selection of drinks. To the left of them is an open-doorway leading into another part of the building with only a slit sheet covering the way.


The Flower Festival

Pre-Festival Events

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During Rhea, Buwaro and Kieri's stay in St. Curtis for the Flower Festival, it was taken over by Azurai, Tsavo, Iratu, and Moonshade for use as a base of operations whilst they were in the city. There they would keep any Angels they catch, including one they've already captured, Denevol.




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