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Cerberus (Gate Keeper)




Dawn of Medius

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Hell's Gate Guard

Personal Status

Death (technically)



Ring of the Slightly Damned

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Slightly Damned #45 [HQTS] (Shadows)

Slightly Damned #46 [HQTS]

Slightly Damned #417 [HQTS] (Flashback, 3-heads)

Radio Play

pyrocajun (Red)

Samuri_of_Sol (Green)

Cerberus is a titanic three-headed dog-like monster; he was created by the god Death to guard the Gates of Hell. He stands, ever watchful, in the Ring of the Slightly Damned right outside the gates. Cerberus is sentient and intelligent with each of its three heads having different personalities.


Cerberus has a demonic appearance. He is an extremely large dog, at least 28ft (8.5m) tall, with thick black fur. Each head has different color highlights that trails down its neck into the fur but blue appears to the most dominant, being present on the legs and back as well as being the color of the spikes. Cerberus wears black leather bracelets around his forepaws with spikes on them. The three heads have long necks like a giraffe. His paws have large purple claws.

The rightmost head is red-orange colored with longer ears that fold in half, he has long, thin, straight horns with spiralling grooves. His eyes are red and he also has large red fangs. The orange-red fur on top of his head gives a vague appearance of flame.

The middle head is (was) blue with long smoothly arcing blue horns and rabbit ears. His eyes are blue and he has a small under-bite with blue fangs. The fur trail down his neck transitions from pure blue to purple at the highlights.

The leftmost head is green with a bulldog-like appearance, particularly the drooping cheeks. He has smooth green colored horns like the blue head but they are slightly smaller, he also has a much larger under-bite with large green fangs on his bottom jaw.


At the beginning of Slightly Damned, the blue head is missing leaving only a roughly stitched, massive scar.


Each of Cerberus' heads have their own personality. Each seems to emphasize a different trait relative to the others.


Red is apparently somewhat analytical and rational. He will readily engage in conversation over fighting and displays basic insight into other's motivations. He can become irritated with Green and has head-butted him to shut him up.


Green is the most aggressive and animalistic head, seemingly with the lowest intellect. He prefers to answer all new arrivals by growling and trying to start a fight. He does not speak much, having only said things like "Invaders! Kill! Destroy!".


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Cerberus was created by Death after he, Gaia and Syndel had finished creating Medius. Cerberus' role is apparently to keep condemned souls inside, and to keep anyone else from entering.[1]

15 Years Ago

Cerberus carried out his role for a long period of time before encountering Darius Elexion. Darius distracted Cerberus so his adopted children could enter safely into Hell which proved successful.[2]

Cerberus RedGreenBlue Decapitation SD426


Unfortunately for both of them, Death was nearby and intervened. He did not appreciate Darius' interference and punished Cerberus for his failure by decapitating the blue head. Darius was then forced to assume Death's role as the Grim Reaper, wearing the (still sentient) skull of the blue head as a helmet that would give him Death's voice, appearance and a limited amount of special powers.[3]

To Hell and Back

Rhea and Buwaro's Trip to Hell

Cerberus' first appearance within the story is when Rhea Snaketail and Buwaro Elexion are sent into Hell by Sakido Elexion to retrieve an unidentified piece of paper (Ascension pass) from Iratu Elexion, as punishment for Buwaro destroying her Bonsai tree when visiting her.[4] The pair encounter Cerberus concealed in the shadows outside the Gates of Hell, either napping or just hidden, and draw his attention with the noise of their squabbling.[5]

Cerberus makes a dramatic entrance, breaking up their fight, with Red making an aggressive demand for them to identify themselves and why they are there. After getting a closer look, he breaks off looking more curious then angry about why "a little purple demon and a Jakkai" disturbed him. Although, Green takes this moment to loudly shout about "killing invaders" which gives Red a headache and prompts him to headbutt Green to shut him up.[6] The pair then assumed an aggressive posture and demanded an explanation.

After Rhea explained about needing to see Iratu, Cerberus is confused and surprised that anyone would want to go near Iratu the day after he got drunk. This acts as foreshadowing that it isn't a good idea, although neither Rhea and Buwaro seem to catch on to the implication. He decides that it must be very important as "No-one is stupid enough to bother Iratu the day after he gets drunk!" and let's them inside with a warning that no-one is allowed out after nightfall so they'd better be back by then. Red then notes to Green that they probably won't be making it back.[6]

Later, after having awoken Iratu into a blindly injure him.[7] Red and Green were discussing Rhea and Buwaro just before this happened and were seemingly somewhat concerned about them.

"Death" Confronts Cerberus

Later, Darius (as Death) confronts Cerberus and demands an explanation of the beam of light that shot into the sky from inside Hell, threatening to go into Hell and find out himself if necessary. Cerberus refuses to comply; Red sees through the empty threat easily and turns it around on Darius, warning that he knows where "she" (likely Sakido) is and can punish Darius' non-compliance with Death's instructions by proxy.[8] Red's attitude implies that he may be holding a grudge.

Sakido's Final Flight

Cerberus is last seen lying unconscious outside the unlocked gates. Sakido had successfully beaten him but it was a difficult fight that had left her significantly injured and weakened. Sakido notes that her victory was very temporary as Cerberus would recover quickly.[9]

Powers and Abilities

Overall Abilities: It isn't known if Cerberus has any Magical abilities or not. He is obviously physically strong and durable however. Cerberus towers above even the tallest Earth Demon and could probably just crush most opponents with his sheer weight.

Immense Durability: Given his natural size and his status as a demi-god, Cerberus has shown to be capable of enduring attacks or other sorts of painful infliction that would otherwise kill a normal being. Just "Red" alone was able to take having its neck slammed into by the door of Hell's Gate when Iratu rammed into it. The extent of his durability goes as far as being temporarily knocked unconscious by a veteran Demon like Sakido, though "Blue" was easily decapitated by one swipe of a hand by Death.

Immortality: Cerberus has existed as a demi-god since Medius was created. He is inherently ageless and it is likely that he is also almost indestructible as far as the typical mortal, Angel or Demon is concerned. Death, as a God and his creator, is able to decapitate him easily but that's the only exception to the norm. He can be injured to the point of incapacitation, such as when he was beaten unconscious by Sakido, but she noted that he would wake up and recover quickly; this may imply some sort of rapid regeneration power.




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