Buwaro Elexion Portrait
Buwaro Elexion

boo-WAH-row eh-LEX-ee-on


Demon (Fire)


Male Male




16 (First appearance: 15)


5'6" (~167cm)

Professional Status

MokuSymbol Team Rhea (Rhea, Kieri)

Sinclair Family

HelperBadge Icon Helper's Guild


Previous Occupation

Demon Supervisor

Personal Status



Darius Elexion (adoptive father)

Sakido Elexion (adoptive sister) (deceased)

Iratu Elexion (adoptive brother)

Birth Parents (deceased)


Kieri Suizahn (girlfriend)

Previous Pet

Thadius (deceased)


Hell (Ring of the Slightly Damned)

Weapons and Effects
Angel Emblems

SunEmblem Icon StarEmblem Icon


Lingo (+ Sign), Angelic (Song only)

First Appearance

Slightly Damned #5 [HQTS]

Radio Play


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Buwaro Elexion is an unusually kind Fire Demon who lived in the Ring of the Slightly Damned. He does not appear to be especially unintelligent, but he is very naïve. Buwaro spent most of his early life alone with a pet rock named Thadius. Except for the occasional visit from "Death" and, later, his older sister Sakido Elexion, he was mostly forced to find ways to amuse himself in the middle of a barren wasteland. When Rhea Snaketail died, "Death" appointed him as her "Demon supervisor" during her stay.

Sakido eventually put her escape plan into action, helping Buwaro and Rhea escape from Hell to Medius but she died in the process. Buwaro was saddened by this but went on without her, encountering the Angel Kieri Suizahn and saved her from some other Demons. Due to his nature, Buwaro desired to help Kieri in her search for her brother, Kazai Suizahn. Buwaro and Kieri grew close over the months travelling together and have become a couple.


Buwaro, unlike most other Demons, looks frail and weak with a more humanoid appearance and less animalistic traits. He has white hair with two curved yellow horns protruding from his head, red eyes, small fangs, and large protruding ears, kind of like a Jakkai; his right ear has a bite mark where some of it was torn off, his left ear has 2 small gold loop earings in it. He also has a thin tail ending with a triangular pointed tuft. His hands and feet end with claws instead of fingers and toes. He only has four toes with a fifth claw protruding from his heel which would be useful for extra traction on infirm ground. His fur is mostly purple with white streaks throughout. On his back, he later gains black bat-like wings when he puts on Sakido's Sun Emblem but his wings are too small for flight; however, they may help him slow his falls.

His preferred clothing is a black trench coat he received from his sister, which no longer has a hole cut out for his tail, and red trousers with his Star Emblem visible on his chest. He used to wear a white shirt under the trench coat before it was burned by a lightning attack, he hasn't replaced it so just wears the trench coat over his bare chest. He keeps his Sun Emblem hidden inside the trench coat as he is copying how Sakido wore it concealed.

BuwaroMonk SD963

Prior to leaving St. Curtis, Buwaro picked up a set of monk clothing from the temple they were staying in. They consist of a gray robe, with some sizable tears on the bottom and a rope belt around his waist, and a brown hood with a single yellow button to allow him to put it on with ease; and without his horns being seen as nothing but animal ears.


Buwaro is very unusual for a Demon, and a Fire Demon in particular. "Death" has described him as a "failure" of "normal Demon behavior", noting that "he would never intentionally kill anyone". Fire Demons are particularly noted for their sadistic tendencies, making some of the best torturers but Buwaro does not remotely display any such inclinations. He is generally kind and passive but is usually more assertive than Kieri, this is somewhat ironic since Kieri is a trained Warrior Angel who takes the lead when a fight starts. He rarely resorts to violence unless participating in a battle initiated by someone else.

Buwaro grew up mostly alone in the Ring of the Slightly Damned; a ring so barren and devoid of life that it’s not usually counted as a part of “real” Hell. His only constant companion was his imaginary friend embodied in his pet rock Thadius until Rhea arrived. "Death" would stop by and speak with him every few days but he was otherwise alone until Sakido left Hell. Sakido had a serious and melancholy personality which was rubbed the wrong way by Buwaro's child-like bubbly happiness causing her to only visit occasionally as well. His lack of constant company has made him somewhat "clingy"; he likes having friends, being very protective of them, and becomes very upset about the possibility of losing them. Buwaro's desire for company has made him very open and accepting of others, he will try to befriend anyone he meets.

Buwaro has never trained or studied for anything before he met Rhea, there was little point when he was by himself with no goals or desires of his own. This has left him rather naive and prone to bouts of foolishness. The introduction of goals in his life since he left Hell has motivated him to start working at improving himself but he still retains his happy-go-lucky outlook.

Buwaro looks up to Rhea like a big sister; though prior to it, when he first met her he tried to assume authority over her as part of his duties as a Demon Supervisor but would easily fail. His childish and naive behavior annoyed Rhea due to her not knowing anything about his life. Over time she grew tolerant of him though even now will still scold him for any mess-ups he may have and occasionally call him names. This is especially noted after the death of Sakido, as because of all the time spent knowing of their past made her sympathetic to the two to feel sadness for his loss. As such she tries her best to help him while he tries his best to take after her, who he sees as being cool and smart.

Buwaro and Kieri have grown closer over their time traveling together to the point where they have become a couple. The key personality traits that make them match well seem to be Kieri's shyness and Buwaro's openly accepting nature. Kieri has often been treated poorly by others so withdrew into herself protectively but finds it relatively easy to trust Buwaro with her more vulnerable side. As part of their romance, they are almost always seen together, often holding hands and occasionally kissing. Most of the time, be it in comic or outside it, the two would find themselves cuddling together in a loving manner. With the amount of time spent together, Kieri has warmed up to even cuddling with him even in her cursed form, which Buwaro has fawned over ever since meeting her in that form; he is also the only one who can call her by the nickname "Snowy" that he and Rhea gave her. Their bond had grown so strong that when Kieri forcefully told him not to pursue her when Demons were attacking St. Curtis and even shouted insults at him as a way to protect him, he took it seriously which left him heartbroken and confused.

Since arriving to Medius and growing past some of his usual nativity, he's become more aware of how people (Angels especially) react toward Demons, but has tried not to let that get in the way of his relationship with his friends. However, during his time with Kieri he started to show some resentment to the fact he was a Demon and that the condition he had since birth scared her. Lately, despite his best efforts to remain optimistic there was no avoiding confrontations with Angels who would want to harm him. He has shown much guilt for his kind causing death and destruction during the invasion of St. Curtis and has since started to form doubt over everything happening around him; especially once he learns that Iratu doesn't see him as the brother he thought he was and being blamed for the deaths of his father and Sakido. While he still loves Sakido, because of what he learned about her regarding their family history, he has started showing animosity toward Iratu because of how he treated him; even saying that Kazai was better as a brother to someone.

While Buwaro believes himself to be useless, he is unaware that his biggest strength is his kind and thoughtful personality. The more he learns about the world around him, the more he is able to relay to others about how things can be better for them in an attempt to raise their spirits. Through conversations with Kieri, he was able to make her feel better about herself regarding Demons and the relationship between her and Buwaro. On top of becoming knowledgeable through observation, he has become someone capable of providing moral support.

Rarely does Buwaro ever show some sort of aggressive behavior that's similar to any Demon, and usually whenever something bad were to happen or at least involve Kieri. The first time was when Denevol attacked her which forced him to breathe fire while his eyes glowed. In another time, when Lazuli dumped booze on Kieri, he went to her defense and showed the same gesture as before but while also snarling.

Powers and Abilities

Fire Magic: Fire Demons have a natural affinity for Fire Magic but Buwaro has never studied or trained his abilities. Originally he could only use one spell which was his Fire Breath, however he's currently trying to learn how to use Magic better; learning how to conjure Fireballs with little progress.

  • Fire Breath: Being a Fire Demon, Buwaro has an innate Fire Magic ability to breathe flame from his mouth. He isn't particularly good at this as he had little reason to bother practicing; however, it is effective when he tries such as during the battle with Lazuli on the frozen lake.
  • Fireball: While traveling to St. Curtis, Buwaro attempted to learn Fire magic from Cliff and succeeded in conjuring a fireball with difficulty. In his impatience and frustration, he accidentally threw it into the air where it landed on Cliff's wagon, setting the roof alight until Kieri extinguished it. He was later able to conjure up a fireball while in St. Curtis without having to flail around but it was very small, showing that his skill is still lacking.

Buwaro in his Berserk State

Berserk State: Prior to hatching, his egg was damaged, thus when he hatched he was in a constant instinctive state of rage. This injury persists with Buwaro so he must wear his Star Emblem at all times to avoid reverting. When in this form he triples in size, his fangs and horns lengthen, the tip of his tail bursts into flame, and he assumes a bestial posture. As with all Demons in this form, once in this state he will continue to attack anyone within sight until there is no one left before he begins to mutilate himself.

  • Power Augmentation: While in this state, his strength, durability and overall fighting capabilities are increased to a certain degree. This is of course dependent on how powerful he already was prior to changing as even after having changed he can be defeated by a more experienced Demon, like Sakido in his case.
    • Improved Magic Ability/Power: Buwaro gains a much greater command of Magic once he transforms.
      • Fire Spin: Buwaro leaps into the air doing a forward spin. The flame on his tail becomes more intense, turning him into a flaming pin-wheel.
      • Fire Breath: His flame breath is drastically increased in power, travelling much further, wider, and seemingly being hotter.
    • Immense Durability: Buwaro was able to withstand multiple lightning attacks from Sakido, a veteran Wind Demon, before she could force his Star Emblem back on.
    • Enhanced Strength: The increase in size also drastically boosts his physical strength. He was able to tear Rhea to pieces in seconds.
BuwaroBerserk SD792

Buwaro's newer form.

  • Red Potion-Induced Transformation: After consuming only a vial of the Red Potion from the Rainbow Reverie it can trigger his Berserk State without having to remove his Star Emblem. Wearing it seems to keep his sanity in check though not without some semblance of this form's natural vicious nature. Once the effects of the potion run its course, it reverts him back to normal, though leaving him drained of enough energy to leave him unconscious. Noticeably, while his eyes glow per usual, irises can be seen.
    • Self-Control: Because he still possesses his Star Emblem while transformed this way, he no longer attacks wildly and has control over most of his actions, though he needs someone like Rhea to keep him focused since his attacks can unintentionally harm others. He was able to single out a wagon that had Kieri in it and pursue it as a result of it. In addition, he seems capable of speech as he was able to call out Kieri's nickname, though not without a little bit of trouble, but it appears to be the only word he can say.

Night-Vision: As a Demon, Buwaro can see extremely well in the dark. If the area is very dark or he needs extra clarity, his eyes can glow which provides basic light. Since Buwaro has red eyes, his eyes glow red when he does this which can make him oddly intimidating if you weren't expecting it.

Inner Warmth: As with all Fire Demons, Buwaro seem to generate significant amounts of heat internally which makes him more resistant to cold; as noticed by Kieri, who said that Buwaro was warm, fuzzy and just nice to hug.[1]

Multilingual: Buwaro is capable of speaking in a few different languages (including Lingo), two of which he had to learn from others.

  • Angelic Language: Through his lessons with Kieri, Buwaro has recently shown the ability to sing an Angelic melody alone and in unison. Although he doesn't know how to speak it he only knows the songs that she taught him.
  • Sign Lingo: Since learning about it from Lakritz, Buwaro has spent some time with the Tamis family in learning how to perform Sign Lingo himself and was able to learn some of the basic hand movements. He also received a book before leaving St. Curtis that would help with his education on the matter.

Talented Singer: Buwaro apparently has an impressively good singing voice. Since discovering this, Kieri has been tutoring him in how to sing various Angelic songs.

Overall Abilities: Buwaro is considerably weak as far as Demons go, is also very poor in the ways of intellect and has had poor socialization skills. He has since improve thanks to Rhea and Kieri, who helped in teaching him Lingo, allowing him to read and write; he has even managed to read an entire story book by himself. They also encouraged him to be more physically fit and have improve some of his magical abilities. So far he has gotten a better hang of breathing fire but his actual combat skills are still very lacking, if anything he seems to have the best use of his abilities when pushed closely to his demonic tendencies. He appears best suited as moral support for Kieri given his personality.

Heat Resistance: Fire Demons are naturally resistant to intense heat which is especially important when breathing fire. Buwaro has held magical fire crystals in his hand without protection, and apparently without realizing or caring that it was so hot that Cliff had to use fire tongs to handle it.

  • Immunity to Spicy Food: Buwaro has demonstrated a seeming immunity to spicy foods like Fire Bee honey.

Enhanced Durability: Fire Demons have a good balance between physical and magical ability, they are less strong or durable than Earth Demons but are still difficult to injure. Buwaro has often injured himself, such as by playing catch with Thadius, but easily shakes it off once the immediate pain subsides. In particular, he has survived falling off several cliffs without significant internal injuries.

Enhanced Vision: Besides his natural ability to see into the dark, Buwaro's eyes don't seem to dry out for extensive periods of time without having to blink. As a result he is able to stare with his eyes open for long periods of time, even able to sleep with his eyes open.[2]


Star Emblem: Given to him by Darius when he was only a baby, the pendant suppresses his uncontrollable base instincts from his injury as an egg thereby preventing him from going berserk.

  • Magic Power Boost: The pendant normally increases an Angel's magic power. Buwaro is a complete novice in magic so it's unclear if the pendant helps with this or not.
  • Enhanced Concentration: Normally the Star Emblem promotes greater concentration, which is helpful with magic. Since Buwaro is unskilled in Magic, this only serves to keep his mind clear.

Sun Emblem: He inherited this from Sakido after she died. When he put the pendant on, he grew small wings but they don't enable him to fly like an Angel though they may help slow falls.

Thadius: Buwaro's pet rock. She was his best friend before Buwaro met Rhea and Kieri. He still carries Thadius around with him but she seems to be more of a keepsake from his home in the Ring of the Slightly Damned than a surrogate friend now. (destroyed)

Black Trench Coat: Originally owned by Sakido, Buwaro received this after she started visiting him. The coat is shown to be highly resilient and hard to damage. Even when his white shirt had been destroyed during a conflict with Denevol, his coat remained mostly intact.

Pimp Suit Disguise: A disguise Buwaro wore until he, Rhea and Kieri arrived in Riverside City. Rhea bought it unintentionally from a Jake in Farun who was playing a joke on her. It has either been left behind or is being stored as luggage. (missing)




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