Buwaro Elexion Portrait
Buwaro Elexion

boo-WAH-row eh-LEX-ee-on


Demon (Fire)


Male Male


16 (First appearance: 15)


5'6" (~167cm)

Professional Status

Team Rhea (Rhea, Kieri)

Sinclair Family

HelperBadge Icon Helper's Guild


Previous Occupation

Demon Supervisor

Base of Operations

Sinclair Wagon

Personal Status



Darius Elexion (adoptive father)

Sakido Elexion (adoptive sister) (deceased)

Iratu Elexion (adoptive brother)

Birth Parents (deceased)


Kieri Suizahn (girlfriend)

Previous Pet

Thadius (deceased)


Hell (Ring of the Slightly Damned)

Weapons and Effects
Angel Emblems

SunEmblem Icon StarEmblem Icon


Lingo, Angelic (Song only)

First Appearance

Slightly Damned #5 [HQTS]

Radio Play


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Buwaro Elexion is an unusually kind Fire Demon who lived in the Ring of the Slightly Damned. He does not appear to be especially unintelligent, but he is very naïve. Buwaro spent most of his early life alone with a pet rock named Thadius. Except for the occasional visit from "Death" and, later, his older sister Sakido Elexion, he was mostly forced to find ways to amuse himself in the middle of a barren wasteland. When Rhea Snaketail died, "Death" appointed him as her "Demon supervisor" during her stay.

Sakido eventually put her escape plan into action, helping Buwaro and Rhea escape from Hell to Medius but she died in the process. Buwaro was saddened by this but went on without her, encountering the Angel Kieri Suizahn and saved her from some other Demons. Due to his nature, Buwaro desired to help Kieri in her search for her brother, Kazai Suizahn. Buwaro and Kieri grew close over the months travelling together and have become a couple.


Buwaro, unlike most other Demons, looks frail and weak with a more humanoid appearance and less animalistic traits. He has white hair with two curved yellow horns protruding from his head, red eyes, small fangs, and large protruding ears, kind of like a Jakkai; his right ear has a bite mark where some of it was torn off, his left ear has 2 small gold loop earings in it. He also has a thin tail ending with a triangular pointed tuft. His hands and feet end with claws instead of fingers and toes. He only has four toes with a fifth claw protruding from his heel which would be useful for extra traction on infirm ground. His fur is mostly purple with white streaks throughout. On his back, he later gains black bat-like wings when he puts on Sakido's Sun Emblem but his wings are too small for flight; however, they may help him slow his falls.

His preferred clothing is a black trench coat he received from his sister, which no longer has a hole cut out for his tail, and red trousers with his Star Emblem visible on his chest. He used to wear a white shirt under the trench coat before it was burned by a lightning attack, he hasn't replaced it so just wears the trench coat over his bare chest. He keeps his Sun Emblem hidden inside the trench coat as he is copying how Sakido wore it concealed.


Buwaro is very unusual for a Demon, and a Fire Demon in particular. "Death" has described him as a "failure" of "normal Demon behavior", noting that "he would never intentionally kill anyone". Fire Demons are particularly noted for their sadistic tendencies, making some of the best torturers but Buwaro does not remotely display any such inclinations. He is generally kind and passive but is usually more assertive than Kieri, this is somewhat ironic since Kieri is a trained Warrior Angel who takes the lead when a fight starts. He rarely resorts to violence unless participating in a battle initiated by someone else.

Buwaro grew up mostly alone in the Ring of the Slightly Damned; a ring so barren and devoid of life that it’s not usually counted as a part of “real” Hell. His only constant companion was his imaginary friend embodied in his pet rock Thadius until Rhea arrived. "Death" would stop by and speak with him every few days but he was otherwise alone until Sakido left Hell. Sakido had a serious and melancholy personality which was rubbed the wrong way by Buwaro's child-like bubbly happiness causing her to only visit occasionally as well. His lack of constant company has made him somewhat "clingy"; he likes having friends, being very protective of them, and becomes very upset about the possibility of losing them. Buwaro's desire for company has made him very open and accepting of others, he will try to befriend anyone he meets.

Buwaro has never trained or studied for anything before he met Rhea, there was little point when he was by himself with no goals or desires of his own. This has left him rather naive and prone to bouts of foolishness. The introduction of goals in his life since he left Hell has motivated him to start working at improving himself but he still retains his happy-go-lucky outlook.

Buwaro looks up to Rhea like a big sister; though prior to it, when he first met her he tried to assume authority over her as part of his duties as a Demon Supervisor but would easily fail. His childish and naive behavior annoyed Rhea due to her not knowing anything about his life. Over time she grew tolerant of him though even now will still scold him for any mess-ups he may have and occasionally call him names. This is especially noted after the death of Sakido, as because of all the time spent knowing of their past made her sympathetic to the two to feel sadness for his loss. As such she tries her best to help him while he tries his best to take after her, who he sees as being cool and smart.

Buwaro and Kieri have grown closer over their time traveling together to the point where they have become a couple. The key personality traits that make them match well seem to be Kieri's shyness and Buwaro's openly accepting nature. Kieri has often been treated poorly by others so withdrew into herself protectively but finds it relatively easy to trust Buwaro with her more vulnerable side. As part of their romance, they are almost always seen together, often holding hands and occasionally kissing. Most of the time, be it in comic or outside it, the two would find themselves cuddling together in a loving manner. With the amount of time spent together, Kieri has warmed up to even cuddling with him even in her cursed form, which Buwaro has fawned over ever since meeting her in that form; he is also the only one who can call her by the nickname "Snowy" that he and Rhea gave her. Their bond had grown so strong that when Kieri forcefully told him not to pursue her when Demons were attacking St. Curtis and even shouted insults at him as a way to protect him, he took it seriously which left him heartbroken and confused.

Since arriving to Medius and growing past some of his usual nativity, he's become more aware of how people (Angels especially) react toward Demons, but has tried not to let that get in the way of his relationship with his friends. However, during his time with Kieri he started to show some resentment to the fact he was a Demon and that the condition he had since birth scared her. Lately, despite his best efforts to remain optimistic there was no avoiding confrontations with Angels who would want to harm him. He has shown much guilt for his kind causing death and destruction during the invasion of St. Curtis and has since started to form doubt over everything happening around him; especially once he learns that Iratu doesn't see him as the brother he thought he was and being blamed for the deaths of his father and Sakido. While he still loves Sakido, because of what he learned about her regarding their family history, he has started showing animosity toward Iratu because of how he treated him; even saying that Kazai was better as a brother to someone.

While Buwaro believes himself to be useless, he is unaware that his biggest strength is his kind and thoughtful personality. The more he learns about the world around him, the more he is able to relay to others about how things can be better for them in an attempt to raise their spirits. Through conversations with Kieri, he was able to make her feel better about herself regarding Demons and the relationship between her and Buwaro. On top of becoming knowledgeable through observation, he has become someone capable of providing moral support.

Rarely does Buwaro ever show some sort of aggressive behavior that's similar to any Demon, and usually whenever something bad were to happen or at least involve Kieri. The first time was when Denevol attacked her which forced him to breathe fire while his eyes glowed. In another time, when Lazuli dumped booze on Kieri, he went to her defense and showed the same gesture as before but while also snarling.



15 Years Ago

BuwaroEgg SD295

Buwaro, prior to hatching.

Buwaro was born in the Ring of the Slightly Damned from an egg sac, protected by his parents who were both Fire Demons. Sometime before he hatched, they were attacked by unknown assailants and his egg was damaged. His mother was killed but his father survived, barely, and reluctantly passed Buwaro's care to Darius Elexion who stumbled upon him before he died from his injuries.

Unfortunately, the damage to Buwaro's egg seemed to have triggered a primal instinctive defense in Buwaro. When he was born, he immediately entered into the Demon Berserker rage which deprived him of his sanity and turned him into a deadly monster that was only driven by a desire to kill. Darius was forced to subdue him with a Holy Sleep spell which restored Buwaro to 'normal' but only whilst he was unconscious.

Buwaro remained asleep for some time, possibly a year or more, but was envied by Sakido and Iratu because of the attention Darius gave the infant. Darius became more concerned over time that being alive but asleep was really only a little better than being dead so he needed to try and wake Buwaro. Initially Darius had hoped that the Berserker state would have passed on its own and attempted to remove the Sleep enchantment. He was mistaken though, Buwaro immediately re-entered his Berserker state but had grown bigger and more powerful whilst sleeping so this time he managed to injure Darius, scratching his face and blinding him in the right eye. Iratu and Sakido reacted angrily to this and Darius was forced to put them all to sleep with his spell to prevent a fight.

BabyBuwaroAwake SD308

Baby Buwaro awake and non-threatening.

Darius woke up Sakido and Iratu but kept Buwaro asleep again. After some time, he began giving away his Angel Emblems to his adopted children. Darius was an artisan who had made Emblems in Heaven so knew how to unravel the Holy Protection Enchantment. After his initial success with Sakido, he theorized that the Star Emblem, which boosts concentration as well as magic, might be able to clear Buwaro's mind from his base instincts. He was right, the pendant worked and Buwaro woke up normally as a pure and innocent baby, harmless and playful, not a trace of the monster he had appeared as when he hatched remained.

YoungSakidoSnaps SD422

Being abandoned by Sakido.

As the Great War wore on and the young Demons got older, the Ring started to be scoured by Demons from Hell; one of them eventually finding the four. Darius was weakened by the loss of his Emblems and was unable to protect his children. After Sakido and Iratu intervened and killed the attacker, Darius apparently decided they were strong enough to survive on their own so would be safer if they went into Hell rather than stay with him. He gave Buwaro to Sakido and distracted Cerberus so they could get into Hell safely but Sakido was upset at being abandoned by Darius and irrationally blamed Buwaro for it. Iratu and Sakido abandoned Buwaro and went into Hell without him.

Ironically, being abandoned is likely what shaped Buwaro into the person he became which would not have been the case had he made it into Hell. He was lonely but not completely alone as Darius would visit him under his disguise as Death whenever he had time. Sakido felt guilty about what she did and for ignoring Darius' last request of her so she eventually left Hell and returned to the Ring to look after him belatedly, giving him her coat as a token of friendship. Sakido's melancholy nature caused her to become frustrated with Buwaro so she only visited him occasionally whilst watching from a vantage on the pinnacles.

To Hell and Back

Meeting Rhea

RheaBuwaroFirstMeeting SD7

Their first fight together.

When Rhea died, she was listed as "undetermined" in the Great Book of Records so "Death" was forced to assess her manually, ultimately deciding to assign her the Ring of the Slightly Damned. Whether strictly necessary or not, "Death" assigned Rhea to Buwaro's "care". He may have done this intentionally to give Buwaro company since Seymour Sinclair didn't seem to have a supervisor.

Rhea was not intimidated by Buwaro's unthreatening appearance and demeanor. Initially Buwaro attempted to live up to the title "Demon supervisor" but was not particularly good at it. After stomping Rhea's tail, she attacked him and the two had a brief fight until "Death" decided to leave them to it and sailed away. After this, Buwaro dropped the pretense and offered Rhea a tour instead. Initially Rhea's reaction to Buwaro's company was similar to Sakido's, becoming mildly annoyed by his naivety and levity. His tour also included showing her his most prized possessions, including a white feather and an old book that no one can read.

During these events, Buwaro was visited by Iratu (who was drunk) before going with Rhea to deliver a letter to Sakido. Buwaro fell off the side of the cliffs around the pinnacles where Sakido lived twice, by foolishly letting go. Neither he or Rhea were seriously injured by this. When they reached Sakido, he angered her by ignorantly eating her Bonsai tree, believing it to be "broccoli", prompting her to knock both of them off the edge then rescuing them before they hit the ground.

Sakido then demanded Rhea and Buwaro make reparations for destroying her Bonsai. She assigned them to travel into Hell and steal (without explicitly saying that) Iratu's Ascension Pass that he showed her the day before. Rhea becomes frustrated with Buwaro for this and the two of them fight again. They bounced down the hillside whilst struggling and ended up at the Gates of Hell where they convinced Cerberus to let them in. Buwaro was scared of Cerberus and let Rhea do the talking.

In Hell, they saw quite a few unpleasant things that seemed to make Rhea appreciate how well off she actually was compared to the people inside Hell. Buwaro was quite scared of what they saw and had more difficultly retaining his composure. They encountered Azurai who was in a bad mood and ranted at them until Buwaro accidentally broke his record player with Thadius; Rhea partially recovered this by threatening to have Buwaro be his "best friend forever". This threat was sufficient to cause Azurai to give them random directions to get rid of them.

AngryIratu SD55

Iratu looks angry...

Buwaro and Rhea eventually found Iratu anyway but Buwaro unwisely woke him up whilst Rhea was still digging through his belongings. Iratu had a Demonic hangover so woke up blind with anger and chased them both all the way out of Hell, slamming the Gate on Cerberus just as night fell. Rhea was only able to swipe a drawing Iratu had made of Darius and himself when he was younger but seeing this affected Sakido who decided she was satisfied with it.

At this point, Rhea acknowledged that she considered Buwaro to be her friend. They spend a few days in relative peace until Rhea became bored enough to agree to play catch with Buwaro. This resulted in Buwaro slamming her in the face with Thadius by accident so she wandered off and started going through his things instead. Buwaro came to apologize but Rhea decided it would be more fun to play "keep away" with his Angel feather instead. Buwaro was not very good at this sort of thing and was unable to get his feather back off her. In an attempt to provoke him further, Rhea stole Buwaro's Star Emblem without knowing that it was important and not just decorative. Buwaro immediately reverted to his Berserk form and proceeded to kill Rhea easily in seconds.

SakidoVsBuwaro SD76

Sakido electrocuting Buwaro in his Berserk State.

Sakido heard Buwaro's roaring after he had transformed and flew out to check what it was. Once they saw each other, a short but intense battle followed where Sakido was scratched and burned whilst Buwaro was zapped multiple times with Lightning Spells. Sakido remembered that Buwaro used to go Berserk easily but had forgotten about Buwaro's pendant until she noticed he wasn't wearing it any more. She was able to escape, recovered the pendant from Rhea's body and force it back on him to restore him to normal.

After Buwaro recovers, he is overwhelmed with grief and runs off on his own. Rhea regenerated the next day like all dead souls and Sakido explained to her about the pendent before flying her back to Buwaro. Rhea recovered the feather she had been teasing Buwaro with as an apology gift but Sakido left with the book so she had to hunt him on foot instead.

When Rhea finds Buwaro, he is curled up in sadness by himself; Rhea tries to make one of her embarrassment causing jokes as an ice breaker but only succeeds in causing Buwaro to burst into tears and run off again. Death returns at this point and assigns Rhea to Sakido's care instead.

After some time apart, Rhea decided to try and make up with Buwaro again and convinced Sakido to try and be closer to Buwaro as well. Initially he reacts similarly to last time and tries to scare Rhea away from him, likely out of fear of hurting her again, by throwing a small rock at her. Unfortunately, this hits Rhea in her open chest wound under jacket causing Buwaro to faint from the emotional strain of having injured her again.

SakidoReadingPoetry SD88


When Buwaro came around, he latched on to the fact that Rhea would not tell him how she died as a sign that she didn't trust him. Rhea overcame her shame to make peace with him and recounted the story, Rhea exposing her own fears helped Buwaro bond with her again. Rhea then tricked Buwaro into hugging Sakido instead but Sakido actually appreciated the gesture. Rhea then takes the opportunity to encourage her to visit regularly since Buwaro would appreciate it and Rhea would have someone else to talk with which Sakido accepts. She would keep to her word and she would visit from time to time, often to read poems she's received from her pen-pal.

Escape to Medius

During the few months after Rhea had made up with Buwaro, Sakido began making preparations for gaining entrance to Hell past Cerberus and learning when Ascensions would occur. At one point, Sakido came to tell Rhea about what she intends to do. While they talked, Buwaro started having an imaginary conversation with Thadius about having something that's larger than what Rhea has which apparently upsets her.

Sakido would later return, battered from her battle wtih Cerberus, scooping up Rhea and Buwaro and flying them into Hell just as another Ascension was about to occur. Initially this went well until they were intercepted by another Wind Demon. Sakido had hoped to get everyone out of Hell, including herself but was forced to give up on that dream, choosing to go berserk instead so that maybe Rhea and Buwaro could at least get to the portal. After tearing through several other Demons, she turned her attention to Buwaro; without her sanity, she didn't recognize him and lunged at him but brushed against Buwaro's Star Emblem which temporarily reawakened a small part of her mind. She scooped up Rhea and Buwaro, flying them toward the light again but was shot by an unknown assailant just before reaching it.


The end of an older-sister.

Rhea and Buwaro made it through the portal to Medius, Rhea coming back to life in the process. Buwaro was extremely upset at Sakido's death, Rhea tried to comfort him before burying Sakido in her old grave. Rhea gave Buwaro Sakido's Sun Emblem as per her request before they set off for Rhea's old house in her Jakkai village.

Snow Angels

Meeting Kieri

Buwaro remained melancholy as they walked, Rhea offered to rest for a moment where he simply slid down into the roots of a tree. It was at this point that the pair discovered a snow bunny after Buwaro sat on her. Buwaro initially thinks the rabbit's long ears are like Sakido's prompting Rhea to quickly christen it "Snowy" to avoid the connection.

KieriFirstReaction SD107

It's a little crowded in here.

After getting inside Rhea's old house, they snack on some honey Rhea was keeping in her room. Buwaro eats the spicy Fire Bee honey without any ill effects. After they fall asleep, "Snowy" is first to wake up in the morning and reverts to her Angel form before running away. Buwaro didn't understand that it wasn't normal for rabbits and Rhea doesn't believe him as she was still trying to sleep. Initially Buwaro is happy with this new development and tries to befriend her. "Snowy" then threatened him with a steak knife after reverting to her rabbit form out of fear. The shouting prompts Rhea to intervene finally and "Snowy" reverts back to an Angel again. After her initial disbelief subsides, she directs Buwaro to stay with "Snowy" while she goes to get food.

Once Rhea leaves, Buwaro decided to go down stairs to avoid scaring "Snowy" further, apologizing for upsetting her. This act left "Snowy" confused as she had never expected a demon to apologize for anything. After a while, possibly out of boredom, Buwaro decided to try on Sakido's Sun Pendant which caused him to painfully grow small wings out of his back. "Snowy" heard the shout of pain and decided to see what the problem was, helping Buwaro clean up the blood from the sudden wing growth.

When Rhea returns feeling concerned about the two of them and finds them sitting together, she proceeds to rant at "Snowy" triggering Buwaro's protectiveness. He convinced Rhea to leave her alone and they had breakfast. Buwaro was inexperienced with eating food so almost choked on a nut, "Snowy" shelled some and gave them to him, smiling at his appreciation.

BuwaroAndKieri SD121

She's no Angel, she's a Snow Bunny.

The next day, the group left for Farun. "Snowy" was shivering slightly so Buwaro offered to hug her to keep her warm. Buwaro left the map she gave him behind which annoyed Rhea who had to back for it. Once she left, Buwaro disobeyed the direction to wait and wandered off to explore, dragging "Snowy" with him. They glanced over a cliff to admire the view of the forest. They are then confronted by a Water Demoness named Lazuli, who assumed Buwaro was part of the Demon forces on Medius and speaks to him in Angelic, asking him to turn over "Snowy". Buwaro did not speak Angelic so was just confused by this. Lazuli reverted to Lingo only to discover that Buwaro didn't even know what an Angel was, becoming progressively more frustrated until Talus returned. Talus decided to end the argument by shoving Buwaro off the cliff edge but Buwaro was used to this sort of thing and climbed back up, proceeding to demand that Lazuli stop being "mean" to "Snowy".

After temporarily escaping from Lazuli and rejoining with Rhea, they ran toward Farun onto a frozen lake. Lazuli surrounded them with an icicle wall prompting a fight. After a failed argument where Lazuli tries to convince Buwaro of the 'errors' of his ways, she explodes into a rant and sets "Snowy" free by accident, thus revealing her true name as Kieri Suizahn. With Kieri free she engaged Lazuli in combat while Rhea and Buwaro fought Talus.

During the fight, Buwaro protects Kieri from an Ice Shards attack with his Fire Breath (though not all successful about it), hits Lazuli with Thadius and kicks her into the lake under Talus as they fell. He was surprised when Lazuli sprung up from the lake and pulled Kieri with her. Buwaro worryingly waited for something to happen and eventually Kieri resurfaced before turning back into a Snow Bunny and was seemingly unconscious from that long battle. Rhea decided to carry her while having Buwaro hold her sword, much to his disappointment.

He would later be holding Kieri as they continued their journey to Farun, just before she awoke from her current state. She thanked the two for their help and by Rhea's request, explained more about herself and how she was cursed by Toski the Rabbit. Rhea also explained to him about the Twelve Guardians and how Toski sided with Hell during the Great War, which was why she cursed Kieri. At this point, Rhea decided to keep calling her by "Snowy" for the time being since she couldn't pronounce her name while Buwaro would continue calling her "Snowy" throughout the course of their time together.

They soon arrived outside of Farun, where Rhea decided to have Buwaro wait outside the town while she takes Kieri to the Inn. Buwaro was depressed that he had to stay behind because of how he looked and sighed as he watched the two go in.

Rhea later returned with a disguise for him, which to her surprise was not what she would have wanted. The two re-enter town, despite the people giving them odd looks and even calling Rhea a "Jakkai hooker" in bewilderment. Buwaro wanted to explore the town but Rhea said they'd do it tomorrow. Instead they head to the Snow Drop Inn where Kieri is staying at. The innkeeper told them their room was free since they were friends with an Angel. At first they thought to leave her alone with her brother, only to find out he wasn't here and that he and his friend left town already.

KieriFavoriteColor SD161

"My fur is purple!"

They find Kieri in her room, upset that her brother wasn't in town anymore. They try to cheer her up and learn things about her and her kind; such as why they have matching color clothing and hair, how her favorite color was purple (just like Buwaro, to her embarrassment), and how the Angel Emblems work. This also confirmed to Kieri that the two did come from Hell while learning that Buwaro's sister, Sakido, died on the way up, which made her feel sorry for him. Through Rhea and Buwaro's bantering, Kieri started to warm up to the two.

Later that evening, as they left Kieri alone while they ate, Buwaro asked Rhea why Sakido died just to bring them to Medius. She replied that Sakido wanted to see the world Rhea lived in and wanted him to be happy instead of living in the Ring of the Slightly Damned forever.

The next morning, Kieri (who had a nightmare involving Lazuli and Toski before being saved by Rhea and Buwaro at the end) brought the two breakfest, with Rhea joking how the innkeeper brought them a Snow Rabbit to eat since she was one at the moment. The three ate while Kieri finished her story on how she was separated from Kazai and his friend Sanjulo. Buwaro offers to help while Rhea is reluctant at first. She decides to chance it through a coin toss, whether to help find her brother or not. While landing on Heads, which was to do nothing about it, she decides to help anyway.

KieriBuwaroBook SD180

Not the kind of book he would want to read.

The three go around Farun to collect supplies and satisfy Buwaro's curiosity of the world. Buwaro picked up a book called "The Great War" and pretended to be interested to hide the fact he couldn't read. Kieri offered to read it for him before realizing what it was about; then deciding to find another book. They then visit Jake again at his shop. After receiving the sheath to Kieri's Sword, Buwaro had her try on some clothes for fun. Shortly after he saw Rhea hug Jake and wanted one too, so Kieri gave him one.

River-Side Stories

Search for Kazai

The next day they set off on their way to Riverside City as they head eastward. Along the way they stay at an old rest stop where Rhea and Buwaro learn more about the Great War as well as Mother Gaia and Syndel. As they continued the following morning, they run into a couple of bandits, who Rhea and Kieri easily beat. The three eventually arrive at Riverside City after a day of travel.

The three get a room at the Chipper Mudskipper Inn and after dinner, Rhea asks Kieri if she could read the book that she brought from Hell, as a way for Kieri to make up to them for everything thus far. She of course tells them that it's a diary from an Angel named Darius Elexion. Rhea and Buwaro both find the name familiar, though Buwaro found it similar to the name Thadius. They convince Kieri to read it, learning a bit about him before deciding to quit for the night.

They begin searching for Kazai the next morning with no luck at all. Trouble arises when Rhea sees some kids playing on the frozen river where there are cracks. Rhea goes out to stop them, only for one of the kids to fall through. She tries to save them but ends up going under, nearly drowning. Kieri and Buwaro rush to their aid and together with some assistance from a member of the Helper's Guild they get them to safety. After assuring that Rhea was okay, despite being bedridden for the time begin, they decide to try and do some work at the Trouble Center.

When they first arrive at the center, they were initially denied because of how Buwaro was dressed since "Pimpin' ain't legal". They misinterpret what Rhea said about losing the suit, so they end up walking the streets without any disguise. Together they help an old woman with her groceries to her house.

That evening it began to snow and Kieri started having trouble controlling her curse. She started to doubt herself and that her brother was not in this city. Buwaro tried to say otherwise but to no avail and they ended up back at the Inn.

CatRescue SD247

Doing a job for the Trouble Center.

When they returned, naturally Rhea scolded them for going out in the open without a disguise. She settled down after seeing Kieri depressed and while not in the room, Rhea tried to explain to Buwaro about her feelings for him. Through misunderstanding she causes him to think that Kieri's 'crush' on him was a bad thing when really it meant she really liked him. Kieri confirmed that she does like him while Rhea tried to avoid suspicion by getting her to read more of Darius' diary.

As time would pass, Buwaro and Kieri continued with their services to the Helper's Guild while Rhea rested up.

CliffMeetingBuwaro SD250

He never saw this coming.

During their regular round of helping people Buwaro and Kieri learned from an old woman that she saw two people like Kieri, who were heading to either St. Curtis or Weyville. Kieri recognized them as Kazai and Sanjulo and hope started to return to her.

After receiving money for their work, Kieri suggested they had enough time to maybe help one more person. They overhear someone complaining and Buwaro went to greet him in order to see about helping him. The man, surprised to see a Demon, threatened him with Magic before Kieri stopped him. Not sure what to make of this he decided to back off and leave. Knowing that he knew his true form, Buwaro and Kieri decided to head back to the Inn.

On the way back, they see a little girl run past them while holding a jar. Kieri used her Water Magic to freeze her legs and stop her from escaping. However as the Jakkai Shopkeeper she stole from arrived to take back the jar and pay them for returning the jar, Kieri realized that there was a Fairy inside the jar, much to Buwaro's confusion. The girl blamed her for stopping her from saving the Fairy, remarking she's no good since she hangs out with a Demon. After the girl leaves, Buwaro suggests they get Rhea to help find a way to save the Fairy.

Initially, Rhea didn't believe them as she thought Fairies didn't exist, but through some convincing (and some puppy dog eyes from Buwaro and Kieri), she decides to help out; especially now that she was well again. She decides to try and haggle her way into getting the fairy using Buwaro's pimp suit, the demon cloth they got when they fought Lazuli and the extra money from Kieri's purse.

Buwaro and Kieri waited outside as Rhea went to haggle with the shopkeeper. Eventually the little girl from before returned, surprised that they were back here. Soon Rhea had finished her business as when none of what she offered would work, she simply socked the guy and stole the fairy. They all ran off just as he started calling out for her.

After losing the shopkeeper, Rhea opened the jar containing the fairy, surprised that there really was a fairy inside after all. The blue Fairy then joined up with it's sister, who was hiding inside the little girl's hat. She introduced herself as Samantha "Sammy" Kailum, who is currently traveling with her family in a wagon. She recognized Buwaro and Kieri as a Demon and Angel and found it weird that they're all friends. The three escort Sammy and the fairies back to her wagon where her aunt, Miranda Sinclair, was waiting.

As everyone was drinking tea and eating cookies, Cliff, the head of the family, arrived only to be surprised that the Demon and Angel he met earlier was in his home. After a short argument from Cliff and Miranda, they properly introduced themselves, along with another fairy named Duster, though Rhea found the name "Sinclair" familiar. Miranda offers the three to travel with them to Weyville, despite Cliff's protests, however Rhea says they had to go for the evening in order to cover for Kieri who nearly transformed in front of them.

MailWyvernandBuwaro SD268

"Can I keep him?"

At the Inn, Rhea pondered whether they really should take up their offer because of the trouble it'll be to keep Kieri's curse a secret, and that Cliff doesn't like Buwaro. With consideration they decide to go for it. Before leaving they stopped by the Trouble Center to let them know they were leaving. Though sad to see them go, the receptionist told them to keep the buttons for the next time they come across one of their centers. Rhea later got her letter from Jake (as well as brush off a Wright Wyvern that followed Buwaro) and soon they ended up traveling with the Sinclairs in their wagon.

Love and War

Journey with the Sinclairs

As they traveled, Buwaro and Kieri happily walked together outside the wagon. Kieri noticed the tear in his right ear and asked if it hurt getting it. Buwaro tried to reply, despite not remembering how he got it, but otherwise said it doesn't hurt now. Kieri's compliment made Buwaro happy that she said something nice.

As days went by, nothing eventful happened, other than a few close calls regarding Kieri, who was also reading more of Darius' Diary. After she had read about Buwaro and why he has the Star Emblem, she asked to speak to the two outside. Rhea was reluctant about telling her the truth, however Buwaro ended up telling Kieri that everything about his Star Emblem controlling his Berserk State was true. This caused her to become upset as she truly thought he was different from other Demons. Rhea then scolded her for treating him like a monster and how she was nothing but a "cold-hearted b****". This caused Kieri to fly off in tears and Buwaro to get into an argument with Rhea. Rhea, feeling bad for what had happened, went out to search for Kieri.

Later that evening, Cliff came outside, initially surprised by Buwaro's glowing red eyes. He questioned about his problems with loving Kieri and how he shouldn't keep trying because she's an Angel and he's a Demon. He explains that no matter how he feels about her it wouldn't erase the history Demons have caused, and that given his general appearance he wouldn't be able to protect her or be attractive to a beast like him. He told him that she'd be happier without him and returned to the wagon, upsetting Buwaro further.

Rhea and Kieri later return to the wagon where Buwaro was waiting for them, only now he was acting differently from before. He rejected Kieri's hand as if he wanted to keep away from her. Rhea was bothered by his strange behavior and wanted to talk to him, but Kieri stopped her, saying it was her own fault she rejected Buwaro in the first place and that she will try to handle things for now on.

The next day, Rhea (in an attempt to get the two to talk to each other at least) asked Kieri about how she found out about Buwaro's problem. Kieri told them everything she read from the diary up to this point, which only confused the two of them. Rhea wondered why she was never told while Kieri suspected something happened to Darius when Buwaro was young. Buwaro was saddened that he couldn't remember him or if he was family to him, however Rhea told him that if he were to think of his father, it'd be through his last name which was Elexion. Buwaro proudly accepted his new full name, Buwaro Elexion.

The Weyville Incident

RheaCantSleep SD342

"Some of us are trying to sleep!!"

The group slowly arrives to where Weyville as Buwaro is told he needs to stay in the wagon now that they were getting close to town. Kieri, though denied by Buwaro at first, forced herself to go with him, saying she would rather go with him, causing him to blush.

They stop for the night, just outside of town, where they discuss their plans for tomorrow. Kieri would go with Sammy, Willow and Eve, Cliff would go with Miranda and Duster to see someone about a certain item, while Rhea and Buwaro stayed in the wagon. Rhea decided to use that opportunity to chat with Buwaro about Kieri. Later as everyone was sleeping, Kieri was having a nightmare about killing Buwaro, who woke her up after to try and figure out what happened. This only woke up Rhea who angrily told them that everyone was trying to sleep.

The next morning, after everyone had gone off into town, Rhea tried to cheer Buwaro up about Kieri by reading him some fairy tales; including one called "The Monster and the Maiden". Through this and Buwaro's complaints about himself, she figured out he was just having low self-esteem issues. She encouraged him to simply try and improve himself and overcome whatever problems he may have, even using hand puppets she made with Sammy. Buwaro took this to heart and after grabbing his Trouble Center button, decided to go after Kieri and tell her how much he wants to change.

Buwaro caught up to Kieri and Sammy as he said he felt safe with the Trouble Center button. He was about to tell him about what he learned when suddenly Kieri pushed him out of the way of an oncoming Holy Arrow, which was fired by an old Angel, who wanted nothing more to do than kill Buwaro because he was a Demon. Kieri tried to protect him and urged Buwaro to run but he refused, saying he couldn't leave her to a psycho. This only increased his anger as he kept attacking them with Wind Magic. Eventually, Buwaro thought to himself that he wasn't worth protecting and took the blow for Kieri during one powerful spell which left him badly burnt to the point where he collapsed; to the point where he was thought dead.

Kieri, desperately trying to save him tried healing him with Holy Magic, while constantly telling him not to die. Through what little healing she could muster he was barely able to breathe, however it wasn't until after Cliff and Duster had dispatched Denevol was Miranda able to use a vial of green liquid on him which would help in recovery. They then took him back to the wagon for further recovery.

Almost two days after the incident, Buwaro finally woke up, though initially shocked to see Death but it was just Rhea holding the puppet version of him. She told him about Kieri and tried to tell him that she needed to be left alone for awhile, however Buwaro decided to go anyway despite still recovering.

Buwaro stumbled up to where Kieri was and asked how she was doing and how he was sorry things had to happen like this. She explained her family's history and how Denevol was affected by Demons as well. She admitted she still didn't like Demons and was afraid of the things that come from liking Buwaro despite that; though regardless Buwaro told her that he loved her and that he wanted to grow stronger, smarter and better than her even if he can't change the fact he's a Demon. He understood if she didn't liked him back but was happy when he heard that she loved him too. She expressed her concerns about her family possibly attacking him but Buwaro, unsure of everything she is saying, decided to kiss her on the cheek. After a moment they decide to truly kiss each other.

Forgive Me

Journey to St. Curtis

Rhea later dropped in on the two, hanging from a tree by her tail and having watched them the whole time they talked. She told them that Cliff returned and that it was dinner time, so they headed back together. As they did, Kieri expressed concern about how they might encounter Angels that may try to kill Buwaro. Rhea took the opportunity to tell them that in addition to Demons wanting to kill Kieri as well, Lazuli was still alive and after them. Buwaro was confused at first on who she was and was worried about how Kieri is taking this so Rhea made a compromise: If they don't hear anything about Kieri's brother in Weyville, they'd keep traveling to St. Curtis where they'll separate from them there, since it was the biggest city in Fragaria.

Later that evening, Buwaro accidently caused a loud crash when trying to touch the egg that Cliff showed them. The sudden shock caused Kieri to transform into her rabbit form while the Sinclairs look on in shock.

Cliff prepared a spell in his hand but Miranda stopped him, which worried Buwaro. Miranda understood the whole situation and told them about how Cliff was cursed by Meeros the Mortori Bird once, which Cliff was ashamed of having revealed to them. Since they were going to St. Curtis they might run into a guardian or two and hopefully break Kieri's curse, which Buwaro was happy to hear; telling Kieri that even though he loves her form he knows she hates it and wants to help. When the Spring Flower Festival was brought up, Rhea explained to Buwaro about it and was very excited since she was finally going to see it.

The next day, Buwaro and Kieri were walking together as he expressed his interest in trying to become stronger in order to protect her, however he was caught off guard by Rhea, who jumped on him and remarked how he needs work. Buwaro asked her if she could teach him Magic, and she replied saying that she couldn't teach him anything since Jakkai are terrible at using magic and she only knows one spell; also because Kieri is unable to teach him any Fire spells, he would need to ask Cliff.

TeachingBuwaroMagic SD396

Buwaro learning how to make a fireball.

While the family was having a picnic, Buwaro talked to Cliff and Duster about possibly teaching him Fire Magic. Cliff seemed to refuse at first, saying he would need payment of some kind, so Buwaro offered him Thadius, saying she came from Hell and that he considered her valuable. Cliff rejected the offer and said he would teach him a spell for free. He showed him how to make a Fireball, to which Buwaro tried and couldn't get right at first. Through his desperate flailing he ended up throwing one onto the roof of the wagon, incurring the wrath of Cliff. Kieri doused the fire out which caused Cliff to walk off, leaving Buwaro disappointed. Despite disbelieving his magic potential he asked Kieri to help him read, which she happily obliged.

Days later, Buwaro would be taught how to spell and he even learned how to spell Kieri's full name. Buwaro eventually got Kieri to start reading Darius' diary again as even though he might not know who his father was he at least owed him and wanted to know what happened to him. After awhile it seemed like there was nothing left and all that was left was a blood stain and the words "I love you, my children." Rhea worried about what might have happened when Kieri noticed more pages. Rhea then decided they should go outside and read the rest as it was all written by Sakido. They soon finished reading the diary and how Darius supposedly met his end. Buwaro cried in Kieri's arms as Rhea, saddened by how things turned out, wondered if Death knew anything about this; that is before getting smothered by Buwaro as well.

As they continued to St. Curtis, Kieri would demonstrate her ability to sing. Buwaro wanted to try as well and surprised everyone when they found he could sing well which prompted a hug from Kieri.

BUwaro and the others arrived at a river just in front of the deeper parts of the Southern Woods, where they say good bye to Willow and Eve. Eve gave Buwaro and friends a Fairy Kiss which would hopefully protect them from the Fairy Queen should they ever meet them.

Later, Rhea told Miranda about their plan to separate once they got to St. Curtis, though Miranda insisted they stay longer since it would be hard to find lodging when they get there. Buwaro asked about the Twelve Guardians in which Rhea explained to them who they were, what they can do and how some took part in the Great War. Cliff returned just as they started talking about Meeros and was not in the mood to talk about him since he had enough to deal with. Rhea asked if there was anyway they could repay them for helping them so much. Miranda replied by asking to harvest some materials from their bodies (such as Demon horn and nail clippings, Angel feathers, tears and some hair from all three of them) to use in brewing the Rainbow Reverie; to which Kieri misunderstood the harvesting joke and was ready to protect her friends. Buwaro was reluctant to let Miranda cut parts of his horn off and when she did he cried out saying he was ugly. Cliff then agreed to let Buwaro and his friends tend the shop with him while they are in St. Curtis, and that they stay with them until the festival was over, or until they meet Meeros.

The Flower Festival

Pre-Festival Events

Buwaro and his friends would spend the next few weeks traveling, while Kieri taught him how to sing in Angelic. While traveling through Griffin Pass, Rhea noticed a large statue of Melli the Bee and wondered if it was like the statue of Fuzen'ro the Bat back in her forest. She then told Buwaro and Kieri the history of St. Curtis, regarding how it got the name and how the Jakkai and Humans got along.

The group later arrived in St. Curtis and not long after they discovered that Angels and Demons are able to walk in public without any sort of problem, which would allow Buwaro to freely be out in the open as well. Sammy offered to take Rhea, Buwaro and Kieri to the Trouble Center while Cliff told Duster to watch over the three in secret.

Over the next few days the three worked together on helping people while trying to find information about Kazai and Sanjulo. They then met a small Wind Angel named Tirol who was oddly fascinated by Buwaro. They were then greeted by his mother, Kinako, as well as her Earth Demon friend Sahne; who especially surprised the three. However they soon ask the two about Kazai and Sanjulo, only to be told that they caused the landslide blocking the western pass into Blossom Valley. When Kieri told them that she was his sister they merely laughed not believing she was a Suizahn Warrior Angel, causing Buwaro to defend her. Before leaving, Rhea asked the two about how they got to Medius. Sahne explained that Demons use the Ascension to leave Hell while Angels use the Counterreaction, while being vague about 'why' they go through the ritual of coming here. Before she could elaborate further, Kinako asked her to stop and they left for home.

FlowerFestivalBegins SD488

And thus the Spring Flower Festival begins!

Later that day, as the flowers started falling and the Flower Festival officially began, the three stopped by the jail house where Kazai and Sanjulo might have been, only to learn that they were already let out after cleaning up the mess. Disappointed by this turn of events, the three returned to the wagon where Cliff and Duster were waiting.

BuwaroFindsCrunky SD494

Buwaro found "Crunky"!

Along the way, Buwaro found a small wright wyvern and tried to give it to Kieri to cheer her up, which she happily accepted. Cliff commented on the wyvern and how they have no idea what they just found, before leaving the wagon to them. Kieri then remembered that today was her birthday, however she gave Rhea and Buwaro gifts, thinking that she was the one to give gifts to people. Rhea and Kieri even allowed Buwaro to share the same birthday as Kieri since they couldn't figure out when he was born.

Day 1

The next morning the three helped Cliff in selling his merchandise in return for living off him for a while. During the time he learned about Magic Crystals and even Mixlings; meeting a Hukai named Toby.

Later a large Khamega appeared, wanting to purchase Crunky (while also revealing that Crunky was a girl) from them. Kieri denied his offer since it was a gift from Buwaro, thus he decided to steal the wyvern by blasting them with water. As Rhea yelled at him for stealing, Buwaro reminded her of the time she stole the fairy which she claims is different. The Khamega didn't get far as he was shortly stopped by Kieri.

Cliff SD524

Nom nom nom...

Soon, Sammy and Toby returned with Cliff's lunch, who the latter discovered there was barely any food left, as apparently Sammy gave most of his lunch away to a baby Earth Dragon, as Toby stated. Cliff decided to eat anyway but it was already eaten by Buwaro. He yelled for Sammy, who decided to take Buwaro to the popcorn stand to avoid punishment. As they were buying popcorn, Buwaro asked if they could get two since he thought Cliff was angry at him. Sammy remarked that if he did he wouldn't be here, and asked if Buwaro just wanted to eat the popcorn himself; to which he said "maybe".

After they returned, Kieri told him about what they learned. He asked if they had a name for Crunky yet. Kieri initially suggests an unpronounceable Angelic name, but decides to go with something the others can say and asks for suggestions. Rhea was the most enthusiastic but least helpful before Buwaro suggests "Crunky". The reason being that she looked like a Honey Popcorn Ball to him, and that he thought a sign he saw read "crunky" while Sammy corrects him as saying "crunchy", leaving him embarrassed. Regardless, when Kieri called Crunky by that name, she happily accepted it.

BuwaroandKieri SD535

He's being serious this time.

That evening as Rhea was sleeping, Kieri talked to Buwaro about something that happened between her and Kazai. Apparently she had a fight with Kazai and never apologized to him. She feared that when they were separated he didn't notice or if he did he didn't care; especially wondering if he was even looking for her at all. Buwaro then told her to stop saying things like that and not to give up on him; since he especially isn't going to give up on her family as he doesn't have any other family left apart from them. He ends up flubbing his words about loving them but not the same way he loves Kieri, but before long she stops him, kisses him and tells him good night; feeling better about earlier.

Day 2

BuwaroRedPotion SD548

Buwaro wants to drink the Red Potion.

On the second day of the festival, Buwaro was present when Rhea sniffed out Jake who was sleeping underneath the wagon, even saying "Hi" to him when he was trying to get Rhea to admit that Buwaro and Kieri were a real Demon and Angel. When Jake started to flirt with Kieri, Buwaro stepped forward in a very defensive manner for trying to flirt with his girlfriend. Jake quickly realized she was taken and offered to be friends with him and he immediately accepted it.

Eventually Cliff arrived at the sales stand so they can sell some of Miranda's merchandise, including the now completed Rainbow Reverie set. Buwaro picked up the Red Potion and wondered if his magic would be powered up. Cliff snatched the bottle back while correcting him that the Yellow Potion increases magic power. He then tells him that the potions were made for Medians in mind and would probably have a different effect on a Demon; he also added that if he wants better magic then he would have to practice. Buwaro sulked, saying that it's not as fun as practicing how to read. He then attempted to conjure a Fireball, only to succeed in creating a small flame. Kieri offered to help him practice, even showing him a spell she first learned and how simple it was. She let him blow a Water Bubble through her hands but it ended up encasing a fireball inside, which then blew into Tsavo who would confront the three.

Frightened, Buwaro held Kieri's hand, much to the disgust of Tsavo. He and the others watched as Cliff stood up to him, as well as the two male Angels who came to help and the arrival of the Seraph Angel Verammi. They watched as Tsavo flew off in retreat.

Shortly after, Duster arrived to inform Cliff about Miranda having her baby. He told them to keep watch over the shop while they head off to check on her. Buwaro, still holding Kieri's hand, wondered if it'll be a boy or a girl. This caused the male Earth Angel to storm up to him with a serious glare on his face. The Angel noticed Buwaro's Star Emblem and yanked it, pulling Buwaro forward a bit while demanding to know where he got it. Despite the protests of Rhea and Kieri, the Angel wasn't going to let go and even thought that Buwaro had some hold over them and offered to get rid of him for them. This frightened Buwaro to the point where he started tearing up and begged him to stop as he didn't want to hurt anyone. He watched as Kieri stopped him but was then about to be attacked again. Kieri started beating him till he bled before finding out that he was only going to put Buwaro to sleep. After the Angels left, Kieri panicked and ran into the wagon with Buwaro calling out to her.

BuwaroAndMeeros SD570

Just happily shaking hands with a God.

Buwaro is later seen sitting in front of the wagon door with Crunky, trying to talk to Kieri about what had happened but could not get anywhere. Sighing with grief, he then notices a red feather that he found before being greeted by a man in a black suit. The man asked what someone like him was doing here and that he was far from home. Unsure of what he meant, Buwaro eagerly shook his hand while introducing himself. Overhearing the conversation, Kieri peeked outside and asked who he was talking to; in which the man transformed into a giant Mortori Bird and said to call him Meeros.

Current Arc

Day 2 - Night

CookieParty SD572

Cookie party, version 2!

Later Buwaro would go inside the wagon with his friends and Meeros to enjoy some cookies as well as discuss the matter involving Kieri's curse. As Cliff walked in, confused at his presence, Meeros explained to Buwaro that he is unable to remove the curse that is on Kieri; though he tried to cheer them up by humoring them about the benefits of being able to transform back and forth, since Toski's curse is not fully effective on beings with high magic resistance when compared to normal Medians. Eventually, after Meeros teased Cliff about the good news, Cliff announced the arrival of his new baby girl, in which Buwaro happily asked for her name before being told her name was Florina.

To celebrate the new arrival, Meeros convinced Cliff to go out into the city and party. Before leaving, Buwaro asked him if there was truly nothing he can do to help Kieri. Meeros reassured him that he cannot do anything and that he didn't know where Toski is; however he tells them that Milothys the Dolphin might have a better understanding on her magic since he is also a Water Guardian and even told him where he was.

As Rhea and Jake prepare to leave, she asks if Buwaro and Kieri wanted to come along. Buwaro initially wanted to but when Kieri said she was going to bed, possibly still distraught from earlier, Buwaro reasoned with Rhea about him staying and they seemed okay with it.

Kieri asked why he decided to stay behind and he replied that he wanted to be with her. She then told him that she just wanted to sleep and without arguing he went into a corner and began reading "The Big Book of Fairy Tales".

Later that evening, Buwaro, worried about Kieri as she laid in her pillow sulking, asked what was wrong since she was still in her rabbit form. Not wanting to worry him she try to reassure him that things were alright since it's easier to control her curse form while in it. Buwaro told her she was worried about Rhea and Jake, who were experiencing hangovers from their night out. Rhea tried to remember what happened and what she told them freaked them out for how crazy it was.

Rhea eventually started giving Kieri a t-shirt she bought while they were out. Unaware of the conversation the two have regarding Kieri, Buwaro found some white shades and put them on Crunky; laughing at how cool she looked.

Day 3

LakritzAndBuwaro SD593

First time meeting.

While at the stand, Buwaro, who appeared to be drowsy, started singing a song in Angelic; right before Kieri joined in with him. Afterwards they were surprised to see Sahne who complimented them on their performance. Buwaro happily greeted Sahne, Kinako and Tirol but was confused on who the Water Demon was; the latter introducing himself as Lakritz. Buwaro admitted to Sahne that he doesn't really know Angelic as he just knows the songs Kieri taught him. As Kinako was reaching into her purse for money, Buwaro noticed the Wind Elemental Symbol on her arm and asked Kieri if she had one like it and if it was why she was embarrassed last night. Kinako told him she likely did for the same reason they have to wear color-coded uniforms.

After they leave, Buwaro asked Kieri if he could see her elemental mark, though are interrupted by a Jakkai couple who were directed to the stand because of the two. They asked if they had any potions that could help with their partial winter fur coats; though they requests were answered when Cliff arrived with his family, including the newborn Florina. Buwaro happily congratulated the two just before they were greeted by Meeros once again. Buwaro was momentarily cursed by him to prevent him from saying his name as Meeros dramatically stated why the Mortori Birds were a symbol of peace and love. This led to him urging the two to leave the stand and explore the town since they were a couple and to tell everyone about how great Mortori Birds are.

Unsure of what had happened, Buwaro decided to go along with it and urged Kieri to come with him and have some fun. He told her to wait in front of a fountain while he went to get some Honeyswirl Frozen Ice Cream. Despite the owner being surprised by Buwaro's eccentric desire for ice cream, he managed to purchase two cones. However a bystander bumped into him, calling him a freak and he ended up dropping one of the cones; which was then eaten by Crunky in one gulp. Buwaro, slightly salivating over wanting to try it, took a lick of the ice cream he had left.

Buwaro returned to Kieri and gave her the remaining ice cream cone. She asked what happened to the one he dropped but Buwaro tried to make a white lie by saying that he ate his already; however a burp from Crunky (who had eaten the dropped cone) and seeing part of her ice cream already licked (and with some of his hair) proved otherwise. Seeing Kieri getting depressed again, he panicked and asked if he can take her to the Midway to play some games.

The two arrive at the midway and see the many different games available; including "Pin the Tail on the Pegadonk", Water Dragon Balloon Race, and "Ultimate Skee Ball". He noticed an Archery stand and went over to it, greeting a Nirvenese Jakkai who ran off, frightened by his appearance. He tried to greet the stand owner, but was frightened when she started growling at him. She calmed down when Kieri showed up to try and take him away. When he confirmed that he was Kieri's boyfriend, the owner allowed them to play the game.

Buwaro, with Kieri's guidance, tries to use the bow, only for the string to snap from his claws. He let Kieri take a turn and applauded her for getting a hit in, despite none of the shots being a bulls-eye. He told Kieri it was only a game, unaware of Kieri's continuing depression. The owner then gave Kieri a Toski finger-puppet, causing her to blank out and subconsciously blast the target with Holy Magic, making him shout at her to stop over what she's done. The owner started to yell at them and threatened to get rid of them before another Jakkai arrived and told them to run away, as they should not fight her and that he knows they're good people. Buwaro thanked him as the three made a run for it.

Not long after getting away, Buwaro asked Kieri if she was alright. She replied that no one was chasing them, but he meant that there's been something wrong with her as she was acting weird all day. She responded by saying "nothing" and picked up Crunky while looking depressed, which seemed to have an affect on him as well. He soon started to smell somebody as he grabbed her hand and ran toward the crowd; asking if the person standing out was her brother. Sure enough they can see Kazai amongst the crowd.

Buwaro happily watched the two reunite from a distance, before being dragged into the back by Rhea; revealing that Miranda gave them a potion that cured her and Jake of their hangover. Buwaro told them he found Kieri's brother, and although glad he did, she asks him if he forgot that they're part of a Demon Slayer family. She then tells him they'll meet up with Kieri later and that it's not safe here. However the city guards spot them as the two arsonists from last night and yell to catch them, thinking they're attacking Buwaro; though before they can go too far the three are greatly shocked by the sight of Melli the Fire Bee crashing into the ground nearby and killing the guards that were pursuing them, plus several civilians.

Demon Invasion - The Gathering

Buwaro, Rhea and Jake witness the eventual death of Melli to the giant snake that appeared to be Moku the Snake to everyone, setting off a massive ball of fire that catches onto various parts of the city. Shortly after a storm kicks in Rhea suddenly feels strange for some reason. Jake runs off to check on Fritz and Sugar as Rhea tells him to meet back up at the wagon later. She then yells at Buwaro who appeared concerned for Kieri before being noticed by Kazai.

During the fight between Meeros and Moonshade, the two escaped and fled deeper into the city. Rhea felt the after effects of her strange ailment but assured Buwaro that Kieri would meet them at the wagon. The two were then chased by an angry mob who mistook Buwaro as one of the attacking Demons, bumped into a Demon who turned her sights on another Angel they would bump into, and were chased up a tree by a Nirvenese Mountain Dog. They were saved by a family of Bee Fairies who knew Cliff and were asked by a 'dashing young man' to help the two return to the wagon, all because the two were blessed by a fairy kiss.

Buwaro and Rhea returned to the wagon safely and asked if Kieri returned, only to be told she hadn't. They were then met with three Demons, Haury, Triska and Abyset who demanded the Rainbow Reverie and threatened to kill them. One of them told Buwaro to go inside the wagon with Miranda to make sure she did what she was told and he followed her inside. There she told him that she was once a pirate, as she consumed some of the leftover Red Potion she had and punched Abyset out of the wagon when he came to check on them. Afterwards everyone started getting into fights. Rhea led Sammy and Florina away but were stopped by Abyset. During the fight, Buwaro grabbed a bag full with Thadius in it and held a bottle of Rhea's leftover booze in order to trick the water Demon into believing it was the Reverie. It worked as it allowed Sammy to escape with Florina. Angered for being tricked, Abyset struck Buwaro down and Rhea retaliated. Despite her best efforts the two were no match for the Demon and were forced to flee.

During the chase, Kieri swooped in and saved the two by impaling Abyset with her sword. Buwaro was frightened to see her so angry but after she started to break down to tears he ran to her side to calm her. He asked what happened and she couldn't muster up the ability to speak his language. He then started singing her a song in Angelic to comfort her. Duster arrived and asked about the children; Rhea decided to lead him to them while leaving Buwaro and Kieri alone.

Kieri healed Buwaro's injuries despite him insisting she heal herself first. She then healed Cliff and Miranda of their injuries just before Rhea returned with the rest of the family. They then noticed that all the Demons they fought have gotten away, and were surprised when they heard someone behind them, only to be relieved that it was Jake; who in his time had retrieved all of their animals. After Kieri healed Rhea's wounds, she asked about what happened with her as she wants to help her, which Kieri started to tell them about.

After hearing her story, Rhea put together that the large Demon Kieri encountered was Buwaro's brother, Iratu. This caused Kieri to tremble but Buwaro and Rhea assured her that they would stick by, however Rhea was upset that the Sinclair family was not going to as they have their children to consider. Kieri then started to thank everyone for everything they did, much to their confusion, before trying to run off. Buwaro tried to stop her but was attacked by her. Rhea yelled at her for hurting their friend before being told that they were weak for not being able to defeat a Demon and how they were not warriors. With a broken heart, Buwaro just turned around to hide his tears from her as she turned and flew away.[1]

Rhea began to question her reasons for saying all that and urged Buwaro to come help her; however he did not want to go while Rhea scolded him for saying that despite how she normally treats him. He yelled that it was that Kieri would never do it though. Rhea decided that she needs to still try and help her, with Buwaro coming to terms that he needed to help too; however they both remembered that they would be no match for Iratu. At that moment, Cliff and family offered to help by giving them doses of the Rainbow Reverie (minus the purple potion as it was destroyed) so that it can help them stand a better chance. He asked Cliff if wearing his Helper's Guild badge will change anyone's minds about him but is told not to be concerned about representing his kind but as an individual and worry about his own survival. With that and the added assistance of Jake, the two paid farewell to the Sinclairs as they set off back into the city.

While searching for information on Kieri, Buwaro and the others started helping people. Eventually Rhea called back everyone to discuss what they found and he told him that he got punched in the nose for talking to someone. He admitted that it couldn't blame them since he was a Demon and started to question if the reason Kieri hated him was because he didn't tell her how much he loved her, though Rhea quickly doubted that from experience. They then heard a cry for help from Demons as they rushed to the site, thinking Angels would be there, only to find Tirol with an injured Sahne and a gravely injured Lakritz. Sahne believed they betrayed Kieri and was ready to attack them. However she stopped when Buwaro (tried) talking her out of it.

She then explained what happened and was distraught that she may lose Lakritz too. After they healed him and learned that they were all a family, she then explained about how the Ascension worked and the reason the Demons are capturing Angels alive; and that it is all so they can abandon Hell and take over Medius. She stated that she and Lakritz betrayed her kind in favor of Kinako and Tirol and despite Buwaro protesting that they should fight to save her, they replied that they needed to protect Tirol and it'd be too reckless to save someone just for love. Before leaving they left Buwaro and group with the whereabouts to where the "Gathering" was.

As the three made their way to their next destination, Buwaro started to think about all the times Angels were involved in his life; from when Sakido was killed by one, to Kazai's reaction to him and his more recent breakup with Kieri. He snapped out of it when the group found the Earth Angel that nearly attacked him before. Seeing him scared and in tears, Buwaro reached out and assured him he only wants to help him. The Angel begged him to save his friend, in which Buwaro agreed to after pressuring Rhea to.

Leaving Jake behind with the Angel, he and Rhea went to go find the lost Angel. Rhea came up with a plan to use Buwaro to trick the Demons into thinking he's with them, but then the Demon they ran into with the Wind Angel they were looking for, was none other than Lazuli. She immediately attacked them, causing Buwaro to force Thadius into her mouth; however she would end up destroying her right in front of him. Despite Rhea warning him to run, the two are forced into a fight with her.

Despite his best efforts, Lazuli knocked Buwaro to the side with magic and tried to kill him with another spell. He was saved by Kieri who intercepted the attack and tried attacking back. However she started to panic, given her past experiences and Buwaro watched helplessly as she's mauled by Lazuli. Before Lazuli could finish them off, she's stopped by Azurai who yelled that they needed the Angel alive. As they argued, Buwaro noticed that Kieri still wanted to fight despite being outnumbered and badly wounded. After the arrival of another Demon, Buwaro tried to stop Kieri from attacking by crying out that he had captured her and to stop fighting. Rhea joined in on the act as Azurai proceeded to place the cursed collar around Kieri's neck.

Seeing Kieri trembling in despair, Buwaro tried to say something before Crunky bites him on the tail. After controlling Crunky they all proceeded to where the Gathering is.

Demon Invasion - The Gathering: Part 2

As they walked on, Buwaro thought to himself how he once again got Kieri into trouble even after she told him not to help her. He mentally promised he will do what he can to protect her as they arrived at their destination, the Coiled Cobra Bar. Inside they saw many Demons, the Angel Kieri told them about, and a Jakkai in the corner. He also noticed Iratu on the other side of the room and nervously said his name, but was then distracted by Kieri falling on Rhea and exclaimed in worry. Iratu, having noticed his little brother, asked him why he and Rhea were here, though without referring to him as his brother and calling Rhea his "pet". Verammi then started to make fun of him for being in love with Kieri while Tsavo noted that he saw the two kissing each other. As Tsavo tried bringing up the Rainbow Reverie, Iratu interrupted by showing disgust that Buwaro kissed an Angel, causing Buwaro to shed some tears.

Trying to keep up his earlier act, he tried to say that he was fooling everyone about being in love by trying to come up with insults for Angels, but due to his time with Kieri he was unable to come up with any. He started tearing up, causing suspicion with Lazuli and another Demon, while causing Iratu to bust out laughing at how he is unable to do anything right. He then asked the two to go to the back of the room to tell him how they got to Medius, but Buwaro saw Lazuli dump booze on Kieri. He goes to her defense by punching Lazuli in her weak-spot, only to receive a punch to the face. He started to snarl and his eyes glowed red as he squared off against her, but it was cut short by Iratu who yelled for them to stop. He demanded him to explain how they got here and Buwaro told them it was because of Sakido, and how she died in the process.

Iratu was saddened by what he heard, while Tsavo accused Buwaro of lying. Iratu calmed him down, saying that Buwaro was "too stupid to lie" and with some confirmation from Rhea on how she died he realized Sakido was killed by their other Angel ally. Iratu then told him and Rhea about their plan to move everyone from Hell to Medius, despite Tsavo scolding him for doing so. He turned his attention back to Buwaro, claiming that if it weren't for him Sakido would still be alive. Buwaro teared up as even Iratu agreed with him. Tsavo then blasted Buwaro with magic, which knocked him into Dakos, who then reacted which caused a free-for-all.

As he started to wake up, he saw Kieri standing over him worryingly. He started to ask her if she still loved him but was interrupted by Iratu saying it was time for everyone to go. Buwaro made one last attempt to stop him by standing in front of him, but his pleas were ignored and was swatted aside, knocking him out. Later afterwards, he awoke to the place being empty with the exception of Rhea. Brushing off what happened, she tells Buwaro that everyone is still outside but he has a decision to make, either side with Iratu or Kieri. He believes he could still talk to Iratu since he didn't kill them when he could, but Rhea argues angrily how he could still stick up for him despite what happened; and because Kieri trusted them she's in even more danger because of them and doesn't know what to do. Buwaro thought about it for a moment and eventually decided they had to help Kieri, Rhea saying there was no turning back.

As the last wagon is loaded up, Rhea and Buwaro rushed out to try and save Kieri. Tsavo told Lazuli to catch up with the others while he, Iratu and Azurai (with Moonshade in tow) stayed behind to confront the two. Despite Iratu's insult, Buwaro pleaded for him to stop hurting people and the Angels they've captured, while Iratu argued why he would care for any of them when it would help their people. When Buwaro brought up Darius, however, this angered Iratu who blamed him for causing both his and Sakido's deaths before proceeding to attack him and Rhea. As Iratu approached, intent on taking his pendents, Buwaro snatched up the vial of Red Potion that Rhea tried to pull out. She warned him there was no telling what would happen if he consumed it, but knowing there was no turning back from this point on he proceeded to drink the potion.

The potion caused him to enter a Berserk State, but one where he had control over most of his actions. Carrying Rhea on his back he fled the area to pursue Kieri and the Angels, while Iratu left him alone, believing he would just die eventually due to the nature of the transformation.

The two soon caught up with the wagon holding Kieri, under the watch of Lazuli, Dakos, and a Wind Demon's. Struggling to get on board, he yelled out Kieri's nickname before being confronted by the lone Wind Demon, who tried to fend him off while protecting the Angels before Buwaro breathed fire on him. Rhea stopped him before he could do more damage, but they get attacked by Lazuli, who knocks them off with a Darkness Blast. They chased after them again before Dakos decided to throw Kieri at them, forcing Buwaro to catch her.

Despite still in his Berserk form, Buwaro was happy to have Kieri back and even hugged her and Rhea. Once they see that Kazai was still taken and Rhea deciding to go save him, Rhea drank the vial of Blue Potion so she and Buwaro can chase after them again. This time, after reaching the wagon, Buwaro bit down on Lazuli, thrashing her around before tossing her aside, much to the shock of his friends. However, before he can confront Dakos, the potion had worn off so his transformation was undone and he fell unconscious. Dakos took this opportunity to throw him to the side, cracking one of his horns.

Once Dakos was dealt with, fire began to fall down on top of the wagon, forcing everyone to jump off. Kieri, who had revealed her curse form to Kazai and freed him from his bindings, attempted to help Buwaro off on her own, before receiving aide from her brother. Buwaro would remain unconscious during the duration of the invasion.


After several days, the fires burning St. Curtis would dissipate, and at some point Buwaro and many other survivors took refuge inside the Tree of Peace. At some point, Buwaro tried talking with Kieri but got punched by Kazai and needed Kinako to heal him. Later, Lakritz approached him and offered to help him see her. However, Cyran appeared and suggested that he left Kieri alone because Angels and Demons were too different to ever get along, causing Buwaro to feel more guilt about what happened before. Lakritz assured him he was just projecting and the two carried on.

Passing through the inside of the tree, the two and Tirol enter a temple, whose monks were okay with letting them stay in so long as it wasn't within temple grounds. They stop to look at two large statues of Mother Gaia and Father Syndel, and Lakritz told him about how the Great War started and why the fights between races still happen. Buwaro lamented about this and wanted to understand Kieri's troubles more, while Lakritz said that while strife will exist, there's still hope with their respected loved ones. Buwaro then asked if he ever met Syndel, only to reply that he might have because of what he looked like.

As they enter the apartment area for Angels, the three watch a couple of the rescued Angels flee at the sight of them, before proceeding to the room housing the Suizahn twins. Lakritz asked Buwaro to hold his trident while saying he would approach the door first. Tirol even offered to help, prompting Buwaro to ask about Sign Lingo. Lakritz proceeded to knock on the door and tried talking to the siblings in Angelic. Kazai opened the door and attacked shortly after. He spotted Buwaro holding the trident, causing him to drop it since it made him look like a threat. He couldn't understand what Kazai was saying as he prepared to attack, but Tirol stopped him by smacking him with his book, forcing Lakritz to pull him back. Buwaro tried reasoning with him by saying he just wants to be friends, holding out his hand as he even said "friend" in Angelic. However, once Kazai heard Kieri say not to hurt Buwaro, he decided to let him in, but not without a warning to not harm her or else; which Lakritz translated for him. Once Buwaro entered, Lakritz forced the door shut so the two can be left alone.

Buwaro looked around before noticing Kieri, transformed and under a blanket. He told her he wanted to talk but offered to leave if she wanted him to. With no response, he assumed she would listen and started to apologize for everything he did, from having to lie about his actions to drinking the red potion. Trying to hold back tears he told her that he was sorry for failing to protect her like he promised; just as how he couldn't save Sakido or help Kieri from Denevol and Lazuli. For everything she did for him he wished he could repay her with the happiness she deserves. At that moment, Kieri reached out to him, revealing herself despite the scars she had and kept him quiet, as all she wanted to do at the moment was embrace him tearfully.

She asked him to continue calling her "Snowy", much to his confusion, as it reminded her of when she first met him and how despite who she was he was willing to be her friend. Buwaro tried to say that she was amazing for even liking him despite the reputation Demons had, though she added that it was when Buwaro got his wings for the first time that she learned Demons could cry.

After Buwaro turned on the lights, he asked her about the shirt she was wearing. She explained that an acolyte gave her it while they were repairing her uniform, which has been repaired and sitting on a nearby trunk. She stated she did not want to wear it, before breaking down and crying she didn't want to kill anymore. Once he realized that this had to do with her killing Lazuli, he hugged her and tried to persuade her that it wasn't her fault; that it was Lazuli's choice to do what she did, just as it was their choice to protect themselves. He also mentions that they and the Tamis's are proof that things can change and they all did what they could; though he started to have self-doubts about how he couldn't do anything, which caused Kieri to hush him and ask why he would think that. The two had a little "argument" over what they did to each other before realizing they were "fighting" again.

Buwaro then suggested they should both apologize, but is concerned that she isn't expecting more out of him and that they should be able to do that for each other. In addition, just as she taught him many things, he wanted to teach her how to love herself more and began to instruct her on what she could say to apologize. She became too blustered to try, so Buwaro opted to have her kiss him a few times before they started laughing happily.

Shortly after, Kieri apologizes for how her brother treated him, but he didn't mind because of everything that happened to him and how he wouldn't know what to do if he lost Kieri. He considered Kazai to be more amazing than himself or Iratu. He also lamented about taking off his Sun Pendent because he considers his wings weak compared to Sakido but Kieri stopped him from degrading himself. When Rhea is brought up, Buwaro told Kieri where she and Jake were at the time.

Later, Crunky bit Buwaro on his tail; at around the same time as when Kazai's weapon fell down while Kieri yelled for Crunky to stop. Kazai busted into the room and mistook Buwaro as the perpetrator and Kieri clung to his face to buy Buwaro time to escape. Before leaving, he peeked in one last time to tell Kieri they loved each other.

Powers and Abilities

Fire Magic: Fire Demons have a natural affinity for Fire Magic but Buwaro has never studied or trained his abilities. Originally he could only use one spell which was his Fire Breath, however he's currently trying to learn how to use Magic better; learning how to conjure Fireballs with little progress.

  • Fire Breath: Being a Fire Demon, Buwaro has an innate Fire Magic ability to breathe flame from his mouth. He isn't particularly good at this as he had little reason to bother practicing; however, it is effective when he tries such as during the battle with Lazuli on the frozen lake.
  • Fireball: While traveling to St. Curtis, Buwaro attempted to learn Fire magic from Cliff and succeeded in conjuring a fireball with difficulty. In his impatience and frustration, he accidentally threw it into the air where it landed on Cliff's wagon, setting the roof alight until Kieri extinguished it. He was later able to conjure up a fireball while in St. Curtis without having to flail around but it was very small, showing that his skill is still lacking.

Buwaro in his Berserk State

Berserk State: Prior to hatching, his egg was damaged, thus when he hatched he was in a constant instinctive state of rage. This injury persists with Buwaro so he must wear his Star Emblem at all times to avoid reverting. When in this form he triples in size, his fangs and horns lengthen, the tip of his tail bursts into flame, and he assumes a bestial posture. As with all Demons in this form, once in this state he will continue to attack anyone within sight until there is no one left before he begins to mutilate himself.

  • Power Augmentation: While in this state, his strength, durability and overall fighting capabilities are increased to a certain degree. This is of course dependent on how powerful he already was prior to changing as even after having changed he can be defeated by a more experienced Demon, like Sakido in his case.
    • Improved Magic Ability/Power: Buwaro gains a much greater command of Magic once he transforms.
      • Fire Spin: Buwaro leaps into the air doing a forward spin. The flame on his tail becomes more intense, turning him into a flaming pin-wheel.
      • Fire Breath: His flame breath is drastically increased in power, travelling much further, wider, and seemingly being hotter.
    • Immense Durability: Buwaro was able to withstand multiple lightning attacks from Sakido, a veteran Wind Demon, before she could force his Star Emblem back on.
    • Enhanced Strength: The increase in size also drastically boosts his physical strength. He was able to tear Rhea to pieces in seconds.
BuwaroBerserk SD792

Buwaro's newer form.

  • Red Potion-Induced Transformation: After consuming only a vial of the Red Potion from the Rainbow Reverie it can trigger his Berserk State without having to remove his Star Emblem. Wearing it seems to keep his sanity in check though not without some semblance of this form's natural vicious nature. Once the effects of the potion run its course, it reverts him back to normal, though leaving him drained of enough energy to leave him unconscious. Noticeably, while his eyes glow per usual, irises can be seen.
    • Self-Control: Because he still possesses his Star Emblem while transformed this way, he no longer attacks wildly and has control over most of his actions, though he needs someone like Rhea to keep him focused since his attacks can unintentionally harm others. He was able to single out a wagon that had Kieri in it and pursue it as a result of it. In addition, he seems capable of speech as he was able to call out Kieri's nickname, though not without a little bit of trouble, but it appears to be the only word he can say.

Night-Vision: As a Demon, Buwaro can see extremely well in the dark. If the area is very dark or he needs extra clarity, his eyes can glow which provides basic light. Since Buwaro has red eyes, his eyes glow red when he does this which can make him oddly intimidating if you weren't expecting it.

Inner Warmth: As with all Fire Demons, Buwaro seem to generate significant amounts of heat internally which makes him more resistant to cold; as noticed by Kieri, who said that Buwaro was warm, fuzzy and just nice to hug.[2]

Talented Singer: Buwaro apparently has an impressively good singing voice. Since discovering this, Kieri has been tutoring him in how to sing various Angelic songs.

  • Angelic Language: Through his lessons with Kieri, Buwaro has recently shown the ability to sing an Angelic melody alone and in unison. Although he doesn't know how to speak it he only knows the songs that she taught him.

Overall Abilities: Buwaro is considerably weak as far as Demons go, is also very poor in the ways of intellect and has had poor socialization skills. He has since improve thanks to Rhea and Kieri, who helped in teaching him Lingo, allowing him to read and write; he has even managed to read an entire story book by himself. They also encouraged him to be more physically fit and have improve some of his magical abilities. So far he has gotten a better hang of breathing fire but his actual combat skills are still very lacking, if anything he seems to have the best use of his abilities when pushed closely to his demonic tendencies. He appears best suited as moral support for Kieri given his personality.

Heat Resistance: Fire Demons are naturally resistant to intense heat which is especially important when breathing fire. Buwaro has held magical fire crystals in his hand without protection, and apparently without realizing or caring that it was so hot that Cliff had to use fire tongs to handle it.

  • Immunity to Spicy Food: Buwaro has demonstrated a seeming immunity to spicy foods like Fire Bee honey.

Enhanced Durability: Fire Demons have a good balance between physical and magical ability, they are less strong or durable than Earth Demons but are still difficult to injure. Buwaro has often injured himself, such as by playing catch with Thadius, but easily shakes it off once the immediate pain subsides. In particular, he has survived falling off several cliffs without significant internal injuries.

Enhanced Vision: Besides his natural ability to see into the dark, Buwaro's eyes don't seem to dry out for extensive periods of time without having to blink. As a result he is able to stare with his eyes open for long periods of time, even able to sleep with his eyes open.[3]


Star Emblem: Given to him by Darius when he was only a baby, the pendant suppresses his uncontrollable base instincts from his injury as an egg thereby preventing him from going berserk.

  • Magic Power Boost: The pendant normally increases an Angel's magic power. Buwaro is a complete novice in magic so it's unclear if the pendant helps with this or not.
  • Enhanced Concentration: Normally the Star Emblem promotes greater concentration, which is helpful with magic. Since Buwaro is unskilled in Magic, this only serves to keep his mind clear.

Sun Emblem: He inherited this from Sakido after she died. When he put the pendant on, he grew small wings but they don't enable him to fly like an Angel though they may help slow falls.

Thadius: Buwaro's pet rock. She was his best friend before Buwaro met Rhea and Kieri. He still carries Thadius around with him but she seems to be more of a keepsake from his home in the Ring of the Slightly Damned than a surrogate friend now. (destroyed)

Black Trench Coat: Originally owned by Sakido, Buwaro received this after she started visiting him. The coat is shown to be highly resilient and hard to damage. Even when his white shirt had been destroyed during a conflict with Denevol, his coat remained mostly intact.

Pimp Suit Disguise: A disguise Buwaro wore until he, Rhea and Kieri arrived in Riverside City. Rhea bought it unintentionally from a Jake in Farun who was playing a joke on her. It has either been left behind or is being stored as luggage. (missing)

Other Appearances

The Legend of Buwaro: Soprano of Time

PrinceBuwaro SoT51

Prince Buwaro after the seven month time-skip.

Buwaro appears as one of the three main characters, alongside Rhea and Kieri, while being a title character. He takes on the role of Princess Zelda, though unlike in the original game he is a lot more active by taking part in most of the adventure after the time-skip. He also takes on the responsibilities of Epona by acting as transportation through the use of his Berserk State, which is dubbed as his Crazywaro form.

Latchkey Kingdom

Buwaro has made a couple cameos in another webcomic, Latchkey Kingdom. In one appearance he and Rhea were shown together in a bar, while recently Buwaro could be seen in the crowd within a convention hall.[4]


  • While technically, Buwaro having control of his Berserk State in Soprano of Time would not be reflective within the main comic, the parallel between the two stories was somewhat fulfilled because of the circumstances that lead to him having control, if not partially.
  • According to Chu, Buwaro's voice is similar to Neil Patrick Harris.


  • (to Kieri Suizahn) "I just want you to be happy, Snowy. I love you, and I always want to be with you, but... you deserve someone better than me. That's why I'm gonna try super hard to become stronger and smarter and betterer for you! But I can't change how I'm a demon and all... So... it's okay if you don't like me back. I understand."[6]
  • (to Kieri Suizahn) "Stop it. Don't give up on your brother. And don't give up on yourself! To be honest...I'm a little scared about meeting your brother if he's really powerful and stuff, but...I don't want you to give up on your family 'cause...I don't have any family left besides you guys..."[7]



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