Buwaro Pimp Suit
First appearance: Slightly Damned #155 [HQTS]

Buwaro's Pimp Suit was a disguise Buwaro used so no one would recognize him as a Demon. It was bought for him by Rhea from her friend Jay at the Sleazy Bum Emporium second hand clothing shop. Jay sold it to her as a joke when she told him she just wanted something big without caring what it looked like.

The suit consists of a pale reddish-violet overcoat with cream fur-like trim, white gloves, a fedora with a leopard print band above the brim, and thick soled sneakers with a small black heart pattern embossed on the side of both heels.

Buwaro wore this suit throughout their stay in the village of Farun and during their journey to Riverside. After Rhea became ill, Buwaro and Kieri were turned away from the local Trouble Center who thought Kieri was a prostitute because of the disguise (a common misunderstanding used as a running gag). In a half-daze, Rhea babbled a poor explanation of what happened which Kieri and Buwaro interpreted as a direction to remove their disguises and clearly display their true Angel and Demon natures before trying again. Ironically, this actually worked since the idea of a Demon and Angel walking around together was so ridiculous that everyone thought they were wearing costumes instead of being the real thing.

Rhea attempted to use the Pimp Suit as one of her bargaining chips whilst haggling with the black market fairy trader in Riverside which failed.

The suit has not been seen or mentioned since the group left Riverside. Presumably it was discarded or left behind in the fairy trader's store, though they may still be carrying it around in their luggage.


  • The pimp suit is anachronistic. It is clearly based on the modern pop-culture idea of pimps and "bling" but is readily recognised as "the sort of clothing only pimps wear" by just about everyone despite the medieval fantasy setting.