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Buwaro Elexion (son)



First Appearance

Slightly Damned #292 [HQTS] (Father)

Slightly Damned #295 [HQTS] (Mother)

Buwaro's Parents were two Fire Demons who served as his biological parents, who died before he hatched. They died protected Buwaro's egg from unknown assailants, apparently Warrior Angels, 15 years before the start of Slightly Damned. Their names are not known. Buwaro's mother was slain by what appears to be a Holy Arrow. His father survived the attack but had serious internal injuries that left him on the verge of death as well.


The resemblance between Buwaro and his parents is obvious. His father had mostly white fur with purple hair and stripes, small grey horns above both ears, ears that protrude from his head like a rabbit's, white claws, red eyes, rabbit feet and a long thin tail ending with a triangular pointed tuft. Buwaro's mother had dark red fur with light red streaks, violet eyes, curved yellow horns and hands that end with grey claws instead of fingers.

His father wore what looks like martial arts clothing, a white/red karate jacket and loose fitting grey pants. His mother wore a plain pale blue shirt and lavender pants.

Buwaro's Appearance

Buwaro Elexion Portrait


Buwaro clearly inherited his fur color from his father but the dominant color is swapped, his fur being purple with white streaks. He has his father's tail and ears but the ears are rounder like his mother's. Buwaro has red eyes like his father but it isn't known what color his mother's eyes were. He has his mother's horns but they are closer to his forehead like his father's instead of coming out the back of his head. Buwaro's hands and feet seem to have come from his mother as well, he has the same short grey claws instead of fingers like her. Buwaro's white triangular cross on his face seems to be a combination of both his mother and father's facial patterns with a little added randomness.


Buwaro's parents were both Fire Demons, the variety most known for its violence and sadism; however, they clearly loved their child and each other, and gave their lives to protect their son.

Buwaro's father outlived his mate and displayed aggressive desperation in his final moments whilst trying to protect his son's egg. He had the typical Demonic pride which made him very resistant to Darius' offer to look after Buwaro for him, especially since Angels had just killed his wife. He was clearly affected by how Iratu and Sakido respected Darius as their real parent. Darius' sympathy and earnest regret for what had happened to him, his wife and Buwaro seemed to move him. Not having much choice, he agreed to entrust Buwaro's care to Darius and made his last request to be buried together with his wife.

Through a Q&A in which a reader asked if the two had any advice for their son, more of their personality is shown. The mother also had typical feelings against Angels and wanted them dead and was furious to hear that her mate gave Buwaro away to one, though later became proud of how he was apparently corrupting Angels by dating one, as was the father. Though the father was shown to be a bit submissive to his mate as he was nervous over the fact he left his son with an Angel.[1] In artwork created for Art Wednesdays, it's shown that the mother has a sweet tooth as she ate an entire bowl of candy meant for Halloween, which could explain Buwaro's love of candy and sweets.[2]


Love and War

15 Years Ago

Both parents were attacked by unknown assailants while protecting their unborn son. The mother was slain by a Holy Arrow while the father was able to live, possibly killing the attackers in the process.

Sometime later, Iratu and Sakido Elexion were playing hide and seek in the Ring of the Slightly Damned when they stumbled across Buwaro's egg. Being young, they didn't know what it was so dared each other to touch it. Iratu lost and approached it which attracted Buwaro's father's attention, who was still nearby. He zealously came to the defense of the egg, threatening the young Demons. Before he could injury them, Darius Elexion had heard the shouting and cast a Magic Bubble spell around Iratu and Sakido to protect them from harm, demanding that he "leave [Darius'] children alone".

Buwaro's Parents

The moment of death.

Buwaro's father attempted to argue with Darius but started coughing up blood. He reacted angrily to Darius' pity and lunged at him but Darius repelled him easily with a Holy Blast spell. Buwaro's father started pitying himself, lamenting that Buwaro's egg was damaged and that he was probably going to die before he hatched anyway. Darius appealed to this better nature, offering to take care of Buwaro for him. He was initially resistant to the idea of placing his son in the care of an Angel but recognized that he ultimately didn't have a choice since he was dying anyway.

He reluctantly blessed Darius with responsibility for Buwaro and made a last request to be buried together with his wife before he died.

Powers and Abilities

Buwaro's Father

Fire Magic: As a Fire Demon, Buwaro's father has shown the ability to use Fire Magic, though it's unknown to what extent his abilities were.

  • Fire Claw (unnamed): Buwaro's father is capable of engulfing his claws in flames which could be used to inflict the target with burns, on top of the damage caused by his claws.

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Buwaro's father seems to rely mostly on melee combat while also able to incorporate his Fire Magic for close-range combat. If his clothes were any indication of his fighting skills he might have been a very skilled melee fighter, but as it is it's unknown what he was capable of.

Overall Abilities: As Buwaro's father was fatally injured prior to appearing, he was shown to struggle against an Angel with three Angel Emblems. So it's unknown how he would compare to the average Demon.

Other Appearances

The Legend of Buwaro: Soprano of Time

KingFather SoT12

"Why is my son such a loser?"

Buwaro's father makes a brief appearance as the King of Hyrule. Unlike in the original game in which the king is never seen, here he's shown in his meeting with Lazuli while thinking badly of his son.


  • While both parents are unnamed in the comic, they are often nicknamed "Papawaro" and "Mamawaro" by the creator.


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