Buwaro Elexion Portrait

Buwaro's coat is a large black cutaway overcoat worn by Buwaro Elexion. It was given to him as a gift from his sister, Sakido Elexion.[1] The coat is quite durable, it has survived many years of use in Hell, apparently without needing repairs. It has also, mostly, survived direct magical damage such as when Buwaro was attacked by Denevol with a flurry of magical attacks which destroyed the shirt he wore underneath; the coat did require refurbishing that time though.[2]

Buwaro wears his coat constantly except when sleeping. He appears to have slept whilst wearing the coat in Hell but chooses not to most of the time whilst on Medius. This change of behavior may be because the climate in Hell was more or less constant but is more variable on Medius, or simply because he is copying Rhea and Kieri who usually remove their over-clothes before going to bed.

Sakido Coat SD82

Buwaro received the coat from Sakido as an apology gift for abandoning him, although he didn't know that at the time.[1] Sakido had returned to the Ring of the Slightly Damned from Hell and had not seen Buwaro for many years. She didn't expect Buwaro to remember her so gave him her coat to ingratiate herself as a friend.