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Cerberus (Undead Head)


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Dawn of Medius

Professional Status


Darius Elexion (partner)



"Death's" Assistant

Previous Occupation

Hell's Gate Keeper

Personal Status



Death (technically)



Ring of the Slightly Damned

First Appearance

Slightly Damned #417 [HQTS] (Flashback, attached to body)

Slightly Damned #425 [HQTS] (single head)

Blue is the name given to the one head of Cerberus that was decapitated from the main body after failing to hold off the intruder, Darius Elexion, from keeping them away from the gate. He mainly serves to provide Darius a disguise when worn over his head.


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When Blue was attached to his main body, he had mostly thick black fur, with long smoothly arcing blue horns and rabbit ears. His eyes were blue and he has a small under-bite with blue fangs. The fur trail down his neck transitions from pure blue to purple at the highlights.

As a skull, he naturally lacks any flesh or fur, yet the sides of his cheeks are grooved to resemble fur. There are visible cracks just underneath his eyes and just under his left horn, while a mark that is engraved on his forehead that seems to glow red when used as a disguise as whenever Darius takes him off, the glow fades to black. The inside of his skull appears dark while allowing two icy-blue eyes to glow from inside, on top of having a blue aura surrounding his head at all times when acting on his own.


Blue seems to be somewhat emotional and less analytical than Red. Little is known about Blue before he was decapitated from the others; however, he also seems to favor discussion over battle like Red, but will tend to engage on an emotive level rather than rational.



Blue, along with Red and Green, were created by Death after he, Gaia and Syndel had finished creating Medius. Their role, as the entity Cerberus was apparently to keep condemned souls inside, and to keep anyone else from entering.[1]

15 Years Ago

Blue, back when he was part of Cerberus, carried out his role for a long period of time before encountering Darius Elexion. Darius distracted Cerberus so his adopted children could enter safely into Hell which proved successful.[2]

Cerberus RedGreenBlue Decapitation SD426


Unfortunately for both of them, Death was nearby and intervened. He did not appreciate Darius' interference and punished him for their failure by decapitating his head from the main body. Darius was then forced to assume Death's role as the Grim Reaper, wearing the (still alive) skull of Blue as a helmet that would give him Death's voice, appearance and a limited amount of special powers.[3]

To Hell and Back

Rhea and Buwaro's Trip to Hell

Over the next fifteen years, Blue would continue to work alongside Darius in managing the souls of the deceased, sending them to their respective realms after receiving Judgement. While their exact interactions remain unknown, Blue would be (more or less) present throughout the time that Rhea was in Hell, as well as visiting her and Buwaro on occasion. He would also bear witness to the strange pillar of light that would emit from Hell and try to learn about it despite not being allowed inside.

Forgive Me

Journey to St. Curtis

Long after finding out that all of his children are no longer in Hell (though not clear if he knows Sakido is dead), Darius starts growing tired of his charade and wants to quit. However Blue, reminded him of the deal he made with Death, while Blue is reminded himself how he was decapitated and cursed him for leaving his post. Darius then asked him where exactly Death has gone over the past 15 years while Blue tried to maintain his faith in him. After Blackbeak the Khamega Pirate King passed by while swimming through the River Styx, Blue told him the truth; that Death went to search for Gaia and Syndel as they were missing too. Darius showed some concern but decided to continue his job as Death as that was all they could do.

The Flower Festival

Pre-Festival Events

Despite his objections from before, Darius is still at his job at the time Rhea and her friends are in St. Curtis for the Flower Festival, working alongside Blue even now. At some point, Rhea and Kieri commented how they aren't able to figure out when Buwaro was born because it was never written down in the diary. This caused Darius to sneeze a couple times in connection to him not giving Buwaro a birth date, which Blue commented on his actions.

Current Arc


Sometime after St. Curtis was ruined by the demon invasion, Darius and Blue would be spotted by Rhea without their full disguise, pondering about why the Book of Records was wrong about the death of an old Jakkai they found. Feeling there is nothing else that can be done, they assume their "Death" disguise and send him to Judgment. They then notice Rhea, who can see them somehow and after she started screaming, the two of them started screaming as well. After Rhea points out how Blue mentioned Darius by name and trying to pry the mask off, Darius removes Blue from his head, leaving him sore from having his mouth forced opened.

Rhea then told them about Buwaro and while Darius was happy that Buwaro was healthy and dating a Suizahn, Blue stated that neither Angels, Demons or deceased Medians should be in Medius.

Powers and Abilities

Immortality: Blue, as part of Cerberus, has existed as a demi-god since Medius was created. He is inherently ageless and it is likely that he is also almost indestructible as far as the typical mortal, Angel or Demon is concerned. Death, as a God and his creator, is able to decapitate him easily but that's the only exception to the norm. Of course, whether this is due to magic possessed by Death or just part of being a demi-god, Blue continues to exist as he always has but in skull form.




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