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Slightly Damned #49 [HQTS]

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Azurai is a sadistic, bloodthirsty, hot-headed, foul-mouthed Fire Demon. He is a subordinate soldier of General Iratu in Hell's Army, as well as being Iratu's lover.


Azurai is human-sized with a canine-like appearance. He has black fur with orange markings, a small tear in his left ear, and a pair of gray ram-like horns. He has sharp claws that are about the length of most Demons', but by default keeps them retracted. He wears ragged gray/green pants with his tail sticking out and an open sleeveless white vest.

When Azurai was first introduced, his right horn was originally broken but had since grown back upon arriving in Medius. However, in his recent confrontation with Kazai, Kieri, and Sanjulo, Kazai sliced off the regrowth.


Azurai CoilCobraSD504

Takes pride in his work.

Azurai has a very short temper and will explode over anything that ticks him off, which often involves massive amounts of cursing in the form of a rant. He is sadistic and self-centered, displays no significant regard for others, and will often try to shift blame off himself by claiming he wasn't explicitly instructed not to do something stupid. Azurai takes pride in being a killer, as he proudly bragged about killing the couple who owned the Coiled Cobra Bar without remorse.

Though implied in-comic by Lazuli, it has since been confirmed that Azurai and Iratu are in a relationship together. Thus their constant bickering can be seen as rough but never malicious.[1] Though he is still considered friends with his companions, Tsavo and Moonshade, he doesn't seem to get along with them as well as he does with Iratu.

While not enraged, Azurai can show a sense of rationality. After brutally slaying an angel in retaliation for his horn, which ran contrary to his mission objective of capturing Angels alive, he took it upon himself to ensure other demons did not make the same mistake. It's likely that as being a part of Iratu's group, Azurai has some authority over other Demons. Despite this, he tends to have poor judgement due to being forgetful, as he had forgotten all about his encounter with Rhea and Buwaro during their time in Hell.

Azurai is shown to be a smoker, as he often has a cigarette in his mouth. In addition, he seems to enjoy drinking alcohol like Iratu. Often his friends will take his drinks away for his safety.


To Hell and Back

Meeting Rhea

Azurai InHellSD49

It's "The Song That Never Ends" for him.

Before Azurai was assigned to join Iratu's group in the upcoming Ascension, he was tasked with torturing an old human male in Hell as punishment for killing another Demon in Killology class; to which he was extremely bitter about since he considered it to be peon job and that the old man wasn't suffering at all. Rhea and Buwaro later showed up to ask him about Iratu, only to mouth back at them which would cause Buwaro to accidentally crush the record player he was using. Before leaving, Rhea overpowered him and forced him to tell them where Iratu was, though he gave them false directions and laughed about it after they fell for his trick.

Days later he would join Iratu and Tsavo going to Medius through an Ascension portal.

Love and War

The Weyville Incident

MoonshadeAndAzurai SD389

Should have been more specific.

On the way to St. Curtis for their mission, they snuck into Weyville and held up base inside Trader Moe's. There, Azurai ended up killing the owner of the shop before Moonshade could learn anything regarding Mokurynn's egg. He scolded Moonshade for not telling him specifically what to do while bad-mouthing Tsavo. He and the rest of the group would later go on to destroy Weyville.

Forgive Me

Journey to St. Curtis

The group would later stop at a cave just outside the path leading to St. Curtis, where Azurai would complain about how instead of hiding they should flat out kill everyone down below. Iratu told him otherwise but was forced to crush him when he kept mouthing off. Tsavo remarked that he lost part of his brain after losing his right horn but Azurai gives them the finger, saying that his horn has grown back.

The Flower Festival

Pre-Festival Events

IratuAzuraiFighting SD506

Hell's elite indeed...

The group eventually arrived in St. Curtis and took up base inside the Coiled Cobra. Azurai would then kill the owners but was not allowed to dispose of them as Tsavo wanted to try and revive them using a potion he had developed. Before their argument could erupt into a fight, Iratu returned and Azurai made fun of his size, causing the two to fight. Iratu then stated that instead of hiding they should all just enjoy the festival until the time of the gathering begins.

Day 2

AzuraiAndTsavo SD556

"Where did you get those things?"

On the second day of the festival, Azurai had apparently killed a person and robbed them of their hat, bowtie and a leg of chicken. While wandering around, Tsavo landed by him after escaping the Angels that surrounded him, saying that he found the Rainbow Reverie. As Tsavo expressed his desire to kill people in public, Azurai realized that he wasn't supposed to kill anyone yet; shifting his eyes away from him to hide the fact he killed someone. Trying to change the subject he asked about the Rainbow Reverie Tsavo mentioned earlier. As Tsavo explained more about it and how important it is to them, he then asked where Iratu was. Azurai pointed him toward a stand where mead was being sold.

Current Arc

Demon Invasion - The Gathering

After the Demons started attacking, Azurai (and apparently Iratu) left their prisoner Denevol out in the open as bait for other Angels, and it worked when it drew in the Suizhan twins and their companion Sanjulo.

Azurai snuck up behind Kieri, and when they noticed him he smiled murderously while calling them stupid. He managed to graze Kieri's wing with his claws but her brother defended her, and alongside Sanjulo attacked the demon. Azurai held his own, beating back Sanjulo while breathing fire at Kazai. Kieri managed to distract him by conjuring and spraying water into his mouth, giving the two warrior angels a moment to recover before they charged again.

Distracted by Sanjulo, Azurai failed to see it coming when Kazai cut off his horn half way. Realizing what happened and after having had to wait for it to grow back, Azurai furiously swore to kill them all and focused his rage towards Sanjulo. With his claws he struck Sanjulo's daggers right out of his hands and when he preoccupied himself with healing his injuries Azurai struck down the Fire Angel by slashing his throat, to Kazai's heartbroken dismay. After defeating Kazai he was then smacked aside by Iratu for having killed an Angel.

Later, as Lazuli was preparing to kill Kieri and Buwaro, he stopped her and told her that they aren't to kill any Angels. They argued for a bit before another Demon arrived to help in the capture. After seeing Buwaro and Rhea claiming to have "captured" Kieri, he simply accepted it with glee and proceeded to place cursed gear on her. While gloating, Lazuli tried to convince him that the two are trying to trick them as they are actually friends, though Azurai appeared to have forgotten his encounter with them once before. He decides against Lazuli's request to kill the two due to the last time he killed a kid, and Rhea having a long tail. Despite her warnings that Kieri would turn into a snow bunny and run away, he and Rhea (sarcastically) laughed it off as a stupid thing and lead everyone to where the Gathering would be.

Demon Invasion - The Gathering: Part 2

Azurai lead the group to the Coiled Cobra Bar where everyone was gathered. He joined up with Iratu as he received a pat on the head for doing good in capturing Angels. When Iratu noticed Buwaro and Rhea, Azurai asked if he knew them and he replied that they were "losers" from the Ring of the Slightly Damned. As the drama continued on, Azurai simply drank some of his booze, which Tsavo took away after letting out a belch. He encouraged a fight between Buwaro and Lazuli after the former struck her but otherwise mostly kept quiet as Buwaro told everyone how he and Rhea arrived here.

After Iratu confirmed who it was that killed Sakido and went over part of their plans to the two, Azurai added that it was also thanks to Moonshade they were able to get this far, holding his sleeping body up by his tail; he then asked Rhea if she knew him and she replied that she didn't. Soon, Tsavo got angry that if it weren't for Buwaro, Sakido would still be alive and attacked him; zapping him with magic which knocks him into Dakos and in response caused a chain reaction that led to a free-for-all. Azurai (dragging Rhea into the fray) asked Iratu if it was okay and he allowed it, while also nuzzling each other's noses.

Shortly after, one of the Demons from outside came in to tell everyone that the wagons have arrived, causing Iratu to spit Azurai out of his mouth. He then joined the rest of his friends prepare transport to the ritual site.

Powers and Abilities

Fire Magic: As a Fire Demon, Azurai has access to this school of Magic and has demonstrated standard use of it, starting in St. Curtis.

  • Fire Breath: The common ability used by all Fire Demons, Azurai has shown proficient use for it during his battle against Kieri, Kazai and Sanjulo, and as shown on Lazuli he can melt magically created ice.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Azurai recently proved himself a capable fighter when he engaged the Suizhan twins and the Fire Angel Sanjulo. He mostly relied on his claws while being agile enough to evade a few of his enemies' attacks and counter some of their moves. In the end, he was able to slay Sanjulo (in a rage after losing his horn) by slashing his throat.

Overall Abilities: Azurai is considered to be the dumbest Demon in Hell, according to himself on how everyone tends to call him that, but as a fighter he is capable of fighting two well-able Warrior Angels to some major degree, especially having to restrain himself mostly from trying to kill them until enraged.

Other Appearances

The Legend of Buwaro: Soprano of Time

Azurai SoT92

Before he went nuts he was calm.

Azurai appears in place of Guru-Guru, first meeting Kieri and her friends in Kakariko Village while they checked out the well. Although calm at first, as soon as he starts talking about an incident from seven months ago he starts acting as foul-mouthed and angry as he does in canon. Instead of teaching a song to Kieri he only mentions that a girl came to the well and cussed, which prompts Rhea to have Kieri try doing that once they go back in time.


  • Azurai was originally named "Azrael" (Angel of Death) but Chu decided it was "too generic" so replaced the ending with "rai", "because he's orange".[2]
  • Azurai is the first and so far only Fire Demon to attempt to consume alcoholic beverages, though usually has his drinks taken before he can consume too much.


  1. [1] Azurai and Patch revealed to have same-gender relationships.
  2. (Livestream)
    the_chu: Azurai used to be named Azrael, but I decided that the name was too generic
    the_chu: so I substituted "rai" because he's orange and added a vowel


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