Kieri Suizahn Portrait

Kieri Suizahn, a Water Angel

Angels are the upstanding, polite, and kind-hearted natural citizens of Heaven. These creations of Mother Gaia do their best to make the Afterlife pleasant for souls worthy enough to find their way into the Kingdom of Paradise after death. If there’s one thing they truly despise, however, it’s the savage Demons who hail from Hell.

Physical Appearance

Angels look very similar to Humans except for their pointed ears, very pale skin and their hair color. All Angels have naturally snow-white hair but they dye their hair according to their element type. Males tend to have mostly white hair while only dying their hair-bangs a different color, while Females dye all of their hair while leaving their hair-bangs white. The standard Angel attire consists of a white long-sleeve sweater (with the end of their sleeves colored according to their element) and pants that are colored according to their element; along with a tabard with the symbol and colors of their element. They are also given a tattoo of their element branded on their left arm as another way of color-coding.

While Angels are known to have large white wings and a halo over their head, that is not available to them right away. They tend to receive a Sun Emblem for their wings, though the Star Emblem that's needed for the halo they need to earn.


Angels are naturally good-willed and uphold a sense of virtue that is expected of their kind and the people of Medius. Most Angels tend to be gentle, well disciplined and are more close to each other in terms of bonding through family and friendship than Demons. Despite their good nature, many have a sense of pride for being a higher race than Medians and view Demons as nothing more than blood-thirty monsters.

While Angels tend to avoid violence and desire peace, Warrior Angels are raised to combat Demons and through their experiences their views on them tend to be even harsher. Depending on their upbringing and experiences with them, a Warrior Angel may grow an intense hatred toward them and will zealously kill any and all Demons they see; whether or not they are innocent and even children are put down by their wrath.

In some cases an Angel may ignore their teachings when it comes to Demons who are not like what they were taught, and treat them no differently than any other Angel or Median. This can lead to them befriending the Demon(s), adopting orphaned children or even lead to a romantic relationship. This is often frowned upon by the other Angels and may see them as mentally-ill or under the evil influence of the Demon. A Warrior Angel may also attempt to kill the Angel (or anyone else for that matter) for such an act.

It's also possible an Angel may go against Heaven's teachings and end up on the same side as the Demons of Hell's Army. So far, only two Angels, the unnamed one and the seraph known as Verammi have been revealed to end up like this; Verammi joined due to hating her people's culture and how they were serving a God who was never around, and currently it's still unknown why the other has joined but was recruited by Father Syndel himself for those reasons.

Because Heaven appears to not possess food or drink, while Hell was hinted of having them, most of their eating habits came after they would come to Medius. So far, Angels appear to dislike meat. When it comes to alcohol, it only takes a small amount to get them very tipsy.[1] Verammi is so far the only Angel to consume alcohol and was able to maintain some composure despite drinking vast quantities of it.


Angels are born the same way as Humans and seem to have nearly identical courtship rituals involving marriage. However they seem to age more slowly than the other races but still tend to live longer. They tend to treat birthday's as like a succession of survival given their current status in the war with the Demons.

Lately, Angels (and Demons) are having a hard time even having children. Not just from the constant fighting but in general it's rare to see as young as Kieri or even Tirol. To them, having children is a powerful status symbol.

Like Demons, Angels do not reincarnate when they die. Their soul is returned to Gaia in order to be remade into another Angel.

Social Classes


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Powers and Abilities

Angels are considered to be the best Magic Users in every realm regardless of elemental affiliation. Unlike Demons, there is no difference between how each type of Angel fights in terms of Magic outside of their skill level. Each type of Angel can use spells that fit within their elemental affinity and are known for the following skills:

Holy Magic: A unique school of Magic exclusive to Angels, it is the near equivalent to the Demon's Darkness Magic. Holy Magic acts as a mostly defensive magic school with few offensive uses. It can be used to heal others (including Demons, despite Holy being best used against them) as well as put them to sleep. Caretaker Angels are said to be more proficient in using this school of magic versus Warrior Angels.

Weapon Specialization: Because Angels are not very strong physically, they must rely on using weapons on top of using Magic. Warrior Angels can specialize in either close-range or long-range combat, depending on their skill and personal preference. So far they are shown to be capable of using swords, scythes, spears and bows.

Angel Emblems

Main article: Angel Emblems
Angels earn these Emblems through hard work and training, and their ranks correspond to how many Emblems a single Angel has. There are three total:
  • Sun Emblem: Is said to calm the hearts of and bestow wings onto Angels.
  • Star Emblem: Gives Angels halos and enhances concentration, which helps with using magic.

The Emblems are holy items and ordinarily can be touched only by Angels due to a protective enchantment. By removing that enchantment the emblems can be used by Demons for reasons yet to be explained.


  • Angel weapons loosely resemble their users' elemental symbols. [2][3]


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