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Slightly Damned #634 [TS]

Abyset is a Water Demon who is a part of Hell's Army and is currently taking part of a special operation in St. Curtis involving the capture of Angels.


As a Water Demon, Abyset has an amphibious body mixed with fish-like features including webbed hands. He has a dark blue body with a light-blue belly, eyes and assorted stripes on his arms, tail and under his eyes. He has fish fins on his back and thighs and a protrusion on his forehead similar to that of an Anglerfish. He wears a strape with three brown leather bag across his chest and a buckled-belt that holds up a a brown skirt.


Much like most Demons he is ruthless and cruel, willing to kill anyone who gets in his way. However, much like his teammates he doesn't seem to be very bright as he continually mispronounced the name of Rainbow Reverie.


The Spring Flower Festival

Demon Invasion - The Gathering

After Moonshade killed Melli the Fire Bee and seemingly drove off Meeros the Mortori Bird, the signal was given for all the Demons in the city to begin their operation. Abyset was among them as he said that it was time to go Angel hunting.

Abyset joined Haury and Triska in going after the Rainbow Reverie the Sinclair Family possessed. He demanded the entire set over or else he would kill them all. Miranda agreed to hand it over but would have to get it from the wagon. Haury decided to allow it though quietly questioned why they couldn't just kill them outright. Abyset replied that it'd be easier for them to get it and they would kill them after anyway.

Shortly after forcing Buwaro in with her to make sure she got it, Abyset entered the wagon to see what was taking so long. Unfortunately he saw that Miranda had ingested some of the Red Potion and ends up punching him right out of the wagon, prompting the others to fight her and her husband.

In the meantime, Rhea and Sammy attempted to escape with Florina but are caught off guard by Abyset. Abyset and Rhea begin to fight with Abyset and while Rhea struggles to keep up, Buwaro comes out of the wagon pretending to have the reverie in a bag. Abyset falls for the trick which allows Sammy and Florina to get away. Furious he attacks Buwaro before once again being attacked by Rhea. He eventually overpowers her and prepares to finish the two off, however one Terra Spike from Rhea momentarily holds him back long enough for the two to make a run for it. During the chase he was intercepted by Kieri who ran her sword through him, possibly ending his life.

Powers and Abilities

Water Magic: As a Water Demon, Abyset mainly specializes in this school of magic. He combines his magic with close-range attacks to inflict sharp cuts to his victims.

  • Water Blade: Abyset can form up to two sharp blades made of water that extend from his hands. They are capable of cutting through flesh and even through the earth sprung up through magic.

Hand-to-hand Combatant: Abyset relies on melee combat, using mostly his claws to attack people and even can use the hook from his tail as a means of puncturing bodies. He also relies on combining magic with his physical attacks for added effect.


  • Abyset is a custom-made Demon by a Kickstarter donor named Jeremy, for contributing $500 or more to Chu's Kickstarter project for Slightly Damned plushies.[1]
  • Abyset's name is based off the word 'Abyss', which associates to the deepest part of an ocean.



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